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Seeing "Superhead" In Action (Yeeow!)

Seeing "Superhead" In Action (Yeeow!)

9:54 AM 2/5/06 Sun

Perhaps you've heard of the porn video circulating around on the internet featuring Karrine "Superhead" Steffans, the Video Vixen who penned a tell-all book naming names last year; she was given the nickname "Superhead" because of her penchant for giving ferocious fellatio. I recently had the chance to do a bit of TV watching, about 3 hours or so of documentaries featuring Steffans and which included what she called a "one shot deal" foray into porn...yea, girlfriend is the truth.

I wrote about her last year, in an essay called "Astrology of A Gold Digger" (it's on my blog:, Oct 2005 archive); that essay got me into all kinds of trouble. Here's what I said:

"At about the same time that "Gold Digger" was released and played on the radio, a book called "Confessions of a Video Vixen" dropped in stores nationwide. It was the supposedly tell-all by "video-ho" Karrine Steffans, also known as "Superhead" for the obivious reasons. Promoted as a "cautionary tale" to young girls about the perils of living in the fast lane, one can't help but get the feeling that Steffans is using this as a springboard for greater fame and moola. No time is known for Steffans, but checkout the date - a TRIPLE conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto, all in Libra!!! A very rare and close aspect, that...well, you can see for yourself. Even the release date for her book had a sharp Sexual Aspect active on that day (book release Jun 28, 2005; Karrine "Superhead" Steffans Aug 24, 1978): Mars=Venus/Pluto!"

My essay in particular focused on the Venus-Pluto aspect, what the Magis call a Sexual Aspect for both sexes, and a Female Super Sexual Aspect in particular, for women. Here's what the Magis have to say about this aspect, coming straight from their book on Love & Money:

"This is a Sexual Aspect for men and women, and it is the most powerful Sexual Aspect for a woman. It is therefore called the Female Super Sexual Aspect-the sign of the insatiable woman. However, the insatiability extends beyond sex; this aspect is indicative of the most intense level of for success and power as well as sex, and also provides the ability to obtain them all. Women with this aspect are fabulous lovers, but remember that they also love money and power. If you are a man without money or power, avoid falling in love with a woman who has this aspect or you will be hurt so badly you could be tormented for life; she would leave you for someone who has the money and power and would not be nice in the way she does it. Interpretations: love of power, love of sex, obsessive love (but not the power to love), love of competition. This aspect creates very high energy levels and provides great money-making abilities. WARNING: If you are a woman married to a man who is a boss, do not let him hire a woman with this aspect; such women do not care if a man is married, and will go after him even if she does not really want him." (page 316)

The documentaries I saw on Steffans, and the wider issue of "video girls" in the Hip Hop world, were done by VH1, and both the producers and Steffans talked at great length about the intense competitiveness on the part of so many of the young ladies, so desperately wanting to be seen apart from the pack on a video shoot. Steffans got her rep by being the standout, getting her first big break in Jay-Z's video "Hey Papi", by wearing the skimpiest outfits or nothing at all, and the rest as they say is history. If ever there was a living embodiment of the Venus-Pluto aspect, especially as the Magis describe it above, it is Karrine "Superhead" Steffans.

The porn video features her and Mr. Marcus, one of the Sex Biz's hottest Black male actors, or "woodsmen" as the name goes. Steffans performs fellatio on him so intensely, that he - a pro male sex actor with hundreds, if not thousands of videos and women under his belt - has to pull away from popping too soon! But it's all to no avail - in the several scenes they do together, Steffans has the man looking like he's an 18 year old. Not only that, but Steffans exudes nothing but pure straight-up sex - the "F" word - almost like she was a machine. After she drains Mr. Marcus, she looks into the camera and says "he can't hang". From what I saw, I'm not sure many men could.

Steffans was born on Aug 24 1978, in the Bronx, NY; no time as yet is known. From her demeanor and appearance - her brashness, independence and daring, and dyed blonde hair that's been a staple of her looks now for more than 5 years, along with her bodytype - my guess is that she could be an Aries Rising. Such an Asc would put the chart ruling Mars in the 7th in Libra, in conjunction with Venus and Pluto, all in the 7th; at the time she wrote the book and got involved with Bill Maher, transit Jupiter would have been passing thru the 7th and touching all her Libra planets. Further, her Moon would rule her 4th, while Saturn would rule her MC - this speaks vividly to her difficult childhood at the hands of her parents, who she contends abused her (particularly her mom if I recall). The Moon is in Taurus - one of the most sexually inclined Moon Signs a person can have (the other being Scorpio) - and opposes Uranus in Scorpio, a strong generational signal of extreme sexual focus, activity and intensity. The Sun-Saturn conjunction is a sort of echo of the Saturn Rx occurance we've all come to know so well, about "daddy issues", abandonment, incompleteness, and so on. If my theory about Steffans having an Aries Asc is accurate, the Moon in Taurus would probably be in the 2nd House of Self Worth and Esteem, vitially important for women, with Uranus in Scorpio in the 8th, the worth and values of others...Steffans has said repeatedly in interviews that she sought her self worth and value in the sexual favors and pleasing of men. All of this is a strong setup for the extremely rare triple conjunction of Venus, Mars AND Pluto in her chart, made even strong by noting the fact that Venus is in Libra and disposes of the Taurus Moon, promising that Steffans would use the sexual world as a provong ground as her worth as a person.

An Aries Asc would also call attention to her Leo 5th House, with the Sun ruling it and Mercury possibly contained therein. I've said before that Saturn in connection with the 5th doesn't always mean that the person having it has a lower than average sexual drive, indeed, it can mean the opposite - but it's deployed for strategic means. In this case with Steffans, clearly this was the case, to use sexuality and her "skillset" in this area to catapult her into fame and stardom. And it worked. Mercury in the 5th, and Rx, also suggests a "hidden agenda" from everyone else, as well as pointing to the areas of the body that would be emphasized in sexual activity - the hands and mouth. Note that in this speculative chart we're discussing here, Mercury would most likely rule the 3rd, and is tied into the Super Sexual Complex in Steffan's chart by way of a sextile to Venus. Finally, again we can put this togther with the Moon in Taurus, and it all speaks to a very, very, sexual woman, a rarity for sure. (recall Linda Lovelace - Deep Throat).

The video with Steffans and Mr. Marcus is an object lesson in what I've been talking about in terms of being sexually matched with another person. Mr. Marcus was born on Sep 4 1970, time and place unknown (I set the Solar chart for Los Angeles CA). He was born with a Venus-Mars sextile accross the signline, with Venus in Libra, AP=Venus/Mars and Venus and Mars in aspect in the declinations. Yet, he also has Mars square Neptune, also accross the signline, and in any event, even when taking his Sexual Aspects into account, when comparing his Solarscope to that of Steffans, there's really no comparison - girlfriend beats him under the bed. Not only that but, aside from Mr. Marcus' Mars sitting right on Steffan's Sun, there's no real "sparks" flying between them. This case is a good example of what it means to always take into account what the two people's sexual levels are like, even when timed charts aren't available. The Solarscopes will do just fine.

In closing, I'd like to point out the fact that the Magis also state clearly that even the best of aspects have their downsides - the Venus-Pluto aspect certainly does - because people, and in this case in particular, women who have them rarely if ever have happy, longterm marriages and relationships. Their pursuit of wealth, power and sex seem to be their main focus and relationships that are more stable, but may be less sexual or powerful or wealthy, hold little if any interest for such people. Nothing but Time, Age and Wisdom gained thru hardknock experience can temper such tendencies such aspects suggest. Even now, as Steffans claims to be a "different person" she no less uses her book as a springboard for more climbing up the social and economic ladder. In one of her radio interviews (HOT 97, New York City) she states that she has both a reality TV show and talk show in the works. Her very public affair with Bill Maher can't hurt her ambitions either.

We'll know more about Steffans' transformation during and right after her 1st Saturn Return, to begin in the Summer of 2007 and to end in the Fall of 2010. Perhaps by then the rigors and stresses of living life in the fast and furious lane will have finally taken their toll, if not physically sure mentally, emotionally and possibly spiritually as well.




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