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Madame Speaker: Astrological Considerations Of The Nancy Pelosi Congress

Madame Speaker: Astrological Considerations Of The Nancy Pelosi Congress

11:25 AM 01/07/2007 Sun

WASHINGTON D.C. - On Thursday, Janurary 4, 2006, Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco CA became the first woman elected to the post of Speaker of the US House of Representatives in its more than 200 year history. Marked with much fanfare and pomp, Pelosi declared that "for our daughters, and grand daughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling; now, the sky is the limit". Promising to get major components of their Midterm 2006 platform passed through the House in "100 hours" Pelosi oversaw the revamping of House Ethics Rules, and along with her Senate counterpart, Harry Reid, fired off a letter to the White House, laying out their staunch disagreement with possible plans on President Bush's part to send a troop "surge" in a desperate effort to lock down Baghdad. Other major plans in the "100 hours" initiative include a hike in the Federal Minimum Wage, federal funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and reducing, if not eliminating outright, interest rates on College Loans. By all accounts, these measures should pass with relative ease; but the 5000 lb gorilla in the middle of the room, remains the Iraq War - and with only two years before the Presidential Elections, Pelosi doesn't have much time to get too bogged down in legislative fights. Will Pelosi be able to get the troops out of Iraq in time for 08?

Nancy Pelosi Mar 26 1940 Baltimore MD, no time as yet known; source, Wikipedia

Pelosi's birthdate reveals a tough cookie, to be sure - the Sun in Aries with the Moon in Scorpio gives a tremendous level of audacity and ambition. Additionally, this Sun-Moon blend feeds a Saturn-Pluto square, suggesting that Pelosi can be quite a tough lady when she needs to be, and again highlights strong ambitions. The triple conjunction of Uranus, Venus and Mars in Taurus speaks to, among others, the "San Francisco values" tag she's been saddled with, hailing from an area of the USA that is, shall we say, "alternative" to what the rest of the country thinks about itself. Jupiter is most likely Peregrine (Tyl) in Aries, seeking opportunity and reward in ego-centered terms (and yet another reflection of the big ambitions-focus of the birthdate astrology); Sun=Jupiter/Neptune, a strong strain of idealism, possible religiousity. The major flaw as I see it, based on her birthdate is her Mercury placement in Pisces, its Sign of Fall, and is also Retrograde. This Mercury position sextile both Uranus and Venus, suggesting the potential of further destabilization in terms of balanced thinking grounded in forethought.

Pelosi's Mercury placement is a glaring reflection of the Mercury position in the horoscope for the Democratic Party (May 13 1792 12PM LMT Philadelphia PA; Placidus 29 Leo 53) - Mercury is placed in Taurus (a Sign ruled by Venus - idealistic thinking channelled into practical forms in its best light - note the Venusian tone in both Mercury positions!) and also Rx; additionally, this Mercury is Combust, obscured by the Sun; this manifests as people being unable or unwilling to hear the ideas the Dems are trying to get out, and/or the Dems are simply unable to get their message out, due to insider bickering, shortsightedness and simplistic solutions.

This and other "defects" in the Democratic Party's astrology will make themselves more manifest now that they are in power of both Houses of Congress; varying forms of Economic Populism will only get them but so far.

Consider the chart for the moment Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House; according to NPR's "Talk of the Nation" program, this happened around 1.30PM EST Jan 4 2006; Placidus 11 Tau 45. This is the moment that Pelosi also began swearing in the various members of the House, as the 110th "Pelosi" Congress got underway.

The chart is striking - Venus rules the Asc and is placed in the 10th in Aquarius, a fitting symbol for Pelosi's historic moment. The 1st and 10th Houses in this chart represent the Party in Power, the Dems, while the 4th and 7th Houses represent the Party out of Power, the GOP.

Saturn rules the 10th, the Dems, and is both placed in Leo, its classical Sign of Detriment, and Rx, in the 5th House. Since the 5th represents in Mundane astrology the legislative bodies, this suggests to me right off the bat that the Dems will be limited in what they can do; somehow, they're at risk for being derailed in someway.

With Saturn also ruling the 9th and holding and disposing of both the Sun and Mercury, obviously, this will have to do with Iraq. The Sun represents President Bush, the leader of the country, while Mercury rules the 6th House of the Military. The Sun and Saturn are in Mutual Reception, suggesting to my mind a sort of "Mexican Standoff" - Pelosi's Congress won't want to cut off funding to the troops, and Bush won't want to simply "redeploy" the troops out of Iraq either.

While it's clear that Bush's power has been diminished as a result of the 2006 Midterms, on the basis of this map I'd still say that he has a slight upperhand - note that the Sun is sextile Uranus in the 11th, suggesting that he still has considerable support among the Opposition. Also, note that Jupiter resides in Sagittarius in the 7th House, with the Moon in Cancer in the 4th. These Sign placements suggest to me that the GOP still has considerable influence, especially in the Senate, where the Dems hold a very slight lead in votes. With a key Democrat Senator out recovering from a stroke and not expected to return for weeks, if not months, the Dems will need key GOP support in order to get anything on their legislative agenda done.

Will the GOP, particularly in the Senate, provide it? On the basis of the Congressional Session Chart, it appears that they may not - the Moon, while in Cancer, is also technically Void of Course. I put it that way because the great William Lilly once observed that there are key exceptions to the Moon VOC rule; he said that "all matters go hardly" when the Moon is Void, yet when it occupies the Signs of its Exaltation, Dignity, or the Signs of Jupiter (both Sagittarius and Pisces would apply here) the VOC rule is nullified. Traditionally, when the Moon is VOC, either things will go on and there is little anyone can do about it, or, that nothing happens at all, or, things don't go as planned at all. The Moon's only aspect is an accross the signline opposition to Venus - Pelosi - suggesting considerable gridlock over monies/taxes, jockeying for position with regard to the Press for who can frame their issues the best, and how to best deal with the troops based in Iraq.

At the very least I see the GOP, particularly the Senate, basically sitting on much of the ideas that come out of the House, especially as it relates to Iraq.

At present, Pelosi has SA Saturn=Sun and SA Pluto=Sun, a time of consolidation of one's power, to be sure; back in the Midterm 2006 Elections, she had among other things, SA Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto, a signal of major success and good fortune, of turning things around grandly.

But Saturn-Pluto combinations are at best a bear to manage successfully, and most of the time, suggests defeats of some kind. Note that in the Democratic Party's chart, transit Saturn moves again to oppose Pluto and the probable position of the Moon, between now and Aug 2007. For certain, the transits of Saturn opposed Pluto and square the Sun can be seen as "breaking the marble ceiling" as Pelosi put it, but since these hits will continue throughout the year, especially in Jul 2007, I have a hard time seeing this as positive over the longterm. Saturn co-rules in this speculative chart the the 5th House of Legislative Measures; it will be difficult for the Dems to get things done beyond the "honeymoon period" taking place right now.

Additionally, transit Uranus moves to oppose the Dems' rising Mars in Virgo in May and Aug of this year. The earlier period looks a bit more favorable due to the combined transits of Jupiter in square to Mars, but the latter timeframe looks more troubling for the Dems, as transit Uranus opposes Mars for a second time, and right in between some rough Saturn transits to key positions in the Dems' chart.

The Democratic Party has always been one of coalitions, of gathering diverse voices under a big tent, so to speak; the past elections have seen a resurgence of "Blue Dog" Democrats, conservative leaning Dems who are Pro-Life and favor strengthening traditional Marriage, as well as being Pro-Gun and Pro-Defense. This is seen astrologically in the Party's chart, by noting the Sun and Moon positions (the more centrist-to-conservative wings of the Party, to the more liberal wings of the Party) in the main, while also noting the very prominent opposition between Saturn in Aries on one side and Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune on the other, in Libra. This "push-pull" effect will really be evident later this Summer, as the debate concerning the Iraq War really gets heated. This will put considerable pressure on Pelosi to keep the Party united as the 110th Congress wears on, and seen vividly in the virtually in-tandem transits of Neptune and Saturn in square to her Uranus all year! She will be faced with the fundamental question - does she allow the more Liberal elements of her Party to "go after" GWB & Co. in the form of drawnout oversight hearings, etc.? Or, does she struggle to keep the Party "on message" and focuses on getting as much done as possible before 2008? The Moon in Scorpio isn't particularly known for letting bygones being bygones, as we astrologers know all too well.

More information is needed before we can go any further, particularly a confirmed birthtime for both Pelosi and the Democratic Party itself. But from what we have here, I think it safe to say that Pelosi's honeymoon will soon be over, and then the real fun begins.

Mu's Prediction: Pelosi gets the smaller domestic Bills through the House, with all but one - Stem Cells - going through the Senate. She'll have a hard time getting enough Blue Dog Dems to sign on to the Stem Cell piece, plus there aren't enough Republicans to take up the slack to get it through both Houses. Pelosi won't risk cutting off funding for the Iraq War, lest she raises the spectre of both Vietnam and of suspicions on the part of the Right that the Dems and the Left in general really are contemptuous of the Military/Troops. Despite all the sound and fury coming from both Pelosi and Reid, Bush's surge will happen, giving him at least another 6 months of cover to get things moving in Iraq, key now that Saddam is officially out of the picture. Look for headlines talking of a growing split in the Democratic Party, especially in the House, starting in Apr or so and really becoming apparent by Jul-Aug. Pelosi will have her hands full keeping the coalition together. Her first historic year as Speaker will be a guarded, modest success in light of the earlier populist domestic measures.



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