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Oprah: A Case Study Of Neptune In The 10th

Oprah: A Case Study Of Neptune In The 10th

12:19 PM 10/13/2006 Fri

The recent appearance of disgraced former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey on "Oprah" only confirms what I have long suspected of the daytime TV diva - that she's been, as we say in the hood, perpretratin' a fraud on America - particularly Soccer Mom/Single Woman America.

I say that because McGreevey's appearance casts in stark relief Oprah's even earlier comments and dust-up, between herself and rappers Ludacris, 50 Cent and Icecube.

For those of you who may not recall, earlier this Summer, Ludacris made his unhappiness with O known when he went public with how Oprah had edited out what he deemed significant portions of his own appearance and interview on her show; he was there due to his role in the Oscar winning film "Crash" but made further comments about both his music and life, which he claims was edited out.

Not to be outdone, Icecube, himself a successful rapper and movie actor/producer, complained of Oprah's lack of interest in Hip Hoppers - he said that while fellow rapper and co-star Eve appeared on Oprah's show to promote 'Cube's film "Barbershop", Icecube himself could not get an appearance on the show. Cube went further by saying that if Oprah wants to hold up examples of success and achievement, why NOT put him, Luda and 50 on?

For her part, Oprah said, while appearing on Hip Hop fixture Ed Lover's program (and heard widely on the Internet) that she didn't want to give Hip Hop, which she considers largely anti-Women, a platform, and urged guys like Luda and Cube to clean Hip Hop up. Of course, she trotted out the favorite gripe with Hip Hop, that it (as if all of Hip Hop does this, or indeed, is the only form to do it at all) calls women "bitches and hoes", etc., and again she felt it was disrespectful toward women and blah, blah, blah.

So when McGreevey appears on O's show, I just sat sat back and said to myself: "Luda, Cube, 50 - baaaaaaad...McGreevey - good?"

McGreevey's appearance on "Oprah" highlights the rank hypocrisy of its host, to say nothing of her real problems with Black men - if the argument is that she wants to put on things that are positive for and about women and Black women in particular, than nothing could be more destructive than McGreevey's appearance. Here we have a man who, by his own "confession" has had numerous liasons with other men, most unlikely unprotected, in the alleys behind Synagogues; at restrooms along the side of the road in NJ; gone to gay bars, and "hooked up" with men, etc. - WHILE STILL MARRIED TO HIS WIFE. Everyone knows that one of the surefire ways to contract HIV/AIDS is to have the kinds of sex gay men have; in the Black community, the "downlow" lifestyle is the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH TO WOMEN AGED 18-25.

But, obstensibly calling women "bitches and hoes" is far worse than anything men like McGreevey could do - right? And do we honestly think that Oprah would have had on McGreevey if it was some young chippie he was running around with, instead of another man? I don't think so, women of O's age don't take too kindly to that sort of thing. If you're Gay, it's OK, if your straight, take a step back.

Not only that, but I felt that had O in her wisdom would have had on Luda, 50 and Cube, there could have been a real, positive discussion as to *why* SOME rappers refer to women in this way. As someone who came of age in the Golden Age of Hip Hop (mid to late 80s-late 90s), I can tell Oprah that no rapper, be it NWA or Biggie, was referring to *all* women in that way, but rather a particular person or groups of people in their world. You're hardpressed to find me a rap record where the rapper is saying that all women everywhere, for all time, forever and ever amen, are bitches and hoes. Just ain't gonna happen.

They could have had an interesting discussion as to why the biggest buyers of "Gangsta Rap" are suburban White teenage and young adult males - AND YOUNG ADULT WOMEN. But, seeing as how the "Soccer Mom" demographic makes up much of O's bread and butter, it's understandable why she couldn't give the brothas no dap - it cuts to close to the bone.

Furthermore, and this is one reason why I love Hip Hop - it's so real, so raw, so in your face. Listen, we all knew of the gal in high school, for example, who had a reputation. Sure, all rumors ain't true - but some were. I remember well when I was in high school, some of the things that was said about certain girls WAS true - now, what do you call that? I know what we called such a gal - a ho. If the shoe fits...

Besides, Oprah should be able to understand, afterall, she has shows where women are taught how to "ride the pole", do stripteases and so on, and then has the nerve to be self-righteous about Hip Hop. What hypocrisy.

Oprah Winfrey was born on Jan 29 1954 Kosciusko MS 4.30AM CET; Placidus 29 Sag 41, Rodden. The birthtime is one of several options according to the Astrodatabank website, and the one which I feel most fits Oprah.

Oprah has Neptune in the 10th House, a position that is a mixed bag by all accounts. In its best light, it can operate in the ways that Oprah has demonstrated, thru the transformation of her show being just one of the daytime TV talk pack to one that "transforms lives" (Angel Network, philanthropic efforts, etc.) - in other words, Neptunian themes of charity, "service to humankind" and so on can be and often is part of the career profile. It was in the mid to late 90s, that Oprah changed the format of her show to the current one, as transit Uranus and Neptune was square her natal Neptune in the 10th (Neptune natally at 26 Libra). We have to also say that Neptune is a Female Planet, and thus is no accident that Oprah would be so very successful with women (additionally, in her chart, the Moon is ExDek and sextile Venus; Venus conjunct the Sun) and would be such a staunch advocate for women in this regard.

We have to also point out that Neptune represents the movie and TV mediums; Oprah has had varying degrees of success in both fields. Notice too the "touches" Neptune makes to vital points in the chart: Neptune sextile the Asc, is disposed by Venus, itself conjunct the Sun, is square the Nodal Axis (North Node rising in the Asc), widely square Uranus and finally, sextile Pluto (strong metaphysical focus).

However, Neptune has its downsides, and the most common is misrepresenting oneself, not being completely "upfront" about things, deception, even out and out lies, hypocrisy, and deceit. Neptune in the 10th can cause damage to one's reputation and standing in the world due to such acts, and in any event, as is the case with O, such a placement can be one where others diefy the person (you might have seen or heard about the many articles and the like talking about how O's show is a form of religion for many women; do a Google search), i.e., idolize them to the point of pseudo-religious proportions. At the time of the dust-up between herself and Luda (Summer 06), O had transit Neptune conjunct her Mercury for the 2nd time (the final pass to come in Jan 07, just as transit Saturn conjuncts Pluto & squares Mars - and SOLAR ARC PLUTO=MC!!! Look for headlines then). We astrologers know well how it's so easy to "get jiggy" with the facts when Neptune creeps into Mercury's neighborhood.

Now, how does all of this tie-itself into men and my argument that she has a serious problem with Black men in particular? Note how Mercury is ruler of the 7th, opposes Pluto and squares Mars! There is LOTS of anger, rage even, O has with regard to Black men, no doubt linked to her horrific treatment as a girl (it is well known that O had been molested/raped as a girl by male relatives; she had a child as a teenager, but the baby died shortly thereafter. Note the occurance of Mars-Pluto here; Mars rules the 4th!-and the 7th is tied into all this). Even though she has done much work in this regard, and puts up a good Neptunian front, folks like myself know better - that Fixed t-square of hers is a tough nut to crack.

I have to say that I've always suspected something hinky about Oprah; I remember well having a very heated exchange between myself and my onetime mentor, Basil Fearrington over this very same issue, years ago. I didn't know it then, but it all makes sense to me now, why I would have strong feelings about O, and that comes from the fact that I myself have a pretty strong Neptune - Neptune is in my 10th in Scorpio and at my Sun/Moon midpoint. So I guess you could say that I have a nose for sniffing out Neptunian types.

At any rate, the reason why I make such a big deal about this whole thing is because O is such a powerful cultural force - for nearly a quarter of a century she has influenced an entire generation of women thru her show and other projects (she chrages bookoo bucks at those "empowerment" seminars of hers, too) - she has had a hand in what I call the Feminization of our Society. And while no doubt she has done many good things, it ain't all good if you know what I mean.

In the meantime, the very disrespect to women O hoped to avoid by snubbing Luda and Co. ended up being a huge dis to the erstwhile rappers and to brothas like myself - whether you like it or not, Luda, Cube, 50, even Jay-Z, are the living, 21st Century American embodiment of the Horatio Alger story - down and out kids who pulled themselves up by their bootsraps and made it, against all odds. If ever there could be a story told about success and achievement, theirs would be it. O's dis to the Rappers was yet another in the long line of disses, of signals, that young Black men simply do not matter in this Society, that we're better not seen or heard.

But in true Oprahtonian fashion, I offer a solution to Luda, Cube and 50 - maybe it's time that we had our own show? I suggest to them that they take a page outta Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzengger and Sylvester Stallone's book - the three actors who formed the "Planet Hollywood" chain - and form their own company - a media company. They could develop a show for and about young adult Black men and market the idea to outlets like ESPN - it could incorporate sports, Hip Hop, and so on, and talk about Life and so on from our unique perspective. And if ESPN and so on don't take the bait, cool-maybe we need our own network, too.

Let's see Oprah try to dis that one...



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