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Is Today's Astrology "Gynocentric"?

Is Today's Astrology "Gynocentric"?

Posted: 21 Aug 2008, 09:22 AM on The Evolutionary Astrology forum on MySpace

Since it appears that my suggesting so has raised the hackles on Astrology’s Quasi-Feminist Contingent, I thought to devote an entire thread to this topic. For those who might have missed it, I’ll recap briefly. In my Open Letter to Zane Stein thread, I made the case that astrology in our time-and by that I mean, the Modern Era, since Rudhyar, and the following rise of Psychology being used in astrology analysis, study and work-is what I called Gynocentric, or in other words, astrology in our time is more and more seen, evaluated, communicated and written/presented, in a way that is more favorable to women.

Now, as you might guess, I’m prepared to defend my proposition, and to offer the most basic evidence of this, one only need look at the extant literature on the subject; note how its written, the word choice, perspectives and point of view therein. Moreover, consider the bulk of attendees at conferences, retreats and the like, you will find invariably that they are women in the main, even if by a simple majority.

Now, before the howling starts, let me say that I’m not-NOT-arguing that this is in itself a bad thing. What I am saying, however, is that astrology runs the serious risk of painting itself in something of a corner, because its this astrologer’s view that a lot of guys would be interested in seeking what astrology has to offer were it not for the Girly Perspective and Presentation.

What has occured in astrology over the past three or four decades is the notion that a kind of "unisex" approach can be adopted, and that the symbols we see can equally-keyword here-apply to both sexes. All the while claiming individuality, no less! Yet even hard science has proven again and again that men and women are PROFOUNDLY different, and the astrology must follow suit.

Of course, I suppose it doesn’t help much that many of the men that fill up the ranks of astrology, either as leading voices (considerably more at this level than are women, see for yourself) or as hardcore hobbyists, for lack of a better word, either don’t seem very interested in this topic because their interests in astrology take them away from dealing directly with people and more into the area of abstract concepts, like Mundane astrology, etc., or they have a more "feminine" view of the world, or, more cynically, they go with the flow because as that famous bank robber once said, that’s where the money is. And its no accident who pays a working astrologer’s bills, and from this standpoint, a business model, it makes sense to focus on your target market. But as a self-professed Anomaly, I like asking pesky questions of our craft. That’s what Cosmic Pests do.

So-is Astrology Gynocentric? You make the call.


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