Sunday, January 22, 2006

Will The American Journalist Be Saved?

Will The American Journalist Be Saved?

8:00 PM 1/19/06 Thu

This was the question I posed to myself, out loud, after the matter rolled over and over in my mind; by now, surely you must have heard about the plight of Jill Carroll, the American born and bred journalist who was taken hostage on Jan 7. Her captors are an unknown group, who have announced that they will kill Carroll on Thursday, Jan 20. Kidnappings are unfortunately a very common affair these days in Iraq, and in fact, more Iraqi born citizens are kidnapped - and killed - than anyone else. Still, the current situation, in the wake of the grisly online end of American Nick Berg's life, makes the whole thing all the more difficult and painful to deal with.

According to NPR, the Iraqi government has pressured the US to release 6 of the female prisoners being held in Iraq - the key demand the kidnappers made was the immediate release of ALL female prisoners; they tally 8 in all, and no explanation was given as to the reason why the last 2 are presumably still being held, etc.

In light of these developments, the horary cast by me is interesting:
Will The American Journalist Be Saved? Thu Jan 19 2005 9.46AM EST Philadelphia PA; Placidus 21 Pis 50.

Since the Asc represents me, I take Jill Carroll, the American journalist, to be represented by the 7th. Virgo, the Sign of the Virgin/Maiden - females - is there, with its ruler Mercury, representing journalists amd ruling the 3rd House (writers and reporters again), in the Sign of Capricorn and in the 11th. All of this, plus the presence of the Moon in the 7th/Virgo at the time of the horary, suggests that the chart is radical and fit to be judged.

The chart does not look, in my view, favorable; the Moon is Void, suggesting that matters have taken their course, and that there is little that can be done. The Moon's final aspect before leaving it's Sign is to Pluto; while she moves to trine the Sun (the Iraqi authorities) the Sun changes Sign before the Moon can perfect the aspect. Therefore, the Moon-Pluto square is indeed its final aspect, and in light of the fact that Pluto rules the radical 8th House of Death...and is prominently displayed on the MC at the time of horary, it doesn't look good for Carroll.

Additionally, we can take the radical 2nd House as a derivative 8th House, also signifying death; Mars is placed there, not a good augury, and its dispositor is Venus, Rx in Capricorn. Mercury and Venus are separating from each other; they were conjunct only days ago. Past aspects indicate things or events that have already happened in the past; note also the past aspect-square between the Moon and Pluto.

I fear that Jill Carroll may have already met her fate, if not that, then very soon, by morning EST.

I surely hope that I'm wrong.



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