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The Astrology of Roe v. Wade: Three Decades Later

The Astrology of Roe v. Wade: Three Decades Later

2:14 AM 1/23/05 Sun

This weekend marks the 32nd anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, which grants medically safe abortions to any woman who wants them, nationwide. It was and is, the sine qa non "wedge issue" of our time, and generates opinions and feelings accross the spectrum. In the main, the issue has divided the country into two distinct camps: the "Pro-Choice" movement, made up primarily of women's advocacy groups such as NOW and others, who posits that abortion - the ability to choose it as an option - is a fundament of women's rights. On the other side, is the "Pro-Life" movement, made up of mainly rightwing politicians and religious groups, who takes the position that not only is abortion morally wrong, but it also negates the human rights of the unborn. Both sides have been locked in what can only be described as a mortal battle for the hearts, minds and votes of the American public - and with President George W. Bush firmly in place for a 2nd term, with Supreme Court appointments being a certainty during his "2nd watch" and with a GOP majority in both Houses of Congress, it seems all but assured that Roe V. Wade, as we know it, is likely to change.

And indeed it has - in just over the past 4 years (the span of Bush's first term) the GOP have made inroads in this direction, bringing much attention and focus on the so-called "partial-birth abortion" (actually very late term abortion procedures, still something that is hotly debated at various levels in the political, religious and medical communities), and, last year, passed the "Laci and Connor Law", so named after Laci Peterson and her unborn son Connor, for which Scott Peterson was accused and convicted of murdering. The law would now bring added punitive penalties to anyone who killed a pregnant woman - in essence, the assailant would be charged with double murder. This move was and is seen by those on the pro-choice side as an attempt to whittle away at the core premise of the Roe v. Wade decision, doing an end-run around the Supreme Court. With so much at stake for all concerned, it is most interesting indeed to see what Astrology - and perhaps at least as importantly - what Astrologers - have to say about this most pressing issue.

OK, Full Disclosure - my personal position is that I am what would be considered, for the most part, "pro-life" - I feel that Life begins at conception, the joining of sperm and egg, and that this is truly a Sign of the Divine at work. Therefore, while I am a strong advocate of birth control, I do not regard abortion as such nor do I condone or endorse it. That being said, I do recognize times when abortion is understandable, such as in the cases of rape, incest and/or situations where the mother and/or baby's life is in grave danger as a result of a medical condition. Most Americans "in the middle" would tend to agree with my stance, according to the many opinion polls conducted in recent months and years. Still, those on the fringes of the debate - who are far and away more influential than their more moderate countrymen/women - continue to define the issue in the most narrow of terms (the pro-choice side demanding that a woman has a right to an abortion under any circumstance she chooses, while the pro-life side demands that a woman must go through with her pregnancy regardless of the circumstances). Such shrill voices cloud an already murky topic.

Astrology's premise rests on the notion that something - or in this case, someone - is born with the qualities inherent in that moment, and we capture this moment in terms of the current positions of the planets at the location where the birth takes place. For us, conception or gestation is not the focus of our work - it is when the person is born, that concerns us most. But that's only one part of the story, at least as far as the Human element of Astrology goes. Because, while the mechanics of Astrology operates in terms of the born, we astrologers are often called upon to deal with the unborn as well. Think about it - if you're a working astrologer, you know you have been consulted in these matters more than once in your career - and if you're an aspiring astrologer, you can be certain that you deal with such cases in the times to come. So it's important to know what your approach and rationale will be in such instances.

In our post-Rudhyarian, New Ager times, many among us seem to feel that it is not our place as astrologers to judge, moralize or otherwise "tell" the client what to do; many of the more "helping profession" enhanced in our ranks are of the view that to do any of this is to lose objectivity, to bring personal judgements, morally and otherwise, into the equation, potentially demoralizing the client. It is my position, that not only is such a stance dishonest with respect to Astrology's premise, history and position, but that it is also cowardly not to take a position, one side or the other, opting out instead for a metaphysical relativism that relieves us of taking a side.

The idea that Astrology should not be "subjective" is a complete misnomer, if not out and out intellectually dishonest, and if you don't believe that, just strikeup a conversation with your garden variety astronomer. He/she is very likely to scoff at your commentary on the Full Moon, laugh in your face about what the symbolism of Mercury Rx means, and look at you as if you had a third eye in the middle of your forehead if you were to try to explain the theory of Houses to him/her. The reason for all this is simple - Astrology itself IS subjective. The Planets mean nothing, until we down here on Earth put meaning into them. It is the Human that makes Astrology go, that makes it work, that makes it relevant down here. And it is this "subjectivity" that our clients want from us.

In an age when many in our time are wary to discuss their relationship to God, Astrology's past is replete with some of its most revered names frequently calling on God to guide their hand. William Lilly often made mention of this in his many writings, as did Abu-Mashar; it is very hard to miss the many overt references to God in so many of the Vedic astrological writs, both classical and modern; and so much more. Astrology is, as a subject, an 8th House matter, but its function to the general public is decidedly 9th House - and, as we all know, this House, more than any other, is the House most directly related to God. It is the House of Higher Knowledge, of Wisdom, of Insight. When people come to us, these are the things they most often seek, particularly those who are pressed to make such life-altering decisions such as to abort or not to abort. In my own practice, I make it very clear what my position is on such issues upfront, and then advise the client that she has every right to seek counsel elsewhere if that is her choice. While some have indeed done just that, there are just as many that are very happy about my approach and thanked me for not "sitting on the fence".
The Roe v. Wade decision came down on Jan 22, 1973 in Washington DC, according to a Google internet search. No time is known, so the time I used is set for Noon (Plac 16 Tau 24). In that map, Venus rules the Asc and is placed in the 9th Peregrine (unaspected, dominating the horoscope in terms of its symbolism - clearly, this represents women) with Jupiter in the 9th (Supreme Court) square Uranus in Libra in the 6th (Jupiter-Uranus anything connotes technology, in this case, reproductive techology; this period also saw, among other things, "The Pill", etc.; The Uranus-in-Libra period saw massive upheavals in the American social, marital and particularly familial fabric that we are only now beginning to comprehend), and, the event is defined in the main by the t-square of Moon-Mars-Saturn, the Moon in the 5th, square the Mars-Saturn axis. This aspect, then - Moon=Mars/Saturn - is the abortion signature in astrological terms. The Moon is in the universal Sign of Health matters, Virgo, and classically, the Moon in Virgo was not considered a particularly fertile Sign. The Mars-Saturn emphasis suggests "matters of death", and abortion is indeed the willful termination of a pregnancy.

At the time in the United States horoscope - well, one of them anyway (using the "Sibly" variant, Jul 4 1776 5.10pm LMT Phildelphia, PA; Plac 12 Sag 19, Campion) - the Roe v. Wade decision was reflected with striking astrological measurements. Among other things, Solar Arc (SA) Venus=Jupiter/Pluto, a clear signal of victory for Women's Rights in the abortion fight (Venus rules the 10th; exact Mar 1972), backed up with SA Moon (women again, exact Sep 1973)=Asc, bringing their concerns into the forefront. SA Moon=Pluto, exact in Dec 1973, also reflected the nature of the period, in this case, power of reproduction itself; note the Moon's rulership of the national 8th House, both symbolizing "death" but as well, sparking the national debate on "values". Transit Uranus was also square Mercury, ruling the national 9th (Courts again) with Uranus ruling the national 3rd (change of mindset). Finally, note the transit position of Pluto in Jan of 1973, having just squared Venus and now square Jupiter, the chart ruler (tremendous change of direction regarding reproductive issues). Comparing the Roe v. Wade chart to that of the Sibly variant of the USA, the contacts are formidable - the RVW Mars-Saturn axis straddles the Sibly USA's Asc-Dsc axis, while the RVW Moon exactly conjuncts the Sibly USA's Neptune in the 9th and squares its Mars in the 7th as well. Mars rules the national 5th House - children, sex, etc. This last contact, the Moon-Mars square going accross the charts, is the acrimony between the people of the USA and the issue of abortion. In the years since that landmark decision, the rhetoric on both sides has been ratcheted up, and the heat has risen to a rolling boil. The times are ripe for a drastic change, one way or the other.

There is little doubt that Chief Justice Rehnquist will retire soon; additionally, there are at least two more Justices who will step down before Bush's 2nd term ends. All that is needed is just one more Conservative vote on the bench to ensure either the radical redefinition of Roe v. Wade or its overturning outright. The GOP has a clear majority - and mandate - from the American electorate, not seen since the early half of the last century. And the Democratic Party, literally a shadow of its former self, can do little to stop the seachanges afoot. In the past four years, Roe v. Wade's chart has seen a Saturn Return and a pass or two from transit Pluto in square to its Moon, and these have reflected (along with the transit square of Neptune to the RVW Asc) the "whittling away" that the pro-choicers have complained about. The shifts are only beginning.
There is every reason to expect the "re-fit" of Roe v. Wade to take place between Oct 2005 and Feb-Mar 2008; reasons for this are as follows:

Sibly USA chart - SA Moon=Saturn Oct 2005, with transit (Tr) Saturn opposed Pluto, Summer 2005, Tr Uranus square its natal position all year, and Tr Pluto square the national Neptune in the 9th (the major shakeup with respect to the Supreme Court), also all year. In 2008 (Mar-May): Tr Pluto conjunct the national MC, a major time of change of overall perspective.

Roe v. Wade chart - SA Sun=Neptune Dec 2006 (suggesting a "weakening" in this case, Roe v. Wade's power - Sun=power), with Tr Pluto square RVW's Moon late Summer-Fall 2005, Tr Saturn square RVW's Uranus and Tr Uranus square RVW's Neptune, again in 2005; SA Sun=Uranus (separation, sudden endings) exact Feb 2008; Tr Uranus square RVW Moon, Tr Saturn same.

GWB 2nd Inaugural chart (Jan 20 2005 12Noon EST Washington DC; Plac 14 Tau 02, Public Record) - SA MC=Sun (applying) 2008, with the Sun Peregrine in Aquarius (Human Rights) ruling the national 5th House! Tr Saturn-Uranus square the Inaugural Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 8th House, particularly toward the end of the year (2008). Keep in mind, Saturn rules both the 9th and 10th Houses of the Inaugural chart (the Supreme Court and President, respectively).

George W. Bush (Jul 6 1946 7.26am EDT New Haven, CT; Plac 7 Leo 7, Rodden) - SA Sun=Saturn (illumination of conservatism; keep in mind, GWB's Saturn is Peregrine yet square his MC (in Cancer, the Sign of children, family, etc.); his chart reflects the national character and comings and goings as well; Sun rules his Asc) Sep 2006 with Tr Saturn conjunct his Asc, Mercury, Pluto and Venus all that year.

In short, putting together the reality of the situation along with an extensive and impressive array of astrological evidence, it is very difficult to see Roe v. Wade continuing to exist in its current form. Change, it seems, is inevitable.

In any event, no matter where Roe v. Wade ends up, what is certain is the fact that the very existence of abortion in our times is an admission of failure; failure to make sure that both women and men get unfettered access to birth control when they want it, failure to provide substantive sex education to all who need it, and most of all, failure to care for the children who are quick and among us now.

The failure can only be compounded if we stargazers shirk our responsibility as well.



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