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2005 Off-Year Election Wrap-Up Analysis

2005 Off-Year Election Wrap-Up Analysis

5:18 PM 11/9/05 Wed

Well, the results, nationwide, are in - Democrats have won gubernatorial seats on New Jersey and Virginia, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's ballot initiatives, which included a proposed reigning in of the Teacher's Union and the right of parents to have a say in their whether their child would get sexual education in public schools - were all roundly rejected out in California. While the Democrats clearly see all of this as a victory for their side of the aisle, and while many astrologers in our community follow in lockstep with this notion, it's important to get a firm grip on reality.

For one thing, New Jersey and California are now and have always been strong Democratic Party enclaves; that the former Senator Jon Corzine would win the governor's seat in the Garden State and that Gov. Arnold would lose out in Cali should come as no surprise. Two, while the Democrats are cheering for the upholding of Gay Marriage initiatives up North, they fail to mention that the people of the Lone Star State have spoken with respect to the same issue, roundly defeating the same proposal down there in Texas. In San Diego, the 7th largest state in the Union, Ms. Frye - a fervrent Liberal - got trounced by a former career cop and Conservative, Jerry Saunders. Far from the "Republican Revolution" of 11 years ago, at best the Democrats have kept the status quo; they are only treading water.

Still, the losses the GOP have taken on the chin yesterday, says a great deal about the troubles the Republican Party has had over the past few months, since Hurricane Katrina: the following hurricanes Rita and Wilma, both of which continued to shakeup the populace and put a drain on regional economies; the investigations of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and now former House Whip Tom Delay; the fallout from the CIA Agent Scandal, with White House aide Scooter Libby under indictment; the withdrawl of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers under an avalanche of Conservative backlash; and now, reports by the Washington Post that CIA operatives could be using various so-called "Black Sites" in Europe to detain - and quite possibly - torture terrorist suspects. All of this has taken a direct and lasting toll on the Bush Administration, which seems to have been trying to put out one bushfire (pardon the pun) after another, with at present, and at best, mixed results. And while the nomination of Judge Alito has softened the blow of all these developments for a short time, his confirmation hearings take place too far into the near future to blunt anything else that could be coming down the pike between now and then. So these election results, unless Bush and Co. can pull another rabbit out of their hat, seems to be on the front burner.

Let's consider the New Jersey elections first...

This year's elections were particularly nasty, and doesn't make the Garden State look good in the wake of the former Governer Jim McGreevey's foibles. Late in this election race, commercials aired featuring Corzine's ex-wife, who stated clearly that Corzine was not only an adulterer, but also had blind amibition and was a pawn of the Jersey Democratic Party Bosses. On the other hand, allegations came out that Doug Forrester, Corzine's Republican opponent, had himself been involved in an affair. In any event, Media and Political pundits, in the wake of the elections results (in which Corzine beat Forrester by as much as 9 points) have all seemed to agree that Forrester's putting Corzine's ex-wife in those ads so late in the election, have turned off the potential voters he so desperately needed.

As we all know, Corzine is extremely wealthy; that said, Forrester is no poor boy either. Some have said that more money was spent on this governor's race than any other in the entire history of the Garden State. It is well known that Corzine, in his successful bid for the US Senate, spent more than 60 million dollars of his own money to get to Washington. So, an interesting question arises -- can Astrology give us clues as to determine wealth -- and perhaps more importantly in this case, can Astrology point to the winner in a political contest? The answer on both counts is "YES!". Read on...
For those not familiar with them, the Magi Society has been around (in printed form) for about 10 years; in 1995, their first book "Astrology Really Works!" was published. And in that book, they give a listing of the 12 Super Success Aspects. Of the 12 they single out 4 aspects in particular, that accounts for both major success as well as major wealth:

1. Sun-Pluto
2. Venus-Pluto
3. Jupiter-Pluto
4. Uranus-Pluto

Of the most successful people in the world, these four aspects are shown more in their charts than any other; even having born with one such aspect gives one a leg up in the world with respect to success and acheivement on a wide scale.

According to, Jon Corzine was born on Jan 1 1947 in Taylorville, IL; according to Wikipedia, Doug Forrester was born on Jan 24 1953 in Glendale, CA. There is no birthtimes available for either politician. But the Solarscopes for both reveals so clearly the outcome of the elections on Nov 8.
Corzine has the following Super Aspects in operation at birth: AP=Jupiter/Pluto, Uranus in declinational aspect to Pluto; Venus conjunct Jupiter. We can also add the Solar Asc ruler, Saturn, in conjunction with the Magi designated planet of Politics, Pluto, in the Sign of leadership, Leo.

Forrester on the other hand, has Jupiter sextile Uranus, important here due to Uranus ruling the Solar Asc; Sun=Uranus/Pluto, Uranus=Venus/Jupiter, Venus=Sun/Jupiter; and finally, like Corzine, Forrester has Uranus parallel Pluto.

Now, take a look back at the aspects for both candidates, and note that Corzine has a Jupiter-Pluto aspect; Forrester does not. The results speaks for themselves.

In terms of who would win the elections, we can look at the transits and Solar Arcs operative in both charts in Nov 2005; for Corzine, he had SA Venus=Node exact in Sep, and in Nov, he had SA Venus=Sun/Pluto with transit Jupiter square Saturn (Saturn again ruling the Solar Asc). Forrester had SA Sun=Node in Oct, but he also had in the same month, SA Uranus=Neptune, a very debilitating picture suggesting weakness - and I must say, the potential for engaging in underhanded activities.
On the basis of all of this, the night before the New Jersey elections, I told the missus that while I was pulling for Forrester, the political reality of the Garden State, along with the natal and predictive astrology, strongly supported Corzine, and I expected him to win.

He did.

As for the Governator, Arnold is under his second Saturn Return, a very profound period for politicians far and wide - either you are validated in a huge way in terms of your policies and performance in the form of mass support by the voting public during such a time, or you meet a humbling defeat. Just to give some context to this, President Nixon resigned from Office in the wake of the Watergate Scandal during his second Saturn Return; Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi was assassinated during her second Saturn Return; and President George W. Bush was reelected by the largest number of American voters ever during his second Saturn Return. On Election Day, transit Saturn was exactly conjunct Arnold's natal Saturn, with transit Neptune having already opposed Arnold's Saturn-Pluto conjunction. On top of that, Arnold also had SA Neptune=Sun/Moon and transit Pluto within a degree of exact square to his MC (Arnold Schwarzenegger Jul 30 1947 4.10AM CET Graz, Austria; Placidus 19 Can 07, Doane). All of this together makes it difficult to see his ballot proposals being successful with the Californian voting public.

But all this is seen against the backdrop of the GOP, and in particular President Bush. At present, Bush is continuing to grind it out under the Saturn transit to his natal Pluto in his Asc, almost always a time of losses, setbacks and want (and keep in mind, that GWB's public approval ratings are at the lowest of his entire Presidency to date, at around 35%). Back in the waning months of Summer, and in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I said the following about what we could expect to see in the President's near future:

"Switching back to his Western chart - there are a few problematic arcs that caught my eye:
SA Mars=Asc Oct 06SA Asc=Neptune Nov 07SA Saturn=Pluto Feb 08
And, we can add the almost always debilitating transit of Saturn conjunct his Pluto, later this year and on into next year - all in his First House!

So, we can see a period between the Fall of 2006 and just before the Spring of 2008, that suggests a period of extreme challenge for Bush, at best; another major setback in some way both for himself and for the nation at worst (another terrorist attack or natural disaster; the economy all but breaking down; the Iraq War going horribly wrong, etc.; or worse)."

Bush's Problems, 6:59 AM 9/2/05 Fri- Mu'Min M. Bey

Bush will have a second pass of that painful Saturn to Pluto transit next month, in Dec. Will the second shoe drop?

Stay Tuned...



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