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The USA Supreme Court: A Changing of The Guard...

The USA Supreme Court: A Changing of The Guard...

10:18 AM 9/4/05 Sun

By the time your eyes sees this, you will have known for at least the past few days that US Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist is deceased, having died of complications from thyroid cancer at the age of 80 on Saturday night. I got word of these developments early this morning on the SRN radio network. That moment was used by me to cast a horary chart, to gain additional insight:
Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist Death Radio Annoucement Sun, Sep 4, 2005 6.32AM, EDT Philadelphia, PA; Placidus 11 Vir 14; Source: SRN news report.

This is a vivid example of how Horary works, and especially how well it blends with Mundane astrology. Note that Mercury, the chart ruler, is in the 12th House in the sign of Leo, at the very last degree. Additionally, we see that the Sun, Mercury's dispositor, is rising in the Virgo Ascendant and opposed by Uranus (Rehnquist's possible death due to heart failure?). The Moon, also rising in the 1st House, is square Pluto. The 1st and 12th Houses, the Asc ruler and both Lights are under considerable challenge; death was easy to see in this map.

Pluto quindeciles the MC from the 4th - applying this chart to political considerations, this would have to represent the party out of power, the Democrats, who have been gearing up for a lengthy and ugly confirmation fight over President Bush's first Supreme Court nominee, Judge John Roberts, will now fight even harder to keep the High Court from going Hard Right. With Pluto having arrived at a Station (Direct), it is highly likely that the Democrats will attempt a filibuster, which will finally prompt the Republican-controlled Senate to employ what has been called the "Nuclear Option" - the proceedural stripping of the minority party's ability to hold up "up and votes" on presidential nominees. Note that Saturn rules the 5th House of legislators and sits in the 11th House of the president's cabinet and political appointees, as well as nominees. The Moon, again, is square to Pluto, and rules the 11th(!)-it is the only square (interplanetary, that is) in the entire chart.
This is a stomp-down streetfight for power.

The 9th House merits mention here, for it represents the High Court; Venus rules the 9th, and is in its own sign Libra, and conjunct Jupiter in the 2nd House (Values and Presitge); it holds Mars in the 9th (an apt symbolism for "activist judges"!), and it in turn is square Neptune in the 6th. This is the "dissolution" of the present makeup of the Court; with Mars approaching its retrograde transit in less than a month's time, there is every indication that more current Justices on the court will step down from or die on the bench (6th House=retirement, illness). Note the exact Venus-Pluto sextile, another indication that the Democrats will stake it all on staving off a Hard Right turn on the Court.
Applying this chart (transits) to that of the USA itself, the Sibly variant (July 4, 1776 5.10PM LMT, Philadelphia, PA; 12 Sag 11, Campion), the results are striking: transit Pluto is only a degree from exact square to Neptune in the 9th (Supreme Court; Pluto ruling the 12th, national losses) and oppose the USA Mars in the 7th; Mars rules the 4th of the party out of power - the Democrats. Transit Uranus is exactly square its natal position, ruling the 3rd House of national mindset (suggesting a reversal of national thinking on issues such as Abortion, Gay Marriage, the role of Religion in the Public Square, etc. from previous times). And finally, transit/event Moon is tightly conjunct the USA Neptune and square the USA Mars, again highlighting the 9th Houses issues and priming the pump for the battles over it that is sure to come soon.

Turning to President Bush's current nominee Judge Roberts, we note that he was born on Jan 27, 1955 in Buffalo, NY, according to public records and the internet. No time as yet is known, but the Solarchart for his birthday reveals his Conservative leanings: he has a formidable t-square Saturn to the Mercury-Pluto axis (Saturn=Mercury/Pluto). He is known as a meticulous researcher and careful thinker, having won the majority of the cases he has argued before the Supreme Court in the past. In addition, he also considered a "strict constructionist" in his interpretation of Constitutional Law. At the time of his nomination to the Supreme Court, July 19, 2005, Roberts had SA Saturn=Pluto, while transit Pluto was just past conjunction to his Venus, which rules his Solar 9th House of Courts (and possibly square his natal Moon in Pisces). With transit Saturn opposing Roberts' Sun at the time his confirmation hearings begin, and combinated with the Saturn=Pluto arc, we can expect those hearings to be very long, arduous and tough on Roberts and his family; it will be interesting to see how these hearings eventually turn out. Most pundits are of the view that Roberts will ultimately be placed on the Court. We'll see.

Finally, I'd like to bring forward excerpts from an article I wrote about the US Supreme Court in the light of one of the nation's most hotly debated topics - Roe v. Wade. In Janurary of this year, I wrote the following:

"There is little doubt that Chief Justice Rehnquist will retire soon; additionally, there are at least two more Justices who will step down before Bush's 2nd term ends. All that is needed is just one more Conservative vote on the bench to ensure either the radical redefinition of Roe v. Wade or its overturning outright. The GOP has a clear majority - and mandate - from the American electorate, not seen since the early half of the last century. And the Democratic Party, literally a shadow of its former self, can do little to stop the seachanges afoot. In the past four years, Roe v. Wade's chart has seen a Saturn Return and a pass or two from transit Pluto in square to its Moon, and these have reflected (along with the transit square of Neptune to the RVW Asc) the "whittling away" that the pro-choicers have complained about. The shifts are only beginning.

There is every reason to expect the "re-fit" of Roe v. Wade to take place between Oct 2005 and Feb-Mar 2008; reasons for this are as follows:

Sibly USA chart - SA Moon=Saturn Oct 2005, with transit (Tr) Saturn opposed Pluto, Summer 2005, Tr Uranus square its natal position all year, and Tr Pluto square the national Neptune in the 9th (the major shakeup with respect to the Supreme Court), also all year. In 2008 (Mar-May): Tr Pluto conjunct the national MC, a major time of change of overall perspective.

Roe v. Wade chart - SA Sun=Neptune Dec 2006 (suggesting a "weakening" in this case, Roe v. Wade's power - Sun=power), with Tr Pluto square RVW's Moon late Summer-Fall 2005, Tr Saturn square RVW's Uranus and Tr Uranus square RVW's Neptune, again in 2005; SA Sun=Uranus (separation, sudden endings) exact Feb 2008; Tr Uranus square RVW Moon, Tr Saturn same.

GWB 2nd Inaugural chart (Jan 20 2005 12Noon EST Washington DC; Plac 14 Tau 02, Public Record) - SA MC=Sun (applying) 2008, with the Sun Peregrine in Aquarius (Human Rights) ruling the national 5th House! Tr Saturn-Uranus square the Inaugural Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 8th House, particularly toward the end of the year (2008). Keep in mind, Saturn rules both the 9th and 10th Houses of the Inaugural chart (the Supreme Court and President, respectively).

George W. Bush (Jul 6 1946 7.26am EDT New Haven, CT; Plac 7 Leo 7, Rodden) - SA Sun=Saturn (illumination of conservatism; keep in mind, GWB's Saturn is Peregrine yet square his MC (in Cancer, the Sign of children, family, etc.); his chart reflects the national character and comings and goings as well; Sun rules his Asc) Sep 2006 with Tr Saturn conjunct his Asc, Mercury, Pluto and Venus all that year.

In short, putting together the reality of the situation along with an extensive and impressive array of astrological evidence, it is very difficult to see Roe v. Wade continuing to exist in its current form. Change, it seems, is inevitable."

- The Astrology of Roe v. Wade: Three Decades LaterMu'Min M. Bey

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced her decision to step down from the High Court on July 1, 2005; John Roberts was nominated on July 19, 2005; Chief Justice Rehnquist passed away last night, September 3, 2005; Roberts' hearings will likely begin in mid September; and the new Supreme Court Term begins in early October. With at least three other Justices at or very near the age of 80 or older (Breyer, Ginsburg and Souter in particular), indeed, the change I spoke of above some 8 months ago does seem inevitable. George W. Bush could very well be the first President since the FDR era to have singlehandedly reshaped the very nature of the Highest Court in the Land.

Stay Tuned...



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