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The Jon Corzine Era

6:10 AM 1/18/06 Wed

Yesterday, former Senator Jon Corzine took the Oath of Garden State's highest Office as its new Governor, handily defeating Republican challenger Doug Forrester in last November's elections.

Corzine has a tough job ahead of him, among them being, in his own words, "restoring the trust of the people" - a clear reference to the very ethically challenged tenure of former Gov. Jim McGreevey. Other challenges for the Corzine Administration include the thorny issue of property taxes, as well as the state budget; during Corzine's inaugural address, he spoke directly to these concerns, taking pains to be clear that the Garden State has considerable belt tightening to do in the days ahead.

The following is what I had to say regarding both Gov/ Corzine himself, and the electoral challenge before him on the first tuesday of November, 2005 (found both on the Pan Astrological Forum as well as my blog:

"This year's elections were particularly nasty, and doesn't make the Garden State look good in the wake of the former Governer Jim McGreevey's foibles. Late in this election race, commercials aired featuring Corzine's ex-wife, who stated clearly that Corzine was not only an adulterer, but also had blind amibition and was a pawn of the Jersey Democratic Party Bosses. On the other hand, allegations came out that Doug Forrester, Corzine's Republican opponent, had himself been involved in an affair. In any event, Media and Political pundits, in the wake of the elections results (in which Corzine beat Forrester by as much as 9 points) have all seemed to agree that Forrester's putting Corzine's ex-wife in those ads so late in the election, have turned off the potential voters he so desperately needed.

As we all know, Corzine is extremely wealthy; that said, Forrester is no poor boy either. Some have said that more money was spent on this governor's race than any other in the entire history of the Garden State. It is well known that Corzine, in his successful bid for the US Senate, spent more than 60 million dollars of his own money to get to Washington. So, an interesting question arises -- can Astrology give us clues as to determine wealth -- and perhaps more importantly in this case, can Astrology point to the winner in a political contest? The answer on both counts is "YES!"

"According to, Jon Corzine was born on Jan 1 1947 in Taylorville, IL; according to Wikipedia, Doug Forrester was born on Jan 24 1953 in Glendale, CA. There is no birthtimes available for either politician. But the Solarscopes for both reveals so clearly the outcome of the elections on Nov 8.

Corzine has the following Super Aspects in operation at birth: AP=Jupiter/Pluto, Uranus in declinational aspect to Pluto; Venus conjunct Jupiter. We can also add the Solar Asc ruler, Saturn, in conjunction with the Magi designated planet of Politics, Pluto, in the Sign of leadership, Leo."

"In terms of who would win the elections, we can look at the transits and Solar Arcs operative in both charts in Nov 2005; for Corzine, he had SA Venus=Node exact in Sep, and in Nov, he had SA Venus=Sun/Pluto with transit Jupiter square Saturn (Saturn again ruling the Solar Asc). Forrester had SA Sun=Node in Oct, but he also had in the same month, SA Uranus=Neptune, a very debilitating picture suggesting weakness - and I must say, the potential for engaging in underhanded activities.

On the basis of all of this, the night before the New Jersey elections, I told the missus that while I was pulling for Forrester, the political reality of the Garden State, along with the natal and predictive astrology, strongly supported Corzine, and I expected him to win. He did."

2005 Off-Year Election Wrap-Up Analysis, by Mu'Min M. Bey; 5:18 PM 11/9/05 Wed

Corzine took the oath of office at Noon, Tue Jan 17 2005 (at Trenton; Placidus 13 Tau 38); as astrologers know, anything that is "born" at a give place and time, contains within it the qualities of same place and time, and it is these moments, be they natal (with respect to a person) or an event (such as the moment a person becomes the head of an entity) that we study closely to get a better handle on what the future times might bring. The Corzine Era, reflected in the time and place where Jon Corzine became Governor, is no different.

Whether the Corzine Era proves to be a great success or failure, it definitely will be one of the more memorable administrations: the inaugural chart has no less than three Mutual Receptions. The Sun is in Capricorn, while Saturn is in Leo; Jupiter is in Scorpio while Pluto is in Sagittarius; and Uranus is in Pisces while Neptune is in Aquarius! This is a very rare occurance indeed.

But it seems, from a close inspection of the inaugural chart, that Corzine might be headed for scandal; Neptune, the planet of political scandal, is placed above Trenton at the time Corzine took the oath.

As we've seen in both the current Bush Presidency and that of Bill Clinton's, having Neptune in the 10th at the time of the oath of office is not a desirable augury. Moreover, this Neptune squares both Mars, rising in the Taurus Asc (the people of the Garden State) and Jupiter setting in the 7th (suggesting alliances and/or challenges from other entities, perhaps other States). Although Corzine is quite wealthy, his ex-wife's allegations of his being under the thumb of the Democratic Party Machine has never been quite clearly answered, and could come back to haunt him in the years ahead.

And it seems that the loyal opposition, the New Jersey Repbulicans, will be on the case: the Moon in the inaugural chart rules the 4th in Virgo (the party out of power) and opposes Uranus (being disruptive) and quindecile Neptune (being obsessed with Corzine's activities) along the 5th-11th House axis, the State Legislature; both Corzine and the Garden State GOP will be somewhat weakened, due to gridlock over the property tax and related issues (tax cuts vs. furthering public serves, etc.; note the very important Mutual Reception between the Sun and Saturn, the Sun at the MC, Saturn Rx in the 4th).

The Neptune factor becomes even more important once you consider Corzine's natal astrology: in his Solarscope, Neptune sits right on the Solar 10th cusp, and closely square his Sun and Mars in Capricorn. The latter conjunction, along with Corzine's Saturn-Pluto conjunction, speaks to his considerable ambition (which his ex-wife corroborated in the waning days of the Gubernatorial Campaign of 2005), but the Neptune tie-ins, do raise an eyebrow.

Whether this Neptune piece will manifest in funny financial and/or ethical dealings, and/or whether they will reflect Corzine's personal romantic life, is a bit too early to tell for sure. But we do have a few clues: Corzine's Solar Asc ruling Saturn sits in the Solar 7th and conjunct Pluto; his Venus is in Scorpio (a strong signal of powerful sexual/romantic dimensions) widely conjunct Jupiter; Uranus=Venus/Mars, always a strong indice of sexual activity (and, keep in mind, that Uranus is sextile the Moon, ruler of the Solar 7th).
At present, Corzine is under his 2nd Saturn Return, always a very profound time for politicians; ambitions are realized, or flaws are highlighted. For example, President George W. Bush was reelected to a 2nd term during his 2nd Saturn Return; President Richard Nixon was forced to resign during his 2nd Saturn Return; and Prime Minister Indira Ghandi was assassinated during her 2nd Saturn Return. In Corzine's case, it could manifest itself most specifically in the area of personal relationships and/or public alliances.

A Long Range Parting Shot: if Corzine is able to get traction on his objectives over the new few years, he may find himself up against a brick wall in the year 2009, when in his inaugural chart, transit Uranus square Pluto, and transit Saturn square Pluto as well; in that same year, in his personal Solarscope, Corzine has Solar Arc Saturn=both his Sun and Neptune.

All of this takes place between Jan and Sep of that year, 2009, right around the time when, again if Corzine's first term is successful, he'll be surely on the campaign trail, seeking a 2nd term as the Garden State's highest elected Official.




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