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On Haiti: Civilization, or Barbarism?

On Haiti: Civilization, or Barbarism?

9:57 AM 2/12/06 Sun

Last week Haiti held its first elections since the ouster of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The elections themselves have been rescheduled several times, and when the word got out that they might have been pushed back yet again, the general populace of the country, some 80% of which are among the most poor in the entire world, threatened to revolt in protest. At present, Aristide's protege' and former president in his own right, Rene Preval, seems to be leading the early exit poll results. If he can hang on to his majority lead, no rundoff election will be held.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, ranked 155th out of 171 countries on the United Nations Human Development Index. The 2nd country in the Western Hemisphere to declare independence after the United States, it is the world's first African-descent democracy.

Yet it has many, many problems, among them the continued legal, social and economic dominance of the non-African minority at all levels of life; many pundits and commentators from around the world have suggested that Haiti has been punished by the world's wealthier and White nations via a policy of benign neglect, for rising up against its White and Mulatto former slavemasters, condemned to a life that Dante' himself couldn've have conjured up.

Haiti declared its independence on Jan 1 1804, in Gonaives; no time known. Using a noon time mark, the chart is very instructive (12PM LMT, Placidus 13 Ari 00; Source: Campion):

- There's a 4 planet cluster in Capricorn, with the Sun in the 10th square Uranus in the 7th, a suggestion of great governmental instability, revolution, upset, turmoil, with decided outside intervention in the form of other countries. While Aristide, who was initially elected 1991 and ousted in 2000, was assisted in returning to power by the Clinton Administration, it has been speculated that the current Bush Administration did little to assist Aristide from being ousted a second time in 2004 (and some even suggest that the Bush Administration might have facilitated Aristide's ouster, in favor of the business elite on the island nation).

- The Moon, representing the Haitian public at large, is in Virgo, and opposed Pluto; this aspect is a vivid portrayal of the overwhelming class divide in Haiti, between the abject poor, Black majority and the minority riche, almost always White, Arab and/or Mulatto; note that both the Moon and Pluto aspects the Sun in the 10th - both groups vying for government favor, access and power.

- Mars in Capricorn in the 9th (very important as Mars is the Asc ruler), square Saturn in Libra in the 6th, suggesting Haiti's militaristic bent; this signature, along with the aforementioned Sun-Uranus square, supports Haiti's reality of at least two dictatorships of longstanding and which brought much pain, strife and upheaval to the country (Papa & Baby Doc, respectively).

- Venus sextile Neptune, Neptune=Asc/MC: these symbols point to Haiti's longstanding reputation for being an artistic and musical center in the Carribean region.

- Jupiter in Scorpio, ruling the 9th and trine Pluto (the rich) and sextile the Moon (the poor), a reflection that while the country acknowledges and professes a strong streak of Catholicism, it too actively encourages and participates in Voodun, an ancient form of pre-Islamic/pre-Christianity era religion in parts of Africa.

At the time of the elections, there seems to be no transits or Arcs in play for Feb 2006; however, looking down the road a piece, we note that in Jul and Aug, SA Uranus=Saturn/Pluto and SA Uranus=Mars/Pluto, symbols that augur tremendous pain and strife, even fighting in the streets, perhaps connected to greviances on the part of those who feel that the eventual winner of this month's elections cheated, perhaps connected to outside interests in the form of other nations and/or business entities refusing to deal with the new government in power, perhaps due to radical elements within Haiti polity. Given Haiti's history in this regard, these arcs can be more probable than the following SA Asc=Jupiter, also exact in Aug 2006.

Perhaps the SA Mercury=Sun/Moon (Sep) & SA Sun=Venus (Nov) will see the beginnings of a flourishing democracy that will be for all of Haiti's people, the Black, White, Arab and Mulatto, the greatly rich and grindingly poor, lead in the main by Haiti's student and artistic communities. If so, this will pave the way for a true transformation of Haiti as we've known it for the better. If not, and the Uranian arcs win out, the upcoming Pluto in Capricorn transits to Haiti's Asc ruling Mars and 10th House Sun, between the years 2009 and 2013, can prove to be the most destructive setback the island nation has ever seen.

Time will tell...



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