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Instability In The Philippines

Instability In The Philippines

9:02 AM 2/26/06 Sun

The past few weeks have seen Fillipino President Gloria Arroyo deal with both a massive landslide that killed hundreds of people, and as well, a coup attempt to remove her from power. And while natural disasters are all par for the course in that area of the world (and some could well argue, here as well, in light of Hurricane Katrina), the fact that coup de'tats remain such a large part of political history is troubling indeed. The Philippines in particular, is vulnerable to such instability, per the indications of its horoscope.

The Philippines got official independence and recognition on Jul 4 1946, at a changing of the flags ceremony, at Manila. Nick Campion gives 9.15AM CCT as the crucial time; however, in his "Predictions For a New Millennium" Noel Tyl suggests a 9.26AM CCT time be used, on the basis of testing the chart against Fillipino history. This is the chart-time I've used here.

Here's what Tyl had to say regarding the "astro-profile" of the Philippines:

"The Astro-profile of the Philippines is demoralizing: it portrays a nation of power struggles, clashes for control, internal warring activities and financial corruption (page 75).

In the accompanying footnotes he adds the following:

"Saturn=Sun/Pluto=Uranus/Asc; Pluto=Sun/Mars; Pluto conjunct Mercury, ruler of the Asc (the people) and the MC (the government) in the 12th House; Neptune in the 2nd square the Sun; Saturn in Cancer and without aspect (insecurity and domestic upset); defensive eastern orientation guarding the Asc; Mars rising in Virgo (dogma reinforcement)".

Indeed, the astrology of the Philippines does show a marked tendency towards volatility, radicalism, authoritarianism, graft, violent uprising. It is within this vortex that President Arroyo now finds herself.

Curiously, and again Tyl points this out in his work, the Philippines also have a strong astro-marker for the prominence of women in its government, with Uranus tightly conjunct the Lunar Axis in the 10th House, square the rising Moon in Virgo; to date, there have been at least three women leaders of the island nation: Corazon Aquino, Imelda Marcos, and now, Gloria Arroyo.

Last week Arroyo declared a national State of Emergency and announced to the nation that she had discovered a plot to overthrow the government; the key leaders in this effort came from the military, they were arrested, and their co-conspirators within the government were being sought out as well. But great unrest continues on the streets of Manila and elsewhere; there are demonstrations by the thousands (small in comparison to those that saw Ferdinand Marcos flee the country, after he tried to rig election results in his favor against the widow of his longtime political enemy, Beningo Aquino, but still significant nonetheless), with allegations of Arroyo herself rigging election results back in 2004, of political patronage and indeed, of financial corruption. Even former Presidet Aquino, a one time ally of Arroyo, has joined in the street demonstrations calling for her ouster. One has to wonder how long can she hold on?

According to Wikipedia, the online resource for historical (and for our purposes, oftentimes very useful astro-data) information, Gloria Arroyo was born on Apr 5 1947 in Manila; no time as yet is known, but her Solarscope gives us many clues:

1. She has the Sun in Aries opposed Neptune (a clear echo of the Fillipino national Sun-Neptune hard aspect - corruption???) in Libra, also trine Pluto, the planet of big (and power) politics; Arroyo was born on a Full Moon in Libra, with the Moon possibly conjunct Neptune as well

2. Mercury in Pisces square Uranus in Gemini (tendency to be fast and loose with the facts; along with the above mentioned Neptune aspects, bending the truth or outright lying is not out of the question)

3. Sun=Uranus/Pluto, Uranus and Pluto parallel, Pluto ExDek (again, a strong focus on politics, power, potential for authoritarianism)

4. Saturn in Leo - VERY important here, because of the fact that it matches the Saturn position be transit in skies above (in other words, it's Arroyo's 2nd Saturn Return, a very profound time for any politician's career and life)

It seems that the astro-evidence, as far as we have it, does not look good for Arroyo's innocence; and indeed, this seems to be bourne out: after initially strongly denying any communication on her part with election officials during her 2004 campaign, she was forced to acknowledge that she did speak to one of the officials by telephone but swears she did not in any way influence the elections. Additionally, shortly after assuming Office for the 2nd time, Arroyo appointed a key election ally against a longtime supporter and member of her administration, to a Cabinet level position. Not only that, but the so-called "Holiday Economics" scheme has been met with much public disapproval. These are but a few of the many grievances the Fillipino people have with the current President.

Arroyo was inaugurated on Jun 30 2004 on Cebu Island; no time is known, so a Noon chart was set by me for that date (Placidus 9 Lib 22). The resultant chart shows much strife, agitation, uprising: Venus rules the Asc (the people) and participates in a Grand Mutuable Square involving Jupiter in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces and the Moon (the people again) in Sagittarius. The Moon rules the 10th and holds the Sun, Saturn and Mercury, all in Cancer; Mercury rules the 12th House (again, another echo of the national astrology), suggesting again the president making moves in secret. Venus, again representing the people, is trine Neptune; Pluto=Sun/Moon, AP=Sun/Pluto, Saturn=Neptune/Pluto, all points again, to power struggles, an authoritarian bent, and an administration that is weakened considerably from all the strain and scandal (Saturn again, in the 10th IN CANCER, yet another echo of the national astrology).

Last week Arroyo had transit Pluto going just past square to her Mars; transit Saturn sits only a few degrees away from her natal Saturn. Transit Pluto will return for yet another pass in square to this same Mars between Aug & Oct of this year. Assuming she can weather the assault of transit Saturn on her Pluto, which will occur in Mar, it is hard to see how she can resist the people calling for her to step down in the late Summer and early Fall, as transit Saturn again moves to conjunct her natal Pluto; Pluto to Mars, Saturn to Pluto, a Saturn Return, it's all too much to take in stride.

Something's got to give.

Her Inaugural chart shows strains as well: SA Mars=Pluto exact in Jan, foresaw the "blowout" she's had with the people, as well as the military coup attempt; then, we have SA Pluto=Sun/Moon in Jul, SA Sun=Uranus/Neptune in Sep, SA MC=Saturn/Uranus in Oct, and finally, SA Pluto=Sun/Uranus and SA Pluto=Uranus/MC, both in Nov. The Philippine national chart shows SA Pluto=Saturn/Uranus in Jan of this year, and will take another few hits from transit Saturn passing over its national Mercury and Pluto.

We can fully expect to see Arroyo stepdown from Office if not early this Spring, then in late Summer/early Fall (mid to late Aug-early Oct).

This is one to keep an eye on - they'll be more than just monsoon storms going on in Manila this year...



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