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Muqtada Al-Sadr: Power Player Of Iraq

Muqtada Al-Sadr: Power Player Of Iraq

10:28 AM 12/10/2006 Sun

With the seemingly swiftly shifting sands regarding the political and social future of Iraq taking place, one name seems to emerge among the potential post-Iraq War leaders - Muqtada Al-Sadr. Described as "the young radical Shiite cleric", Al-Sadr has managed to transition from radical militant to legitimate political power-player in Iraq, forming one of Nouri Al-Maliki's key coalitions in his government. He leads the Sadr City section of the Iraqi capital city, Baghdad, he commands the Al-Mahdi Army, one of Iraq's largest militia forces, he is still wanted to the murder of other Islamic clerics in Iraq by American Forces, and he is a member of one of Iraq's most influential religious families; "Sadr City" is named after his father, Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Muhammad Sadeq Al-Sadr. His horoscope may indeed prove key in future astrological considerations regarding not only Iraq itself, but perhaps the Middle East as the Shia Islamic World comes to power.

However, there is no known birthtime for Al-Sadr; according to Wikipedia, he was born on Aug 12 1973, presumably in Baghdad. Even in our times of vastly improved birthtime record keeping, there are still instances where such information will not readily be available, or indeed be nonexistant. For such times, Rectification is called for.

Rectification, the process used by astrologers to determine a native's potential birthtime, is in essence, a test of the astrologer's skill with Astrology; the idea is that you match known life events and other characteristics of the person in question to what you think their astrology *should* look like. Although many astrologers shy away from rectification, I've always found it to be a good way to test one's abilities astrologically, to keep one's powers of observation sharp.

My method, is to get as detailed, yet as concise a listing of information on the person possible; already, for example, on the details mentioned above, we have some key clues about a rectification of Al-Sadr's chart - he's a military commander, a political leader, a religious cleric, hailing from a powerful family. When I first read this, my astrological "spider sense" went off - immediately I thought, "strong Mars, prominent 4th and 9th Houses, possible strong 10th House". Mars, of course, represents war and the military; the 4th House represents one's family bloodline and cultural lineage; the 9th House represents religion and higer learning; and the 10th House represents political involvement and position.

Here's some other details of Al-Sadr's life, again from Wikipedia:

The elder al-Sadr, a well-respected figure throughout the Shi'a world, was murdered along with two of his sons allegedly by the government of Saddam Hussein, though some believe it was by the Khoeis, in February 1999 in Najaf, the power center of the al-Sadr clan. Muqtada's father-in-law was executed by the Iraqi authorities in 1980. As Muqtada al-Sadr lacks the religious education and degrees required by Shia doctrines, he does not claim the title of mujtahid (the equivalent of a senior religious scholar) or the authority to issue fatwas (religious edicts), consequently he bases his religious authority on his lineage alone."

Hmmm!-death of a parent, clearly a major event in one's life, all the moreso if the native is young at the time; and Al-Sadr himself LACKS THE EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT his famous father and father-in-law had. This clearly would lead me to think, in the latter case, a "stressed out" 9th House, perhaps the ruler of which being under hard aspects from other planets, and in the case of the former event, a major transit and/or arc moving to an Angle, hopefully the Parental Axis, the 4th or 10th cusps.

OK - now we're ready to take a look at Al-Sadr's birthdate: Aug 12 1973, Baghdad. The date itself reveals a potential change of Lunar position, from the Moon in Capricorn to the Moon in Aquarius; such things happen often in rectification cases, and here again, it's up the astrologer's skills to determine which Moon Sign is most likely to actually be the case. The Sun in Leo/Moon in Cap blend would lead us to think that Al-Sadr wants to be seen as a leader, a man who can make things happen; with the Sun in Leo/Moon in Aquarius, the focus can still be political, but there is also a sense of idealism, of social service; more "hardcore" tactics don't seem likely.

Given what we know about Al-Sadr, along with the relevant astrology operative in his life in major events (more on this below), I'm inclined to roll with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Capricorn. At 6AM, the Moon would be in the late degrees of Capricorn, suggesting that around midday or so, the Moon would shift into Aquarius.

I'm thinking an early morning for the 4th and 9th Houses...

Al-Sadr comes from a powerful family, so planets relating to the 4th should be very well dignified. The Sun is in Leo, and a planet in its own Sign is almost as good as it gets (of Exaltation is even better). What if the Sun were in and/or ruling the 4th?

I roll the chart back from the "6AM" time till I get the Sun in the 4th. Now for the 9th...

On Al-Sadr's birthdate, Saturn squares Pluto, an aspect of considerable conservatism, toughness, *difficulty*; could Saturn be ruling the 9th? That would give us the "stressed out" 9th House we're looking for, yet still keeping the conservative Islamic leanings (religiousity) in focus.

I rollback the time even more; now we're at around midnight on Al-Sadr's birthdate. Keeping in mind the current transits, I inch the Asc further and further, until I hit 12.30AM BAT - 13 Gemini on the Asc, Asc ruler Mercury in Leo in the 3rd, Sun ruling the 4th in Leo in the 3rd, Saturn ruling the 9th square Pluto. And, note how the Sun is quindecile Jupiter, now in the 9th and Rx! This ties in both the 4th and 9th Houses. And keep in mind, that Asc ruler Mercury squares Mars accross the signline, with Mars in Aries; Mars in declinational aspect to Uranus, ruler of the 10th. It makes sense.

Al-Sadr's dad was killed, probably by Saddam, in Feb 1999 - SA Mars would square Al-Sadr's trial MC, at 24 Aquarius, exact Sep 1999. Transit Pluto was hovering around the Dsc, in opposition to the trial Asc in 1999, exact a year later. In 2004, Al-Sadr became head of both Sadr City and the Mahdi Army - SA Asc=Jupiter, Jun 04; and in that same year, he was wanted for murder by the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) - SA Neptune=Sun, Jan 04.

In Oct 2006, Al-Sadr was seen making public appearances with Al-Maliki, raising concerns about his rising influence in Iraqi governmental affairs and policymaking - transit Uranus square the Asc, SA Sun=Jupiter. Again, it all makes sense.

So, the trial rectification birthtime of 12.30AM BAT, on Aug 12 1973 in Baghdad Iraq, seems to be a good base for astrological considerations of one of Iraq's future power players.

The coming year will prove very, very crucial for Al-Sadr, give us our first test of this trial rectification; his power position (indeed, his very life) could be challenged, either by American Forces finally closing in on him, or, by way of his own grip on control of the Madhi Army getting out from under him as the sectarian strife continues to escalate in the waning days of the American military campaign. In early 2007, transit Saturn will be opposed the trial MC, while transit Neptune opposes Al-Sadr's Sun. This will happen again in mid to late Summer 07, when transit Saturn makes its final pass in opposition to the trial MC, and in mid Fall 07, when transit Neptune makes its final pass in opposition to Al-Sadr's Sun. However, his Solar Arcs for the year ahead look good - SA Sun=Venus Feb; SA Venus=Moon Aug; and SA Pluto=Jupiter Sep. All very, very strong and positive measurements. If Al-Sadr can hold on to his power position, he'll be here to stay come the end of 2007.




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