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The 5th House & Sexual Identity

The 5th House & Sexual Identity

12:50 AM 1/13/06 Fri

The other day my good friend and colleague Zamani Feelings asked me whether one could, by way of the horoscope, determine what a person's "turnons" are sexually, and asked about the 5th House in this regard. The answer of course, is YES, it can. So, with that in mind, I thought to whip up the following basic outline for the interested readers; as many of you know, I've been writing a good bit on the matter of Sexual Astrology now for at least 6 months, so the following thoughts will be a nice addition to our "notebook".

The 5th House is the primary House of Sexuality. Now, this may come as something of a shock or sound a bit odd to some of you, because we all learn early on in astrology study that it's the 8th House that most represents Sex. Well, that's only partially true - it DOES represent Sex inasmuch as speaks to that private act that occurs between two people, as well as one's potential sexual attractiveness to others and so on. But the major reason why the 8th House is so associated with Sex is due to the Sign Scorpio. You see, in the natural Zodiac, Scorpio rules the 8th, and therefore, the 8th House is automatically seen as the end all, be all of Sexuality. But it's not. It's the 5th.

Traditionally seen as the House of children, the 5th House represents Sexuality first and foremost; how one sees oneself sexually, their sexual identity; their capacity for sex, the extent of their "carnal knowledge" , their ability to enjoy sex and most importantly, what turns them on sexually. A powerful 8th can suggest to what extent the person can experience strong orgasms ("the little death") but it's the 5th overall that gives the clues into a person's sexual identity.

Whenever the 5th and 8th are interacting with each other in some way, we can reliably surmise that, one way or the other, sexuality becomes very important. In the natural distribution of Signs, notice how the 5th and 8th are always square each other; the square signifies tension, and without tension, there can be no good sex.

By the way, while I'm on this point, did you know that a strong 8th points to the strong potential of masturbation beyond the average? Just thought you might like to know, and I give credit to my friend Dave Roell of the Astrology Center of America for pointing this out.


Even though I've mentioned the importance of the Sexual Aspects, it's even more important to deal with the Sexual Houses, particularly the 5th. Since the Houses are the most personal components of any chart (over Signs and Aspects) the 5th will speak even more loudly than any Sexual Aspect when it comes to gauging the above mentioned things.

Insight into one's sexuality what "turns them on" can usually be seen by a careful inspection of the Sign on the 5th, its ruler, any planets in the 5th, and/or any aspects either makes to other planets within the horoscope. Experience has shown me that, in general, tenancy is a bit more important than rulership, so a planet in the 5th has more of a say than a planet ruling it, all things being equal.

But that's just me.

Although there are many dimensions to human sexuality, the following is only a brief guideline as to what to look for and expect in the sexual area via the chart and 5th House:

Aries/Mars: Impulsivity, ego-centric approach, getting right to the point, possibly being a tease; the conquest is more important than the chase

Taurus/Venus: Foreplay is important, taking one's time, etc; sexuality is usually connected to a deeper sense of commitment overall

Gemini/Mercury: The Mind is very important; thinking and talking about sex is key; perhaps the hands and/or mouth plays a strong role

Cancer/Moon: Emotional security is very, very important; lots of nuturing in the sexual style; "TLC"

Leo/Sun: Sex may be a performance(!); needing praise and accolade in sex; "style" may be important

Virgo/Mercury: Emphasis on "the little things", attention to detail, excellent technique; ettiquette and formality may prove vital

Libra/Venus: Looks are very important; observing all the niceties, "the right things"; romance may be important

Scorpio/Pluto: Raw sexual energy; possible control themes may come into play, such as S&M/BD, etc.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: Sexuality part of the overall "friendship" experience with the other; a more lighthearted approach to sex; possibility of "overdoing it", carousing, etc.

Capricorn/Saturn: Being a "late bloomer" sexually; needs to warmup; sex can be seen as "sealing the deal" in terms of relationship; can be used as a tool in an overall strategy

Aquarius/Uranus: Adventuresome approach to sex, unorthodox views regarding sex, strong ego-centered/individualistic focus; the sexual identity greatly intensified, "on fire"

Pisces/Neptune: Sex potentially subdued, or diverted somehow; erotica has strong appeal; the sublime, the surreal; romance, having a "connection"

More Guidelines
1. Any one of the Sexual Planets involved with the 5th House heightens the interest and capacity for sex, especially Pluto, the strongest of the Sexual Planets

2. Gemini or Pisces on the 5th (and/or their rulers involved with the 5th) can indicate gay or bi-sexual proclivities

3. As a general rule, Saturn and Neptune, when acting together and impacting the 5th House, greatly diminishes the sexual capacity and interest, whereas the involvement of Uranus tends to intensify capacity and interest sexually.

Again, these are just basic guidelines and are not in anyway comprehensive; one has to take into account the overall sexual index of the chart, as well as the usual chart factors, such as the Sun and Moon, and role of the Asc and its ruler, and so on.

For example, take a look at Linda Lovelace's chart: Jan 10 1949 6.23am EST Bronxville NY, Placidus 4 Cap 11. Now, Venus rules the 5th and is in Sagittarius and opposed Uranus. Right off the bat we can anticipate an intensified sexuality. Next, note that the Moon, exalted in Taurus, is in the 5th...Taurus suggests the throat, the neck. Now, when we add the midpoint picture Neptune=Venus/Mars, and factor in Neptune's rulership of the 3rd House - the hands and mouth - it all comes together. Linda Lovelace, as we all know, was immortalized in the pop-porn film classic, "Deepthroat".

Bill Clinton's life and chart are so well known, I won't even post the chart here. But it's important to point out that Uranus rules the 5th, and is under no stress at all. Put that together with his triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Neptune all in the 1st House Libra Asc, and again it all becomes very clear. Here is a man who has a very strong sexuality; excitement and "the chase" has strong appeal.

Hillary Clinton's chart says the exact opposite, and putting her together with Bill, we get a classic sexual mismatch: while she has Venus in Scorpio, one of the most sexually powerful Sign placements a Venus can have, and also square Mars and Pluto, it's also conjunct a Rx Mercury and square Saturn to boot. Moreover, Venus is in the 12th House, a very difficult placement for Venus in a Western chart. Now, Mars rules Hillary's 5th - yet, there is nothing remotely suggesting that she exhibits an Arian flavor in her sexual identity, indeed if anything, it's the exact opposite, what with the Saturn and Mercury Rx involvement.

Monica Lewinsky, on the other hand, is a whole different story, as the reality clearly shows: Uranus rules the 5th, as in Bill Clinton's case, and like Clinton, she too has a Libran Asc. Uranus rises in the Asc and is opposed by Mars in Aries in the 7th (raw sexuality "in your face"). From the thongs showing in plain view so President Clinton could see it, to the remark about "getting her Presidential kneepads" once you take a look at this lady's chart, it really says it all.

I've talked about Chessie Moore's chart before; she's a very well known "big bust pornstar" who manages her own website and produces her own line of very hardcore sex DVDs. Her data, according to her site, is Sep 8 1959 1AM MST Denver CO; Placidus 19 Can 47. Now, take a look at her 5th: Scorpio is on the 5th, so we get the vibe of "hardcore" - intense sexuality, raw animalistic magnetism, etc. Asc ruling Moon is in the 5th and conjunct Jupiter (recall what I said earlier about Sagittarius and/or Jupiter involved with the 5th, and the "overdoing it" vibe), both in Scorpio. Next, note that Pluto which rules the 5th, is conjunct Venus in Virgo, and both conjunct Mercury all in the 3rd - the internet, magazines and print media, as well as the hands and once again, the mouth.

Jack Nicholson is another example of Scorpio on the 5th raw sexual intensity: Apr 22 1937 11.20am EST Neptune NJ; Placidus 5 Leo 41. The Sun, which rules the Asc, square Pluto accross the signline, and Pluto is also in aspect to the Moon; in other words, Nicholson's sexuality is tied into the core of his being. Note too that Pluto is square Venus and holds Mars in the 5th...this is a very, very sexual horoscope, there's no doubt about it.

Recently, I was reading some comments by some other astrologers online about fashion runway/Victoria's Secret Model turned TV talkshow host Tyra Banks: Dec 4 1973 7.13PM PST Los Angeles CA; Placidus 18 Can 10. Again, Scorpio is on the 5th, with Mercury in Scorpio, and a Sun-Neptune conjunction in the 5th as well. Banks' entire career to date has been built on the notion of sexuality, particularly erotica, through the Victoria's Secret promotional campaigns. Note the very strong complex of Venus in square to the Mars-Uranus axis, running along the 4-10 House axis. Note also, very important here, that Pluto, again, ruler of the 5th, is opposed the Asc ruling Moon in Aries. This is ego-powered sexuality here, the tease for real. The reason why I say "the tease" is because of the difficult Venus placement, in Capricorn; and the Neptune factor in the 5th, again suggesting an "other than it seems" vibe. To the world Banks is a sex kitten, but there's every reason to suspect that may not be the case at all in real life.

The very name, "Marvin Gaye" is associated with sensuality, with sexuality; who hasn't made out to songs like "Sexual Healing", "Let's Get It On", or maybe, "You Sure Know How To Ball", etc. Gaye was born on Apr 2 1939 11.58am EST in Washington, DC; Placidus 24 Can 04. Once again, Scorpio is on the 5th, and Pluto is rising in the Asc and Peregrine (Tyl), running wild, dominating the entire chart, the personality. Pluto is disposed by the Moon, which, as in the case of both Nicholson, Moore and to a lesser extent Banks, ties itself into the core of Gaye's being. The Moon is conjunct Neptune both in Virgo...the drugs, the erotica...and the Virgo reference here, undeniably speaks to Gaye's obssession with his second wife, Janis, who was much younger than he when they first met. Virgo represents the young maiden, the girl. It's also interesting to point out that Gaye had Venus in Pisces in close sextile aspect to Mars in Capricorn - both planets are classically exalted. Hmm.

The Porn actress Nina Hartley is so well known, she even has a "how to" series of videos available to couples who wish to, ah, "upgrade" their bedroom skills. She was born on Mar 11 1961 11.45pm PST in Oaklamd CA; Placidus 29 Sco 31. Adventuresome Aries is on the 5th, with its ruler Mars in Cancer in the 8th, exactly sextile Pluto and quindecile the Moon, ruler of the 8th. Mars disposes and holds Venus in the 5th, and the Moon in turn disposes and holds Mars. This is a powerful 5th House tie-in, and we can note than among the "how to" vids Hartley has done, was an anal sex vid "tutorial". Mars and especially Pluto, represents that region of the body.

The above examples were not specific cases chosen by me beforehand but rather random cases just to illustrate how one can assess the 5th House and one's Sexual Identity. And again, I claim no comprehensivness, but rather, only to claim a degree of clarity on the question. I welcome and encourage any and all feedback, questions, comments, insights and most importantly, your own observations from your own study of horoscopes in this area. Human sexuality is a complex subject, but one with which we all have to deal and contend with, particularly in our times, where expectations are so high.

That's it.



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