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Midterm 06: Battle Of The Base! (Part One)

Midterm 06: Battle Of The Base! (Part One)

10:12 AM 11/05/2006 Sun

So - it all comes down to this - 15 House seats and 6 Senate seats up for grabs. The GOP clearly on the defensive. The Dems feeling their oats. The races around the country closer to call, in most if not all cases, a statistical dead heat. And it all comes down to whic Party gets out their BASE! On this, the final weekend before the all-important elections, your humble Astrological Correspondent attempts to put all of this into perspective and calls the races before the votes are cast and counted.

But before we go there, let's recap my previous predictions for Midterm 2006:

1. Overall, I took the GOP over the Dems, keeping both Houses of Congress, albeit narrowly

2. I chose Curt Weldon over Joe Sestak for the 7th Congressional District

3. I chose Bob Casey Jr over Rick Santorum for Junior PA Senator

4. And, I chose Tom Kean Jr over Bob Menendez for Junior NJ Senator

Since then, Weldon has come under considerable fire for possible ethic violations involving potential steering of contracts to his daughter; Santorum, as predicted, has continued to slip in the polls; and Kean Jr is still wthin striking distance over Menendez, trailing by only a few points.

Who Wins The House???
With so many House races taking place around the country, it's pretty tough for me to follow them all - but the thought occured to me - what if we took a look at the Solarscopes of the US House leaders - Dennis Hastert and Nancy Pelosi? Could they give us a clearer clue, as to which side will ultimately win the House?

Dennis Hastert Jan 2 1942 Aurora IL; Nancy Pelosi Mar 26 1940 Baltimore MD

Source for both sets of data: Wikipedia

As we all know, Hastert has been in the midst of a firestorm surrounding his potential role in the disgraced Congressman Mark Foley Scandal; there have been murmors on the GOP House side of replacing him, even if they do retain the House. That said, it must also be pointed out that Hastert, a former teacher and wrestling coach by trade, is a lowkey, behind the scenes mover and shaker, who's shyness of the political spotlight belies his considerable political skills and experience. All of this explains why Hastert has been the longest serving GOP House Speaker in US Congressional history. Can he hang on?

For her part, IF Nancy Pelosi's Dems can re-take the House, she will become the first Female Speaker ever in US Congressional history. No newcomer to the political game herself, she is the daughter of a well-known Baltimore mayor and a formidable political player in her own right. Despite her staunch support of Liberal ideals (she represents San Francisco CA - whew!), she has made it clear in recent weeks that there will be NO TALK OF IMPEACHMENT should the Dems come back to power, and to focus on the "Six For 06" plan of reducing costs for college tuition, withdrawl of troops from Iraq, expanded Medicare benefits and so on. There is no doubt about the prospect of pestering House investigations of the Bush Administration concerning Iraq - but Pelosi will NOT push too hard - her goal is to remain in power for 08 and beyond.

Scanning both Solarscopes, Hastert has a tough row to hoe here - transit Saturn squares his natal Saturn, although transit Jupiter opposes both his Saturn and Uranus. SA Jupiter=Venus exact in Dec, so it'll be applying in Nov...hmm.

For Pelosi, the transit of Saturn in square to her Taurus cluster of Venus, Mars and Uranus isn't a pretty sight, nor is the transit square of Pluto to her Neptune. However, coming up next month is SA Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto, "overturning the tables" for sure. Plus she has transit Jupiter opposed her Venus and Mars, not bad.

In light of the reality obtaining for Hastert, and the current situation obatining for the Dems, the astrology favors Pelosi - Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto, even if applying, is tough to beat.

HOWEVER, we still have to consider the natal astrology here; Hastert has Jupiter AND Pluto Peregrine (Tyl)!-along with a possible Moon=Jupiter/Pluto and AP=Uranus/Pluto. Declinationally, he has the Sun, Jupiter AND Pluto in aspect! He's born on a Cancer Full Moon (Sun in Capricorn), too. Impressive.

For Pelosi, we see a Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio, a tough cookie combo for sure; she also has Jupiter Peregrine (in Aries; Tyl) with the Sun trine Pluto; Sun=Jupiter/Neptune. Hmm.

It's a really, really tough call. Hastert's been going through it over the Foley piece. But he's still the Speaker; Pelosi has an uphill battle in front of her.

Mu's Prediction: Hastert hangs on as Speaker - the House remains GOP

As said so many times, the Dems need 6 Senate seats to overthrow the GOP there; noting this, the GOP Machine has mobilized, creating a "firewall" around certain key states: Missouri, Tenneesee, Montana and Virginia. IF the GOP can hold on to these key states, they'll hold to the Senate; if not, the Dems go two-for-two.

Talent v. McCaskill
With the recent TV spot featuring actor and Parkinson's Disease sufferer Michael J. Fox, the Senate race between these two candidates really heats up. Jim Talent is a freshman Senator, seeking to go back to Washington; Claire McCaskill is a longtime Missouri political fixture, looking to unseat Talent. The state, while "red" has considerable "blue" pockets, particularly the Twin Cities areas, and the Stem Cell Research issue - along with the Iraq War - has made what was at first considered a shoo-in for Talent, the political fight of his life.

Jim Talent Oct 18 1956 Des Peres MO; Claire McCaskill Jul 24 1953 Rolla MO

Source for both data: Wikipedia

Talent's Sun-Neptune conjunction can cut both ways; in Libra, it goes a long way toward his being able to charm voters and colleagues; but it can also put him under a cloud of suspicion, as it has recently with regard to the Iraq War. The Sun, Mars and Neptune in aspect declinationally confirms. The Saturn-Pluto square offsets some of this liability as well as reflecting Talent's Conservative views. But Talent does have a powerful astrological marker on his side - Pluto=Jupiter/Uranus "Tremendous drive to success; publicity; gains".

For McCaskill's part, her Sun in Leo and Moon most likely in Capricorn accounts in large part for her considerable ambition as well as appeal to the public; Venus conjunct Jupiter in Gemini; Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto=Venus/Pluto! On top of all that, she also has Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in aspect in the declinations. No wonder the race has been so close. BUT McCaskill has her share of astro-flaws as well: Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra with both square to Uranus (potential for radical Liberal ideas and platforms), and the Stem Cell issue has brought the spectre of Washington Liberal ideas to the minds of Missouri voters.

At present Talent has no transits obtaining, no Solar Arcs either. Not good. But McCaskill has transit Saturn just past her Pluto, and the only Solar Arc in play was Mars=Mercury in Sep, "raising the volume" in the debate, especially around Stem Cell Research.

So, neither candidate has the astrological wind to their backs, and both have their share of celestial flaws. Talent is the incumbant in a highly red state - but McCaskill has the stronger natal astrology. I think McCaskill can pull this one out.

Mu's Prediction: McCaskill wins

Corker v. Ford Jr.
"Harold, call me". By now we've all either seen and/or heard the scandalous attack ad against Harold Ford Jr., a member of a long line of Memphis politicians, where a Blond haired White woman cooes into the camera for Ford to call her. This ad immediately brought up images of Racism in the most provocative of ways - Sex. The Deep South has a long history of violence against Black men in particular in this regard, and many states - Tenneesee among them - have worked long and hard to come out from under such a horrid past. Up until now, the Senate race between former Chattanooga mayor and businessman Bob Corker, and Harold Ford Jr. has been above board, with Race being a nonfactor. Can this one attack ad turn the tide in Ford Jr.'s favor, given that he's had to basically ape the Conservative line in order to stay competitive?

Bob Corker Aug 24 1952 Chattanooga TN; Harold Ford Jr. May 11 1970 Memphis TN;

Source: Wikipedia

Corker is a smooth operator politically and businesswide, with his Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Libra, yet can be quite energetic with his Sun square Mars in Scorpio. Additionally, his success in both realms is easily reflected in his Jupiter-Pluto square, a success aspect if there ever was one. Corker's Uranus and Pluto are in aspect in the declinations, too, along with Jupiter sextile Uranus.

Ford has the Sun in Taurus conjunct Saturn, a Conservative streak for sure, while his Sun also trine Pluto and Uranus Peregrine (in Libra; Tyl); AP=Uranus/Pluto. This, along with his bloodties and stand-alone experience in the Congress (one of the youngest members ever in the House when first elected) makes Ford Jr. a competitive candidate. But he also has Sun=Saturn/Neptune, a dampening effect on his personality (putting his light under a bushel, so to speak), and, we have to point out that Ford Jr. has a Venus-Mars conjunction in Gemini - suggesting that he might have a roving eye. That attack ad mentioned earlier, afterall, didn't just come out of thin air - it was in response to the fact that Ford Jr. attended a Superbowl Party sponsored by Playboy Magazine - 'nuff said.

Ford Jr. has SA Sun=Mars/Uranus exact last month, with transit Pluto exactly square his natal Pluto. Corker has SA Pluto=Sun/Mars exact this month.

No matter what happens, Ford Jr. has a very bright future in US Politics, having proven himself a real talent on the national stage; not since Reconstruction, has there been so many serious African American candidates for national office, and Ford Jr. can take much pride in contributing to that fact. His campaign was above board, and he put his family's political lineage to good use. But Corker's got too much hometown experience, realworld experience, and red state connects. Technically, this is an open Senate seat, but in truth, it was always an uphill fight for Ford Jr., a Democrat in a red state. The attack ad can cut either way, depending on one's point of view, both to my mind valid. But I don't think it will be enough to sway voters who by now have surely made up their minds.

Mu's Prediction: Corker wins

Shootout in Montana
After being left for political dead, Montana's longest serving US Senator, Conrad Burns, is on the comeback trail, now having him in a dead heat with Montana State Senate President Jon Tester. This is one of two major Senate races that have been fueled and funded by the Democratic Party's Hardcore, Daily Kos/ Crowd (the other being the race between Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman up in Connecticut), and the outcome here can foreshadow the future of the Dems. On the other hand, should Burns come out politically alive after this electoral test, it will have confirmed yet again that the GOP's GOTV Machine is alive and well, and that the Dems still have much to learn.

Burns has been hurt badly by his association with disgraced GOP Lobbyist Jack Abramoff; but you don't hang around that long in office by being just a Party hack. You have to prove that you can get things done, especially for your constituents, and Burns has consistently done that. Tester's hometown ways and none-too-shabby record in the State House goes a ways to assist him, but it remains to be seen if it, along with the scandals, Iraq War and so on will be enough.

Conrad Burns Jan 25 1935 Gallatin MO; Jon Tester Aug 21 1956 Havre MT

Source: Wikipedia

Burns is a sociable guy in a backslapping sort of way, known for his often offcolor remarks with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon most likely in Libra and Mercury's close trine to Mars. His political success can be seen in the trine between his Jupiter and Pluto, the square between Uranus and Pluto, the square between Venus and Jupiter, and the midpoints Mercury+Venus+Jupiter=Neptune/Pluto(!!!). We can also throw in his Sun=Mars/Jupiter as well.

Tester has a personality that is likely to bowl one over as well, with his Sun in Leo, Moon in Aqaurius gregarious ways all over the place, the Sun's tight conjunction with Pluto (and probable Moon-Pluto opposition as well - POWER); Saturn squares the Sun and Pluto, so there's enough downhome Conservatism to keep Montanans comfortable with going a shade blue. His Node=Jupiter/Pluto accounts for the help he's gotten from outfits such as Daily Kos and the national Democratic Party. But his AP=Saturn/Uranus and Sun=Mars/Uranus, along with his natal Uranus being Peregrine (in Leo; Tyl) might be just a bit too much of a shakeup for folks out in God's Country. In any event, Burns has a considerable array of astrological markers for political success that Tester has to overcome if he's to unseat him for US Senator.

At present, Burns has transit Jupiter returning to its natal position and square his natal Saturn (strengthening his position, making his case to the Montana public); no Solar Arcs in play for the election period. For Tester, transit Jupiter conjunct his Saturn (also making his case) while tranist Pluto backs away from range to square his Mars; SA Jupiter=Neptune exact next month (applying now), suggesting feeling special about things, being in the right place at the right time.

If the GOP has any hope of hanging on to Congressional, and especially, Senatorial power, it'll have to come thru Montana. Burns has been in the crosshairs of the Left all year, thanks to his ties to Abramoff. Tester has been a virtual unknown before this year, and since has proven himself a real contender, thanks to Daily Kos (all of this featured on the PBS show "Now"). And Tester has real astrological stuff to back him up. But Burns' is stronger, plus he's still the incumbant, plus Montana is at heart, a red state, through and through.

Mu's Prediction: Burns wins

Part Two coming up...



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