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Putting Dr. Phil On The Astrological Couch, err, Hotseat...

Putting Dr. Phil On The Astrological Couch, err, Hotseat...

10:50 PM 8/17/05 Wed

Recently, featured the horoscope of Dr. Phil McGraw, better known to the world as "Dr. Phil". The big guy with the Southern drawl tells it like it T-I-Z and is a favorite on TV for several years running. I thought to fill in my thoughts after ADB's brief rundown of his life - and by all means, feel free to chime in with some thoughts of your own!

Dr. Phil McGraw Sep 01, 19507:15 PM CST Vinita, OK Source: RoddenPlacidus Houses 20 Pis 44 ADB: BiographyAmerican psychologist and TV personality known as Dr. Phil. With a practice in Wichita Falls, he and a friend co-founded Courtroom Sciences, Inc. in 1989, a jury-consulting business that worked with lawyers to develop trial strategies. He met Oprah Winfrey in Texas in the late 1990s after she had been sued for libel by a cattle breeders' association. While under the stress of the trial, she consulted McGraw who helped her successfully fight the attack. Impressed by his strategic approach and non-nonsense manner, she introduced him on her show, and his audience appeal led to regular appearances beginning in April 1998. His direct, blunt, practical advice was wildly popular. Author of several books, he began hosting his own nationally syndicated TV help show in the fall of 2002.

MU: Note the strong 7th House emphasis here, with chart ruling Neptune (psychology, Pisces Asc), Mercury (ruling the 3rd - communications, writing, teaching, sales) and Saturn (ruling the 11th - "juries", business in general), suggesting getting ahead through alliances, partnership of some kind. In Apr 1998, Dr. Phil had in his chart SA Pluto=Venus (exact March 1998) and SA MC=Moon (exact April 1998); transit Jupiter, ruling the 9th (courts) and 10th (career highs and lows) in his chart, was crossing the Asc, exact a month later; transit Uranus was exactly square his Moon (excitability with the public, mass appeal). Note the arcs involving the Female Planets, Moon and Venus, this of course relating to Oprah. For the start of his own show, Fall 2002, SA Saturn=Moon (ambition brought forward) and SA Asc=Moon (popularity with the public, especially women).

ADB: McGraw was one of four children and the only son of a salesman ad his wife. The family moved often in McGraw's youth, following his father's sales jobs, and there were lean times of unemployment. His father became a commercial pilot and later, at age 40, became a psychologist. Young Phil went to college on a football college. There he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology, ultimately obtaining his doctorate, from North Texas State University.

MU: Using the 10th as the father, we see that Sag is there, and the ruler Jupiter, is in Pisces in the 12th and Rx. This all fits - Sag certainly is the "traveling salesman" and "commercial air pilot"; Jupiter Rx suggests that the father ideally is "off the track" somehow, that his true path lie in the deep recesses of the Mind (psychology, the 12th House, Pisces). Note the Uranus in the 4th House, denoting the frequent changes of residence. Dr. Phil got into college on a football scholarship - Jupiter's purview for sure - and note that Jupiter rules again the 9th House of higher education. It's "unblemished" condition suggests that Dr. Phil would do well in this realm, and, we can also surmise that at around the age of 20-21, Dr. Phil made his decision to follow his dad into psychology (SA Jupiter=Asc, from the 12th House).

ADB: Dr. Phil's work now combines "entertainment with enlightenment" in his syndicated show that reaches millions of viewers. In his show, McGraw hammers home advice to "get real"; that is, grow up, take responsibility and make smart choices. In addition to his focus on the relationship and family problems of his guests and viewers, McGraw has tackled pervasive societal issues like obesity, drugs and abuse. He is a consummate businessman and charismatic media star, and his self-help empire has expanded to include weight-loss programs and dietary supplements, books, advice columns including one in Oprah's magazine, tapes and transcripts of his shows, even T-shirts and mugs!

MU: The "get real" approach no doubt comes from his Moon in Taurus, the Sun in Virgo, and an angular Saturn also in Virgo; the strong Earth focus suggests lots of practicality and a down-to-earth tone. Neptune is one of the Outer Planets, and as such, it has to do with societal issues, like that of relationships (since Dr. Phil's Neptune is both in the 7th House and in Libra) drugs (Neptune again) and abuse) the 7th House tensions - afterall, Neptune AND Saturn are there, as well as the strong Venus-Pluto conjunction both squared by Mars in Scorpio (this guy has a sex drive that won't quit!). The obesity part of it can be seen by the Moon in Taurus, and again the Venus-Pluto conjunction in the 6th House of diet and eating habits. As for the business success and the like: Venus-Pluto conjunction, Uranus-Pluto parallel, both of these being "super success aspects" as per the Magi System of Astrology.

ADB: In 2004 a biography of Phillip McGraw was published, written by Sophia Dembling and Lisa Gutierrez. The authors do not always paint a flattering portrait of the self-help guru, implying that he can be an egotistic bully who never mentions his failed first marriage and who overstates his early accomplishments and athletic prowess on the football field. Nevertheless, he is a successful man with a long-time marriage of over 25 years to his second wife Robin. He and Robin have two sons, one of whom at least seems to be following in his father's very large footsteps.

MU: Transit Pluto inching up on his MC, having already squared his Saturn and Asc; transit Saturn squared his chart ruling Neptune in the 7th (the general public); SA Neptune=Sun (diminishing the Ego in some way, an "expose'"-the biography), SA Saturn=Mars (putting the breaks on his career perhaps; frustration) and SA Asc=Mars (rising to the challenge, perceiving an attack on the Self). The maritial troubles can easily be seen in the 7th House tensions, with two Outer Planets, Neptune and Saturn there. An old astrological rule states that the more planets there are in the 7th, the more likely the native will have two or more spouses. Bingo. However, Saturn in the 7th CAN lead to a longstanding marriage, which Dr. Phil has enjoyed the 2nd time around. As for his son following the family tradition of psychology - Cancer is in the 5th in Dr. Phil's chart (Cancer=counselling, nuturing others) with the ruler Moon exalted in Taurus in the 2nd/rotated 10th of the 5th (looks like we'll be hearing from another McGraw soon).

ADB: What Do You Think?Dr. Phil, a clinical psychologist and businessman, has become a self-help guru and media star. His show is one of the most popular on American TV today, a different form of "reality show" where guests come and pour out their problems in return for some of Dr. Phil's "telling it like it is" and "get real" advice. Let's look at his chart for some clues to his meteoric rise to fame and the man behind the TV image.

ADB: Primarily as a result of his association with Oprah Winfrey and his appearances on her popular TV show, Dr. Phil has skyrocketed to fame and fortune. What in his chart indicates his sudden rise to celebrity status after having been a psychologist and businessman for many years?
MU: Among other things (mentioned above) we can see the transit of Uranus in square to his Moon and transit Jupiter crossing his Asc in 1998 and the subsequent transit of Pluto in square to his Asc and going on to conjunct his MC in the past few years says it all.

ADB: Winfrey and McGraw have helped each other be successful. For a comparison between their charts, look at Oprah's chart here: What are the astrological factors that indicate their mutual respect and support?

MU: Oh, that's easy to see: Oprah's Asc conjuncts Dr. Phil's MC; her MC conjunct his Neptune (keep in mind, it's his Asc ruler); her Pluto conjunct his Venus (reinforces his natal Venus-Pluto conjunction already); her Jupiter squares his Asc and trines his Neptune (Jupiter, her Asc ruler, Neptune, his Asc ruler); and finally, her Moon in the same sign as his MC. All of these are highly supportive contacts, especially in terms of business and partnership along those lines.

Oprah Winfrey Jan 29 1954 4.30am CST Kosciusko, MS Placidus 29 Sag 41; Source: Rodden

ADB: A proponent of "tough love," Dr. Phil diagnoses a patient's pattern quickly, orders them to change, and then tells them how. Where in the chart do you see the "get real" attitude, frank talk and directive advice that sometimes seem to border on bullying?

MU: Again, a slamdunk: Moon in Taurus, overall Earth emphasis, strong Saturn; as for the "bullying": Mars in Scorpio, definitely, especially as its opposed the Moon and square Pluto anyway.

ADB: People's vocational choices are always interesting. First he became a psychologist; then a businessman using his background in clinical psychology in court cases, now a celebrity. What are the astrological factors that might indicate this man's career path?

MU: Okay, let's do this by the numbers:

1. Psychologist - Pisces rising, Neptune angular in Libra (Venus ruled, counselling); dispositor Venus conjunct Pluto in the 6th (self-improvement; Pluto=psychology). Neptune dispositor of Jupiter in the 12/Pisces, again interest in psychology.

2. Businessman - Neptune's dispositorship of Jupiter, ruler of the MC; Sag on the MC, Jupiter ruling also the 9th - courts. Saturn, planet of business in general, angular. Neptune the chart ruler in the 7th - working in partnership with others.

3. Celeb Status - AP=Moon/Venus (strong charisma brought forward), Moon (the public) exalted in Taurus, Neptune in the 7th (chart ruler, being a public person); Venus-Pluto, Uranus-Pluto, super success aspects, the latter specifically having to do with the media.

This chart is a slamdunk, took me less than an hour to work on it, from start to finish.

PERSONAL NOTE: I have to say that I cannot be completely objective when it comes to anything having to do with Oprah. From almost Day One, she's always rubbed me the wrong way, and I think it has to do with how she almost always manages to make men look bad in some way. Just about all of her "gurus" invariably follow her script to whup on on guys, and hey I know the deal, she has to pander to women since they watch her shows, and reads her mags. Dr. Phil talks a mean game, but he does exactly the same thing, and I seriously doubt that we would have ever heard of him at all if he didn't find someway to browbeat men on his segments on her show and even on his own show. I've watched (or at least tried to watch) several of his shows, and when he goes into "attack mode" on the guys, that's when I have to turn the channel. No one wants to say it in these Politically Correct times (and boy, can Oprah and anything she touches get Politically Correct!), but the only "safe target" these days are straight men. Think about it - Dr. Phil, Oprah or anyone else couldn't possibly getaway with saying those same things about men to women, or gays/lesbians and so on (witness all the daytime talkshows geared toward "straightening men out", the "Queer Eye for The Straight Guy" etc.).

ON TOP OF THAT I have a hard time swallowing hook, line and sinker that whole New Age, Self-Help stuff; the cynic in me (Capricorn Asc) just won't let me drink the Kool-Aid. Real life problems take much more than what KN Rao once called the "one hour guillotine" to even get a handle on, much less solve. In another era they would call such people snakeoil salesmen; these days, they call them counsultants and they make money hands over fist, because there are lots of dumbfounded folks out there waiting for someone to tell them what to do with their own lives while hard-earned currency burns potholes in their pockets.

That's my two cents.

"Y'all come back now, ya hear?"



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