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Midterm 06: Battle Of The Base! (Part Two)

Midterm 06: Battle Of The Base! (Part Two)

12:37 PM 11/05/2006 Sun

Shootout in Montana
After being left for political dead, Montana's longest serving US Senator, Conrad Burns, is on the comeback trail, now having him in a dead heat with Montana State Senate President Jon Tester. This is one of two major Senate races that have been fueled and funded by the Democratic Party's Hardcore, Daily Kos/ Crowd (the other being the race between Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman up in Connecticut), and the outcome here can foreshadow the future of the Dems. On the other hand, should Burns come out politically alive after this electoral test, it will have confirmed yet again that the GOP's GOTV Machine is alive and well, and that the Dems still have much to learn.

Burns has been hurt badly by his association with disgraced GOP Lobbyist Jack Abramoff; but you don't hang around that long in office by being just a Party hack. You have to prove that you can get things done, especially for your constituents, and Burns has consistently done that. Tester's hometown ways and none-too-shabby record in the State House goes a ways to assist him, but it remains to be seen if it, along with the scandals, Iraq War and so on will be enough.

Conrad Burns Jan 25 1935 Gallatin MO; Jon Tester Aug 21 1956 Havre MT

Source: Wikipedia

Burns is a sociable guy in a backslapping sort of way, known for his often offcolor remarks with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon most likely in Libra and Mercury's close trine to Mars. His political success can be seen in the trine between his Jupiter and Pluto, the square between Uranus and Pluto, the square between Venus and Jupiter, and the midpoints Mercury+Venus+Jupiter=Neptune/Pluto(!!!). We can also throw in his Sun=Mars/Jupiter as well.

Tester has a personality that is likely to bowl one over as well, with his Sun in Leo, Moon in Aqaurius gregarious ways all over the place, the Sun's tight conjunction with Pluto (and probable Moon-Pluto opposition as well - POWER); Saturn squares the Sun and Pluto, so there's enough downhome Conservatism to keep Montanans comfortable with going a shade blue. His Node=Jupiter/Pluto accounts for the help he's gotten from outfits such as Daily Kos and the national Democratic Party. But his AP=Saturn/Uranus and Sun=Mars/Uranus, along with his natal Uranus being Peregrine (in Leo; Tyl) might be just a bit too much of a shakeup for folks out in God's Country. In any event, Burns has a considerable array of astrological markers for political success that Tester has to overcome if he's to unseat him for US Senator.

At present, Burns has transit Jupiter returning to its natal position and square his natal Saturn (strengthening his position, making his case to the Montana public); no Solar Arcs in play for the election period. For Tester, transit Jupiter conjunct his Saturn (also making his case) while tranist Pluto backs away from range to square his Mars; SA Jupiter=Neptune exact next month (applying now), suggesting feeling special about things, being in the right place at the right time.

If the GOP has any hope of hanging on to Congressional, and especially, Senatorial power, it'll have to come thru Montana. Burns has been in the crosshairs of the Left all year, thanks to his ties to Abramoff. Tester has been a virtual unknown before this year, and since has proven himself a real contender, thanks to Daily Kos (all of this featured on the PBS show "Now"). And Tester has real astrological stuff to back him up. But Burns' is stronger, plus he's still the incumbant, plus Montana is at heart, a red state, through and through.

Mu's Prediction: Burns wins

Macaca In The Land Of Dixie...
If such as thing as a Worst Campaign of the Year Award were real, Virginia Senator and one time potential 2008 Presidential Candidate George Allen would most certainly get it. His campaign has been one gaffe after another, seemingly going from bad to worse, from the "Macaca" reference to his recently brought to light Jewish roots. Still, Allen is in the running, keeping the race between himself and onetime Republican Jim Webb so close that it's too close to call. This is one of the reddest states in the Union, and the Dems really have a fight on their hands if they are to take it from the GOP in the Senate. That Webb's own missteps, concerning his writings as Secretary of the US Navy regarding female recruits and so on, certainly haven't helped the Dems in their efforts to appeal to Virginian Women Voters. What was first seen as a breeze for Allen, now is a fight to the finish.

George Allen MAr 8 1952 Whittier CA; Jim Webb Feb 9 1946 St. Joseph MO

Source: Wikipedia

Allen's the proven political talent here, not only having gotten himself into the US Senate but also haven been Virginia's Governor as well. His Jupiter's close trine to Pluto, declinational aspect between Uranus and Pluto, Venus opposed Pluto and Sun=Jupiter/Pluto all attest to these facts. But, as mentioned so many times throughout this Election Season, Allen's mouth can really get him into hot water (Mercury Peregrine - in ARIES!!!), sort of just letting fly comments before carefully thinking them through.

Webb on the other hand has the Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius with the Moon probably in Taurus and also possibly square Venus, which would account for his popularity at present. Additionally, he has Jupiter in Libra Peregrine (Tyl) and the Sun=Jupiter/Uranus. But the downside is his double-whammy effect of AP=Saturn/Uranus while Saturn is in aspect to Uranus in the declinations; Pluto=Uranus/Neptune. Although Webb has been successful either mounting attack ads on Allen and/or standing back and let Allen commit the political versiona of Hari-Kari, he has yet to define himself to the Virginian electorate. This along with writings as head of the Navy have really hurt him.

Webb has just come out from under a Saturn transit in opposition to both his Sun and Venus and at present, Saturn could be in square to his Moon. If so, this dampens his appeal to the voters. On the other hand, transit Jupiter's potential opposition to his Moon could pull him through - a tall order when you're the challenger and with no help whatsoever from Solar Arc measurements.

Allen has really taken a beating astrologically - back in Sep he had SA Pluto=Saturn (OUCH!), but things have turned around for him since then, with SA Venus=Jupiter/Uranus exact last month. Coming up this month, he has SA Neptune=Venus/Uranus, and next month, he has SA Uranus=Sun/Pluto, a breakout time for sure for him. The question becomes - can the Oct arc, and the Dec arc, overwhelm the Nov one? Or will the Nov one be the one that counts?

Thanks to Allen's missteps and the overall mood concerning Iraq, Webb has kept the race close. But Allen still has the high ground; it's his race to loose. With Allen's proven political track record, stronger natal astrology, and Webb's own fair share of gaffes, along with his lack of astrological "wind", I'm giving this one to Allen - barely. But a win's a win.

Mu's Prediction: Allen wins

BONUS ROUND - Steele: Year Of The Black Republican?
If 1992 was "The Year Of The Woman", 2006 has to be the Year Of The Black Republican, with so many Black GOP candidates running for major offices around the country. In particular, Ohio's Ken Blackwell, Pennsylvania's Lynn Swann, and most notably, Maryland's Michael Steele. In the two former cases, neither man has a chance of winning - but in the latter case, Steele has, by all accounts, run a credible campaign and has put himself in position to be attractive to Prince George's County voters - the single largest affluent AND Black sector in the entire country! There is great dissatisfaction among African Americans down there with the Democratic Party, taking them and their vote for granted; the GOP has been trying for sometime to get a share of that vote, and it seems, their hard work is starting to finally pay off. Maryland is a blue state; it's longtime Senator, Sarbanes, is retiring; and it's Democratic nominee is at best lackluster. Can Steele steal one away from the Dems?

Michael Steele Oct 19 1958 Andrews AFB MD; Ben Cardin Oct 5 1943 Baltimore MD

Source: Wikipedia

With Mars square Pluto, the Moon in Capricorn and AP=Sun/Pluto, Steele has proven himself to be no joke; quite the contrary, this combination bears witness to his Conservative roots, his no-nonsense stance and his hands-on approach to solving problems. His Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra gives him appeal to both Black and White Maryland voters. Jupiter's conjunction with Neptune and sextile to Pluto also gives Steele a boost.

But Cardin's no pushover, and his long, long political history in Maryland proves it. He has the Sun trine Uranus and sextile Pluto; Venus=Neptune/Pluto. BUT, he has Neptune Peregrine (in Libra, Tyl), contributing to his "blah" reception by the Maryland public. Cardin is seen, even by the Party Faithful, as something as a place marker, a warm body to keep Maryland's Senate seat from falling into GOP hands.

Cardin was born with the Moon possibly in late Sag, probably in opposition to Saturn, itself in the last degrees of Gemini. If so, then Pluto's transit to this area doesn't look good for Cardin. Still, SA Mars=Venus/Pluto exact last month can do the trick. On the other hand, Steele has SA Node=Sun, also exact last month; this is a picture suggesting Steele making key inroads into Democratic voting blocs - the Black Vote.

Maryland is one of the bluest states in the country; Cardin is little more than an empty suit; there are rumblings in the African American Community that they are being sick and tired of being taken for granted by the Dems; and Steele has transformed the term "Black Republican" from a crude joke to credible electoral choice for voters, Black and White alike. I'm gonna pull the trigger here, and go fro Steele.

Mu's Prediction: Steele wins

Final Pre-Midterm Election Summary
Mu's Picks:

1. GOP narrowly holds on to BOTH Houses of Congress

2. Weldon wins

3. Casey wins

4. Kean Jr wins

5. McCaskill wins

6. Burns wins

7. Allen wins

8. Corker wins

9. Steele wins

See ya after the Elections!



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