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A Few Thoughts On George Sodini

A Few Thoughts On George Sodini

Sunday Aug 23 2009

Earlier this month, George Sodini, a suburban Pittsburgh PA native, walked into a local gym and proceeded to shootup the place, kiling three outright and wounding nearly a dozen others, before turning the guns on himself. His grisly acts of violence immediately hit the news.

I’ve been a bit busy of late tending to other business, but closely followed the blogosphere in the days and weeks to follow, and no surprise, the usual suspects were quick to condemn and vilify.

But this time said usual suspects were met w/a clear, present and growing voice coming from the Male side of the Internet, who makes a very convincing case that Sodini’s travails, and ultimate demise, requires just a bit more examination than he’s currently getting.However, sad to say I might add, the astrolosphere, if I may call it such, is still woefully behind-packed to the gills w/practitioners who are female and thus have little understanding or real interest in life from a male point of view, much of their offerings on the affair are little more than mere astrological sprinkles on warmed over feminist boilerplate; one astrologer even includes the word “misogyny” in her subject title on Sodini.

Sigh. What else is new.

Readers here at Sasstology (I'll have more to say about *them* very soon) and elsewhere know and understand well that my key interest is in assisting Today’s Man on the astrological path and, when the spirit moves, to astrologically opine on the state of our times from an unabashedly male point of view. So, on this lazy afternoon-after respects to the deceased have been paid and laid to rest, and after all the sound and fury from the usual suspects, astrological and otherwise, have had their say and have died down-I thought now would be a good time to offer some thoughts on the very sad life of George Sodini.

According to various sources online, Sodini was born on Sep 30 1960, no birthime as yet known, and presumably in or around Pittsburgh PA. Several astrologers have noted his Lights being in Air Signs (Sun in Libra, Moon in Aquarius), his Venus-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio, and the t-square involving his Sun, Mars and Saturn (among other things), and have rightly noted the inherent challenges indicated therein with regard to these astrological configurations.But what I noted w/keen interest, was the utter lack of commentary on the role the Outer Planets played, not only on Sodini’s life, but for us all. We astrologers know well that the Outer Planets-Uranus, Neptune and Pluto-have tremendous importance, because they represent not only the Modern Era for Humanity, but also the ways in which our world will continue to change. One of the biggest ways it has changed, has been respect to Dating and Mating.

Of particular note here is Neptune, on Sodini’s birthdate, at about 8 Scorpio; as mentioned above, its conjunct Venus and, at 6AM (the time I use for setting Solarscopes), is also square the Moon. Astrologers have noted the “personal” implications for these aspects, and they are largely accurate-often it can speak to unrealistic or even irrational ideas or notions concerning Women-but it can also represent being deeply disappointed, “letdown” by Women as well.

Clearly, this too was the case wrt Sodini, per his very lucidly written blog, since taken down, but can still be seen in excerpts thanks to the efforts of various bloggers online to save them. They are easily Googled.Neptune represents the “dream” or ideals that a society aspires toward, which can often incorporate spiritual/religious themes as well. In a modern, democratic society, it represents the idea or belief, that said system can work for anyone, if they apply themselves.

However, in Sodini’s case, we see that Neptune’s aspects to the two foremost “female” planets we have in astrology-the Moon and Venus-that he felt betrayed, or letdown in love.And because an Outer Planet is involved here, and is seen making a prominent appearance at the moment of the shootings themselves, rising in the Aquarian Asc and square the MC, it gives us astrologers cause to consider in what way Neptune, and quite possibly the remaining Outers, have played a big role here.The simple truth is, that the dating and mating landscape has greatly changed. A Man like Sodini-law-abiding (up until the shootings), successful (net worth of 250K at the time of his death), and very well gainfully employed as in a law firm-simply doesn’t have the kind of cache’ he once did even a quarter of a century ago. The idea that being on the straight and narrow, “nice” and so on, is becoming more and more, something that is not only no longer relevant, but something that is actively eschewed by Women enmasse, because Women in our time no longer need to temper their mating choices due to financial considerations, since they are fully self-supporting, and since social censure is at an all-time minimum. In short, this means that Women can choose mates on criteria that they really want-and the evidence is in-often those “wants” are NOT what Sodini, and so many Men, were taught all their lives.

If we consider Sodini’s birthdate from the point of view that it represents a “bigger” chart than merely his natal, and instead gives commentary on the state of Women in our time, this makes sense, both on the macro level, and as well on Sodini’s “micro” level. Again, we’ve noted how Neptune is conjunct Venus, both in Scorpio. Keen astrology students know well, that Venus isn’t at its best in Scorpio; techinically, its what is known as being in its Detriment. It suggests that Venus is kinda “brought low” in some way or another-in this case, that it will tend to be attracted to the rakes, badboys and ne’er do wells that Sodini, and millions of other American Men were drilled not to be like. The Neptune part of this then, represents the “rude awakening” Sodini got, and again he explains very clearly on his blog, with regard to Women and what they really want.Also, consider that Sodini’s Moon is in Aquarius-which is very, very interesting when we note that this same Moon Sign shows itself again on the night he went on his shooting spree, and, matching the same Moon Sign as that found in the chart for the United States(!)-a very powerful commentary, astrologically speaking, about the very changed world in which we live along these lines, especially for Women.

Since we’re on the national level in this discussion, it is also interesting to note that, in the American horoscope, we see that its Moon, at 27 Aquarius, is getting “primed” by transiting Neptune’s imminent conjunction, to come very soon. In the 3rd house, we can expect to hear more and more about American Women being “letdown” in someway with regard to their lovelives-and of course, blaming Men for it. Not ever considering the role they themselves might have played in the way things are, right now.

This is the lesson of Neptune, both collectively and individually-to have an ideal, live up to it, but not to deify it, and when human beings fall short, not to grow embittered, blame others or in some other way, rationalize their failures on someone else. For all his pain and real insights shared on his blog, in the end, Sodini’s actions are his own, and he must be held accountable-not his mother, not his brother or father, not even the Women who spurned him, real or imagined.That said, American Women must now understand, that in all things, there not only must be tradeoffs, but there also must be accountability-the badboy, the cad, and the playa may indeed be “hotter” and just not “boring” than the Sodini types (again-good looking, gainfully employed for years, and considerable net assets), but these kinds of Men come at a price.

Postmodern, postfeminist America has afforded you the chance to choose who you really want-but all choices carry with them, consequences. Some good, others, not so good. One of them, will be the occasional “flipping out” of the Sodinis, Chos, and others of the world, who after being shown the truth for themselves, can’t or won’t handle it, and decide to go make right via violent means. With transiting Uranus and Pluto due to square each other very soon, I suspect we’ll see quite a few more “rage killings” centered on the very themes of this post. It will be the “tax” Women in our time will have to pay, because clearly, they don’t want to “go back”, nor do I think they should. Instead of merely condemning the Damned, they instead might want to consider what their New Grrl Order will really look like.

Comment and reply, invited.

Holla back


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