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Yao Ming: Successful Eugenic Experiment, Or Successful Astrological Timing???

Yao Ming: Successful Eugenic Experiment, Or Successful Astrological Timing???

Posted: 16 Aug 2008, 08:22 PM at The Evolutionary Astrology forum on MySpace:

Steve Sailer’s done it again, w/his coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games at Beijing China. Here’s his take on Yao Ming: Its the second post down the page, can’t miss it.

In it he talks about how Yao Ming came to be; Ming is the product of an essentially arranged marraige between the centers and captains of the men’s and women’s basketball teams in Shanghai. Ming’s dad is 6’11"; his mom, 6’3". Ming himself weighed in at ELEVEN POUNDS, TWICE THE AVERAGE WEIGHT OF A CHINESE NEWBORN. His head was huge and square shaped, and his hands and feet were that of a three year old. At 10 years old he was 5’5"; in his early teens he was over 6’ tall.

And, according to the book, Operation Yao Ming, we have a pretty good crack at Ming’s birthtime, "shortly after 7PM" at Shanghai Hospital No. 6. The rest of the data is Sep 12 1980. This gives an Asc of 13 Ari 02 using Placidus houses and Tropical Zodiac.

Matchmaking, or arranged marriage, is a lot more common in the world outside the USA/West than most of us know or care about. Of course, w/feminist indoctrination here, arranged marriages have gotten a very bad rap, by way of the relatively few horror stories they trot out to dissuade anyone from hooking up that way. But if one takes the time to actually study the thing, one comes away w/the view that it ain’t all as bad as some would try to make it out to be. And besides, w/the American track record of marriage, no American should even be thinking about turning their nose up at the option, one that has a much better track record, I might add.

At any rate, Yao Ming’s story raises all kinds of questions for astrologers. As the Olympic games, especially the Summer events, since they’re much more racially and ethnically intergrated, shows us, Human Biodiversity is Real. There is no getting around the different body types and aptitudes, talents and inclinations, of so many groups of players and atheletes. There’s no denying that certain groups clearly dominate certain events (like sprinting and long distance marathons, where West and East Africans continue to dominate the field, for example), and while other groups lockup others. All of this points to an undeniable, if not brutally politically incorrect Truth:

That the horscope MUST accomodate these particularities, or astrology will have proved itself useless. Additionally, we can see that astrology, especially as practiced in the West, has to contend w/the idea of "matchmaking"-arranged marriages-w/the particular intention or purpose of producing children w/an edge. In a word, eugenics.

Largely discredited after the horrors vistied on the Jewish people by the Nazis in the Holocaust, Eugenics nevertheless is a deep area of human concern, and will in this astrologer’s view never go away.

The ever expanding fertility industry, w/ever increasing arrays of IVF options, is just one such example of this fact. Women can choose the sperm of high IQ achievers if they wish, and many have done just that. To wit, one Jodie Foster. Look it up.

To select for the best potential mate is fully human, and as noted above, as Foster is a lesbian, even among gay folks this is true. So we astrologers need to get busy talkin’, because there are lots of people out there not only looking for a match but one that can produce Kids w/the Right Stuff.

Again, Yao Ming: Sep 12 1980 "shortly after 7PM" CCT Shanghai China. Placidus 13 Ari 02. Comments?

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