Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dick Cheney: Shooting At A Lame Duck Issue

Dick Cheney: Shooting At A Lame Duck Issue

11:47 AM 2/19/06 Sun

The past week has been a whirlwind of news activity surrounding Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident, wherein he shot companion Harry Whittington, a longtime Houston area lawyer and GOP contributer, spraying the elderly 78 year old gentlemen with birdshot pellets in the face, neck and chest last Saturday, Feb 11 2006. Despite the fact that hunting accidents happen all the time (and this comes from one who has hunted, albeit with a bow and arrow, and not a gun - I am a Sagittarius, afterall), it wasn't long before the conspiracy theorists, partisan hacks, astrological or otherwise, and general haters of anything and everything Bush, came crawling out of the woodwork, scurrying around like roaches in a slum tenament when the lights are turned on. Eager to pin this unfortunate incident, who even Whittington, the man who was shot, asked what the fuss was all about, onto something larger about the Bush Administration, soon blogs ran accounts of Cheney's long record of supposed alcoholism, and the even more hot and heavy secret affair Cheney's had with a US ambassador. Democrats, both within astrology circles and outside, cheered when David Gregory, White House correspondent for NBC News, went toe to toe with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan in the wake of the incident, and while for a brief moment Mr. Whittington suffered a mild heart attack as the result of the accidental shooting, it all appears that he now will live out the rest of his days in relative comfort and health, having made a strong and vibrant statement before the cameras upon his release from the hospital only a few days ago.

Cheney was born on Jan 30 1941, at 7.30PM CST, in Lincoln Nebraska; Placidus 2 Vir 54. His long record of health problems are well known and documented, with Cheney's Sun in Aquarius in the 6th House, opposed by Pluto sitting on the cusp of the 12th, and squared by Saturn and Jupiter from the 9th. Everyone knows of his heart conditions and attacks, and Cheney has both a Secret Service detail and a fully stocked and equipped ambulance with him wherever he goes.

The Moon sits in Pisces in the 7th House and is opposed by Neptune, clearly reflecting Cheney's more reclusive nature - and in all fairness, can also indicate a prediliction toward alcohol. Moreover, the Moon-Neptune opposition can also indicate clandestine affairs, made all the moreso as Venus in Capricorn in the 5th House, sextile the Moon in Pisces in the 7th.

At the time of the shooting accident, transit Mars, in the victory lap of its long "walk" through Taurus, was sitting at the top of Cheney's chart, his MC; the accident would soon be consumed in 24-hour CNN fashion, not only here, but around the world. Transit Saturn is only a few degrees away from conjunction with his natal Pluto, almost always a major setback for anyone, in someway; and transit Pluto is square his 7th House ruling Neptune. All of this plays itself out while Cheney is at first reluctant to come forward to the media with the incident, and then finally agreeing to give Fox News' Brit Hume an exclusive interview several days after the fact. While the aforementioned transit movements don't necessarily promise foul play or some other form of subterfuge in and of themselves, at the very least they, along with the upcoming SA Neptune=Asc (exact in Jul 2006) makes Cheney look very bad in the eyes of the public, and especially, the press corps.

But the big question is: can the partisans hitch this shooting accident onto a larger wagon? It seems for the moment, the answer on that score is "No". But again, as pointed out, Cheney does have the Neptune=Asc arc to contend with later down the line, as well as the continued Pluto and Saturn transits. His best bet is to, as much as he can, be as transparant as possible in a post-Sep 11 environment. For him to continue on the previous track of being unaccessible, of being unapproachable, can only do him and the larger Bush Administration more harm in the press' eyes and possibly that of the wider American public. In such a polarized political climate that is Washington DC these days, both sides, Democratic and Republican alike, will take any foothold they can, in an effort to one-up the competition and make the other side look bad.

A final point. On today's "Meet The Press" David Gregory acknowledged that he was wrong for attacking Scott McClellan, saying that he was frustrated with not being given straight answers; Tim Russert played a further exchange between the two men that was not on camera, where Gregory really went off the deep end. It's been suggested that Gregory is emblematic of the mainstream news media, one that is at the very least suspicious of the Bush Adminstration, if not out and out pro Democrat/Left. Whether one agrees or not with the assertion, what is woefully evident is that there IS indeed a strong anti-Bush view within the ranks of American and I would augur, some international astrological forums, venues and clubs. So many are so eager to pin anything and everything negative in the Universe on the Bush White House, that it's difficult to see where the actual astrological analysis begins and where the partisanship ends; no wonder astrology has such a hard time being taken seriously by a once-removed skeptical public. No matter what one may think of Gregory, if nothing else he restored a bit of credibility when he apologized for his going after the White House; it would really do astrology a great deal of good if those on the Astrological Left followed his example.



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