Monday, August 15, 2005

On Pluto In Capricorn...

On Pluto In Capricorn...

6:04 PM 8/15/05 Mon

As transiting Pluto finishes its victory lap in the sign of Sagittarius, many of us astrology wonks are looking ahead to what Pluto in Capricorn will bring. Some have already given their views, but since the topic has come up of late, I'd like to toss my hat into the ring...

OK, first off, we have to be clear on exactly what Pluto represents - and for me, it encapsulates, more than any other Outer (Uranus, Neptune, Saturn), an Era. Take Pluto in Cancer, which occured during the time of the Depression - that symbolism certainly captured the period, didn't it? Or Pluto in Leo, the "Me" generation, the Baby Boomers. And, who could forget the swingin' Pluto in Libra period, where free love, free drugs, and No-Fault Divorce was in the air. Pluto tends to the take the themes of whatever sign it transits and puts it all into perspective for us, especially in hindsight.

So, with Pluto having given us a new perspective on exactly how we see our world, each other, even ourselves with its transit of Sagittarius (the death - figuratively and literally - of the "big three" TV networks, the birth of Talk Radio, Al-Jazeera and so on; the Internet, just to name a paltry few things), what could be some of the things we can count on with Pluto's entrance into Capricorn?

Well, on the governmental level here at home (USA), I think the GOP is here to stay in terms of its dominance of the three branches of gov't - at least 2 outta 3. With the exception of Taurus, it doesn't get much more conservative than Cap, and with Pluto there, you can be sure that the populace will want tried and true methods and the like to work - hard work, personal responsibility and other such mantras will have Bose-like boom. If indeed Hillary Clinton ends us running for the Presidency, I'm almost certain she won't make it, and if per chance she does win, she'll have to face what her hubbie Bill did back in the 90s a GOP dominated House and Senate. But more on her at another time...

We will have been looking back on more than a generation of a sort of overall philosophy politically that we, as a group, will have agreed did not work (in particular the "Great Society" headed up by LBJ in the 1960s - Pluto in Virgo/Libra); in particular, those who bore the brunt of the "No-Fault" Era - the Pluto in Virgo, Libra and Scorpio generations - will want more traditional forms and ways of doing things brought back to centerstage. In particular the Pluto in Libras, because they really caught it; and with transit Pluto passing through their collective 4th House (taking Pluto in Libra and treating it like it was the Asc, it would then represent the entire generation and we can see exactly in what way this upcoming Pluto in Cap transit will impact them) they will want to focus lots more on family cohesion and the like. "Neocons"? Y'all ain't seen nuttin' yet.

For the Pluto in Virgo folks (that includes moi) transiting Pluto will go thru our 5th House - children and teaching. This is the generation that will, like Pluto in Libra, will put lots more focus on family and having babies and rearing them. Both of these generations have seen LOTS of familial dysfunction, and have had enough. It's very interesting to checkout the polls and note the numbers of younger folks who favor making divorces much harder to get and so on. Hmm.

If Gay Marriage doesn't happen by the time Pluto is finished transiting Sagittarius, forget about it. Won't happen with Pluto in Capricorn. It's hard to say who would be Prez at that time some 3 years away, but my guess and gut tells me that it's someone who has sensitive degree areas that Pluto just might touch upon during his time in Office. We'll see.

Continuing on with the social issues - we have to consider the fact that Capricorn is one of the most male signs of the entire Zodiac; he forms one arm of the most important axis in Astrology, the Parental Axis, Mother (Cancer) and Father (again, Capricorn). Keep in mind, that back in the early part of the 20th Century, Pluto in Cancer didn't just reside over the "Greatest Generation" but also ushered in what we would call today the Women's Movement. Since then, as we all know, women in American society, in Western society overall, have made tremendous gains.

But at a cost; many families have fallen apart at the same time these rights and the like were taking place. In particular, the role of fathers and breadwinners have greatly diminished since the idyllic era of the 1950s. With Pluto in Capricorn, all that will change - you'll see more women than ever before opting out of Corporate America to raise kids at home; you'll see more of a demand for fathers to be involved with the raising of the kids and so on. As Capricorn not only represents big business but also the common worker, there will be a renewed interest in seeing to it that the average working man has the means and wages to take care of his kids. Men's Movements will take centerstage, as groups like NOW and the like go on the wane, and this will have effects on the way things are done in the courts with respect to divorce proceedings, custody rights and paternity. Marriages will go up, particularly among those who are a bit older than one would expect for marrying. It's, as one writer put it "Return of the Guy" - and he's kickin' ass and taking names.

Since Capricorn also represents the aged, we will see and unpreceedented focus on the elderly, especially since the Boomers will be well into their retirement age by the time Pluto hits the Grim Reaper. We know from demographic surveys and the like that Boomers have more per capita income AND influence, and will expect their retirements to be the utmost in quality, care and service. Entire industries have cropped around just this segment of the population alone (which is the largest segment of any American group) - luxurious retirement communities, financial services, cruise lines/travel, vacation homes, and of course, medical care. With Pluto's presence in Capricorn, we can expect the Boomers to have to contend with more than their share of skin cancers (from being out in the sun so much - keep in mind, Pluto in Leo, with Pluto passing their collective 6th House - health, retirement, etc), as well as bone marrow cancer and even dental issues. On the flipside, these areas are ones where we can expect major breakthroughs of one sort or another, before Pluto leaves this sign.

Because Capricorn also represents the "late bloomer" we can expect to see more first time or long time dads AFTER the age of 45 than ever before, thanks in large part to "male enhancement" drugs and treatments like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and so on. Lots of men will be surprised by becoming dads rather late in life, and others will have planned for it, but in any event, get ready, cause Daddy's Home. Of course, the downside of all this is that the rate of HIV infections and other STDs will rise dramatically, as more and more aged men gain access to erectile dysfunction treatments; STDs will no longer be a young person's concern.

Some astrologers speculate that this will be a period when there will be massive worldwide debate and interest in the notion of one world gov't; let me put that idea to rest by saying, "ain't gonna happen". If anything, there will be even more fierce control over each individual nation state's indentity, and the UN will never prove to be weaker in the years to come. Of course, the hotspots around the world are the usual suspects - Iran, Israel, UK, Spain, the USA and and other country that has sensitive placements in the Cardinal degrees where Pluto will, sooner or later, make contact in its transit through Capricorn. But we can't totally rule out a "new world order" sort of deal - Pluto in Aquarius may just see this idea being played on the worldstage. it just isn't going down for the foreseeable future. Far too much conflict and the like going around.

A closing thought that I think ties everything up neatly into a pretty little bow - when Pluto enters Capricorn in 2008-09, it will immediately square Saturn in Libra - just in time for the elections for US President. Will the debates then be about social policy or what? Then, consider that, in just a few years, Pluto in Capricorn will be in Mutual Reception - AND in sextile aspect - to Saturn in Scorpio. And then finally, in the year 2020 or so, there will be a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. In other words, this will be no ordinary Pluto transit, because it will be in one way or another in contact with its dispositor for much of its transit. This will be very powerful y'all.

Stay Tuned...

Salaam, Mu


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Blogger debra said...

Congats Mu

You are off to a great start. I am looking forward to more of your essays and astro comentary on the very real world of Astro.

I am for sure bookmarking you in my private watch of news and opinion!


11:25 PM  
Blogger Heather Cameron said...


Please elaborate on why you say the Pluto in Cancer generation of women ushered in the women's movement?

From what I noticed the movement really didn't get properly active until the late 60's and these were mostly women with Pluto in Leo.
When I look around
the real world, women with Pluto in Cancer very much still clock into the status quo re acceptance of the male dominance, wife at home theory. This tends to play out in not being strong individuals, in comparison with what Pluto in Leo people tend to be. Sure this individuality push can be destructive in itself to the sphere of relationship. With group connections Pluto in Leo does well, and that is because, Pluto forces us to see the other side...the black and white of life.

Pluto in Scorpio was very transformative with regards to the sexual level of life, in that Aids because more prevalent, and the whole worlds sexual life changed quite radically. Sure occult subjects like astrology got a good run during this time.

Pluto in Sag. has seen major transformations around travel, broad communication (internet), freedoms on a personal level, religion and awareness of religions, especially the Muslim/Islamic/Christian religion.
Well I hope the Muslims have tried to understand the christians too.

Pluto in Capricorn might just address the whole structure of society in a transformative way.
What we have been seeing with the big daddy leaders with their big arsenal ramping it up might be the 11th hour rush to claim territory before it all changes in the near future. This happens a lot with human beings who are into their control issues.

Pluto effect comes out as a strong catalytic energy, evolutionary by nature. It moves things along after the crunch experience.
Well, hopefully...otherwise fixations, aversions and other such weird things arise.


7:40 PM  

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