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Brokeback Garden: Will Gay Marriage Come To New Jersey?

Brokeback Garden: Will Gay Marriage Come To New Jersey?

7:16 AM 2/19/06 Sun

The past week saw a heated exchange between Gay & Lesbian activists and Pro Traditional Marriage advocates, as the New Jersery Supreme Court heard arguments for and against the right of Gay & Lesbian citizens to marry within the Garden State. Although "civil unions" do exist in a few States in the Union, the Gay & Lesbian activists want full legal and social marital rights, recognition and privilege, as hetero couples. Both sides filed "friend of the court" briefs, and held voiceferous demonstrations outside the State Supreme Court building in Trenton, the Garden State's Capital. With the Court's decision to be announced later this year, this case could prove very crucial in the ongoing national debate over Gay Rights and in particular, as they relate to Marriage.

While the GOP backed State Legislature argues that for appointed State Officials (judges) to simply rule on something that the people of the Garden State should ultimate say in, in the form of their representatives being able to vote on it (and even in the form of a direct referendum) is inherently antithetical to the electoral process and a further example of "judicial activism". The Gay & Lesbian group, on the other hand, argues that the laws that exist in New Jersey, regarding domestic partners, the adopting of children and so on, already sets in motion the right of Gays & Lesbians to lawfully marry, with all the rights that implies.

One needs not be a Political Science Major to know that New Jersey is essentially a "blue state", having Democratic roots going way back; though the Garden State does have its share of GOP faithful, they have not been able to fully implement their plans and agendas. This fact alone makes the Gay & Lesbian cause all the more likely to come to pass. The recent election of New Jersey Senator Jon Corzine, makes it all that much tougher for the Garden State GOP to turn back the tide.

New Jersey was admitted into the Union on Dec 18 1787; locating the chart for Trenton and using a noon time mark, the chart yields an Asc of 25 Pis 36 (Placidus). This chart gives striking witness to the current events, and points the way to how things will ultimately go regarding the Gay Marriage issue.

The Sun is in late Sagittarius, in the 9th and conjunct the MC, also in late Sagittarius; Mercury, ruling the 7th (Marriage) is in the 9th, and forms a trine to the rising Moon in Aries (the people). Neptune is in the 7th/Libra, and square Mars in the 5th, itself in turn conjunct Uranus, also in the 5th House (children, sex, romance) in the Sign of Cancer (family). This Neptune configuration, strongly supports the Gay & Lesbian position, and in fact this is what I had to say regarding astrological signatures of Gays and Lesbians, in an essay on the matter last year:

"In my own personal study of gay and lesbian charts, I've found that often, the Signs Gemini and/or Pisces are involved with the 5th House, and/or Mercury or Neptune; also, Uranus and/or Neptune will play a role, either with the aforementioned planets/Signs/Houses/Rulers, and/or, with Venus and/or Mars. Lots to look for, right? So, let's look at some charts.

Since that is the case, a look at the movements of the Outer Planets of Western Astrology deserve a look. At the time of the Stonewall Inn Riots (Jun 27 1969 1AM EDT, Greenwich Village, NY; Placidus 12 Ari 06) , a seminal event in the history of the American Gay Movement, Uranus was at 00 Libra, opposed the Asc (and thus at the Aries Point!!!); note that Uranus also rules the 12th House - "coming out of the closet". Uranus has long been associated with homosexual behavior, etc.

That being said, let's go back to the Stonewall Inn Riot chart. As already mentioned, Uranus is at the Dsc and at the AP in Libra. But it's also sextile Neptune accross the signline - and - note that the Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Neptune in the 8th, the Moon ruling the 5th! Also, note that Mars is the Asc ruler and sextile Uranus, and the Sun is square Uranus as well.

Then, there's the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of 1993 (Feb 2 1993 3.05AM EST Washington DC; Placidus 9 Sag 31): the conjunction itself occurs in the 2nd House (national values) and square the Asc ruler Jupiter in the 10th (confusion and alteration of traditional values along these lines for the entire country). Note also that Saturn and Uranus are in Mutual Reception...and Saturn conjuncts Mercury, ruler of the 7th. The Moon is in Gemini in the 7th and Venus is in Pisces at the AP. Also, and I mentioned this in my essay on Mars Rx, Mars in this chart is in Cancer and also Rx! This I feel accounts for a great deal of the sexual confusion on the part of many men in American society, the "downlow" etc. Recall, you didn't hear that phrase prior to 1993; now, it's old hat. Capricorn represents traditional family values, and Uranus-Neptune, as we have seen, plays a huge role in the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Capricorn represents men, too, so again, this conjunction would contribute to a period of confusion accross the board insofar as men are concerned."

- Thoughts On The "Gay Way" 9:14 PM 10/29/05 Sat

The "Union" chart of New Jersey clearly supports Gay Marriage outright, not in the piecemeal, stop-and-go way that other states like Vermont have done. The key elements of the union chart, says it all.

But where are the State GOP? Can they force the issue out of the courts and onto the House floor? The GOP are represented in this map by Saturn, classically dignified in Aquarius (traditional family values, etc.) and participates in an Air Grand Trine along with Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd House, ruling the 9th House of Judges and Courts, and Neptune in Libra in the 7th, representing I feel, the Gay & Lesbian Lobby at this time, but also representing the State GOP's vision of a return to the Ozzie & Harriet Era. But the GOP, represented by Saturn, are also muffled quite a bit - Saturn is in the 12th House. In its best light the GOP can wage an effective clandestine, behind the scenes effort to forestall the Gay Marriage issue; but a "frontal assault" on the issue is likely to fail. The people, represented by both the Asc ruling Neptune and the rising Moon in Aries, seems to be fully on the side of the Gays & Lesbians. With transit Uranus having already squared the NJU's Mercury, ruler of its 7th, and transit Pluto at present square the NJU's Asc, and going on to conjunct its 9th House Sun and finally MC (Corzine & the Democrats - Party in Power), its very difficult to see the courts not ruling in favor of Gay Marriage in the Garden State. News reports have stated that the court will announce its decision in "months" from now; I say we can expect to hear their ruling between May & July of this year, at the very latest towards the end of this year, when transit Pluto will make its final pass over the NJU Sun and MC. Additionally, checking the Solar Arcs for the same time period, SA Saturn=Pluto in Jun 2006 (the old order breaking down, a terrible loss for the NJ GOP) and SA Venus=Sun/Moon in Aug 2006. For Corzine, he too has SA Saturn=Pluto at around the same time period; in that Saturn plays a crucial role in his chart due to its rulership of his Sun, it suggests that he will play a direct hand in all of this.

All of this hinges on the 1st Gay Marriage ever performed in New Jersey, between two gay men, Ric Best and Louis Navarrette, on Mar 8 2004, in Asbury Park, NJ. Word quickly spread among the Gay & Lesbian community, and in total 16 marriages were performed down at City Hall before the State Attorney General declared that they were illegal and rendered null and void. Still, this event remains as a powerful symbol in the minds and hearts of the Gay & Lesbian public; the astrology of that day is interesting (casting a chart for 12 noon; Placidus 8 Can 14):

- Saturn rising in Cancer, ruling the 7th and trine Uranus

- Venus in Taurus, the final dispositor of the chart, sextile Uranus and Saturn, disposing of Mars in Taurus, ruling the 5th

- Neptune trine the Asc ruling Moon, itself in Libra

- Sun conjunct Mercury, both in Pisces, squared by Pluto and opposed Jupiter in Virgo

- AP=Sun/Moon=Saturn/Pluto, Node=Venus/Mars, Uranus=Venus/Saturn, Venus CP Pluto

A few parting shots: with 2006 being an important election year for the House and Senate, as well as a number of Governorships nationwide, the competition will be fierce for the hearts and minds, and most importantly, votes of the American public. The last Presidential election of 2004 saw the rise of "values" playing a prominent role in the outcome of said elections, and it appears that this year will be no different. Clearly, should Gay Marriage become the law of the land in New Jersey, activists from that side of the fence will attempt to take the case to the US Supreme Court in a bid to have Gay Marriage recognized nationwide. Here's what I had to say regarding that possibility, again going back to my piece on astro-signatures of Gays and Lesbians:

"I've said elsewhere that I don't think Gay Marriage will happen here in the USA during Pluto's transit of Capricorn; therefore, if it happens at all, it'll be either before the end of Pluto's sojourn of Sagittarius, or, when Pluto moves into Aquarius. In the latter case, Uranus will have moved out of Pisces, so it's still up in the air as to whether Gay Marriage will ever happen here. Although the country natally has Uranus right on the 7th cusp, it also has a very strong Saturnian vibe to it, with the national Cancerian Sun square Saturn from the 7th. So I'm not sure that GM will happen here regardless of the astrological trend.

At the time Pluto enters Capricorn, Pluto sits at the bottom of the chart, in the 4th House and opposed the MC; this is a classic signal of the party out of power coming to to the forefront in some way, perhaps through landslide elections? Mars is Rx in Gemini and right on the MC over Washington DC; Virgo is rising, with its ruler Mercury tightly conjunct Neptune and both in the national 5th, with Neptune ruling the 7th; and Uranus, ruling the 5th and 6th, is in the 6th. At the very least, the whole hubub over Gay Marriage will have reached a fever pitch by then, which is only a few years away...maybe it will be the meat of much of the debate between whoever the candidates for both parties?"

Something To Keep An Eye On: In the New Jersey Union chart, Jupiter, which rules both the 9th and 10th Houses, is in Gemini at 20 degrees, in the 3rd House of public opinion; in the year 2008-09, transit Uranus will have squared this Jupiter position, suggesting a reversal in current judicial thinking, lead in part by the party in power and by the people's overall mindset. If indeed the current State Suprement Court rules in favor of Gay Marriage, there is every reason to believe that it could be reversed between the Spring of 2008 and mid 2009, the times when Uranus in its transit will make its squares to the aforementioned Jupiter position in the NJU chart. The NJ GOP will have gathered up its resources and refined their strategy, and will be in preparation to take back the center of power in the Garden State, concomitant with the building Uranus transit square to the NJU MC. All of this occurs in a Presidential Election year, one that promises to be very, very important on home, social and values-based fronts. This is one to keep an eye on, y'all.



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