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Midterm '06: Pennsylvania Battleground

Midterm '06: Pennsylvania Battleground

1:30 PM 10/08/2006 Sun

The stakes are high for both US Political Parties this Midterm election season; Pennsylvania has been staked out by both Democrats and Republicans alike as one of the "battleground states" up for grabs on Nov 7. A win here by either side could tip the balance of power in either House of Congress, most spefically the House of Representatives, which, according to pundits on the Hill, is within the Dems' reach.

Two races in particular being watched very closely are the House 7th Congressional contest between longtime Republican Congressman Curt "Able Danger" Weldon, and Joe "The Admiral" Sestak, dubbed as such due to his over 3 decade long career as a Vice Admiral in the US Navy, serving with distinction. The other race is with regard to the PA's US Senate seat - the GOP's No. 3 man, Rick Santorum, vs. Bob Casey, Jr., scion of the late PA Governor Bob Casey Sr.

Who will win? You humble Astrological Correspondent has been watching closely all of the key races around the country, and I intend to offer my analysis, commentary and predictions as to outcomes of these races. So let's get right to the ones obtaining in my homestate:

Curt Weldon Jul 22 1947 Marcus Hook PA; Joe Sestak Dec 12 1951 Springfield PA

Sources for all data: Wikipedia

Weldon has the astro-markers of both a Conservative and a longtime politician, with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo, Sun=Jupiter/Neptune=Venus/Pluto and a triple declinational aspect of Venus, Uranus and Pluto. His probable Moon in Virgo square to Uranus in Gemini makes him a shrewd player on the political scene, much more meticulous and precise than his public, somewhat boisterous persona would make him out to be. For his part, Sestak was born with an array of considerable astro-markers for success in politics, most notably his Sun trine Pluto and sextile Neptune; Sun in triple declinational aspect with Uranus and Pluto; and the midpoint pictures Neptune=Sun/Pluto, and Pluto=Sun/Neptune. Keep in mind, that Sestak, his first time ever running for political office, has raised campaign funds comparable to Weldon, who has been in the Congress since the late 1980s, and has received official Democrat Party support in the form of former President Bill Clinton coming to campaign for him.

The race is said to be very, very close, and with the astrology operative with both men bears witness to this. However, upon closer inspection and consideration, we find the following...

Weldon also has, in addition to the above, AP=Jupiter/Pluto, a powerful signal of success, luck, wealth and privilege; although he's under his 2nd Saturn Return, this need not be "the end" for him. Afterall, President George W. Bush was reelected for a 2nd term under *his* 2nd Saturn Return. Also, note at present that Sestak has, at present, transit Saturn sitting right on his Pluto(!), a signal that hardly confers victory, indeed, it almost always infers defeat, falling short of the mark, humiliation.

Checking the overall year of astrological measurements for both men, for Weldon, we see that he had, back in Jul of this year, SA Venus=Sun and SA Sun=Saturn, popularity with the public and goals being set and worked toward; while transit Pluto opposes Uranus, Aug-Oct, transit Neptune square Jupiter all year long, and transit Jupiter returns to its natal position (Weldon born with Jupiter in Scorpio).

Sestak has, in addition to the aforementioned transit of Saturn to his Pluto, SA Mars=Sun/Pluto in Apr, SA Pluto=Uranus/Neptune in Jul, SA Pluto=Saturn/Neptune in Oct and finally, SA Neptune=Uranus/Pluto in Nov; transit Jupiter squares Sestak's Pluto in late Oct.

Although the earliest arc involving Mars in the Spring looked good for Sestak getting his campaign off the ground, the remaining arcs, combined with the Saturn to Pluto transit, overwhelm whatever good the Jupiter to Pluto transit can provide. If the strengths of these Solarscopes hold (no birthtimes available for either candidate), the astrology favors Weldon for winning the 7th Congressional District race, and retaining his seat in the US Congress.

Mu's Prediction: Weldon wins

The race between Rick Santorum and Bob Casey Jr. has reached what only could be called mythic proportions; Hardcore Left Democrats see this as their chance to dislodge what they consider to be a Conservative thorn in their side in Santorum, clearly the US Senate's most outspoken Social Conservative, particularly where issues surrounding Abortion and Gay/Lesbian Issues are concerned. In addition, he has been a staunch ally of the President on the War On Terror, giving countless speeches around the country in defense of the President's policies in this area. His recent book, "It Takes a Family" - a clear response to Senator Hillary Clinton's "It Takes A Village" - enraged further the Left, due to the book's views on Social Issues.

Bob Casey Jr., son of Governor Bob Casey Sr., is currently a State Treasurer and like his father before him, is much more Conservative than most of his fellow Democrats. Like the father, the son is also adamantly pro-life and opposes most gun control laws. However, he differs from Santorum in that he does not support the war effort in Iraq and his position regarding the larger War On Terror has not been made clear as well, although one could infer that he differs with Santorum/Bush on this front as well. In his campaign ads, Casey is careful to point out that Santorum has voted with the President a majority of the time, but - and this is important to point out - while he has enjoyed a comfortable lead in the polls over Santorum, he is still not fully embraced by the Democratic Party machine, due to his stances regarding Abortion, in the main. This could play a role as to the final outcome of the elections next month.

Rick Santorum May 10 1958 Winchester VA; Bob Casey Jr. Apr 13 1960 Scranton PA

Source for both sets of data: Wikipedia (no time known)

Santorum was born with a formidable Sun/Moon blend in Taurus/Aquarius, and one known for producing political talent (Niccolo Machiavelli, who happens to share Italian lineage with Santorum, also was born with this combination); put this together with his Peregrine (Tyl) Mars, and one can see why Santorum is known to be a tough, tireless fighter for his causes. His Conservatism can be seen in his Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Pluto aspects, (along with, of course, his Sun in Taurus; Saturn and Pluto also in declinational aspect), while the sextile between his Jupiter and Pluto account at least in part for his good fortune in retaining public office up to this point. The Sun and Uranus in declinational aspect is another form of assistance to him politically, as is the powerful Sun=Uranus/Pluto. Santorum is a tough man to beat.

For his part, Casey Jr. has the Sun in Aries and the Moon most likely in Scorpio - a combination of a tough hombre in its own right - with the Sun also square Saturn in Capricorn. This accounts for his Conservative "fish out of water" views among his Party peers. Additionally, Casey also has a "hyped up" Mars (and also shares the same Mars in Sign placement with Santorum, Mars in Pisces. Hmm...) in that in this case, Mars is opposed Pluto - Casey is no pushover, that's for sure. He was born with Jupiter trine and in declinational aspect to Pluto, a formidable combination (what I like to call a "Double Whammy" aspect) for success overall, with Venus square Jupiter thrown in for good measure. Like Santorum, he too shares the declinational aspect of Saturn and Pluto, Conservative values and views. HOWEVER, Casey's chart contains no combinations that overcome Santorum's powerful Sun, Uranus and Pluto alignments, indeed, if anything, his Midpoints reveal a key weakness on Casey's part: Mercury=Uranus/Neptune, a combination that suggests fuzzy thinking, not being "on message", being misunderstood, not being clear and saying what you mean/meaning what you say, etc. Recall earlier comments by me regarding this longstanding problem the Democrats have, their Party Mercury position Rx, etc. Hmm. No wonder Casey's been avoiding Santorum's invitations to debate (and the nationwide debate between the two, on "Meet The Press", Santorum mopped the floor with Casey).

Still, with all that said, Santorum's bid for a third term in the US Senate is in danger; note that his Saturn position, at 24 Sagittarius, falls right in the line of fire from Pluto, right now at 24 SAGITTARIUS. All this Summer, if you've been following along my writings, we've seen again and again, what this combination means, and it rarely, if ever, means a favorable outcome of things. It is a combination of defeat, failure, loss. If Santorum is to retain his seat, he will need powerful astrological measurements to offset this transit.

Checking his Solar Arcs, earlier this Summer he had SA Venus=Sun (Jul), usually a signal of popularity, a highpoint for him for what I see here; from there, things look to go downhill, with SA Saturn=Sun/Neptune in Oct, a possible "bump" in the polls with SA Node=Venus/Pluto in the same month, but with SA Pluto=Saturn/Uranus in Nov, I have to say, it doesn't look good for Santorum. Transit Pluto will just be moving away from his Saturn in early Nov. Hmm.

For Casey, his Solar Arcs show that he got off to a rocky start earlier in the year, with SA Pluto=Saturn and SA Mercury=Saturn/Pluto in Mar, but recovered enough to be very competitive in the polls against Santorum by late Summer with SA Mars=Sun in Aug. Right now, as we speak, Casey is undergoing his Solar Arc Semi Square, all planets in his chart advancing by Solar Arc approximately 45 degrees, a major time of conspicuous change, be it for good or bad. This is Casey's bid for "bigger things" indeed, the only potential fly in the ointment being transit Neptune squaring his Uranus in time for the elections. Neptune rules the Solar 12th in Casey's Solar chart - "self undoing" in some way? Not a fargone possibility, given Casey's Mercurial deficits (we can also note, that Casey has Mercury in Pisces, ALWAYS a weakened state for the Winged Planet). In Nov, Casey has SA Sun=Mars, a signal of "get up and go" for sure.

The astrology, based on the Solarscopes of both men, says to me that Casey is likely to win. However, Pennsylvania has a very long history of favoring incumbants, which is in Santorum's favor. That said, Casey is no average candidate - he bears the name of a popular Governor, and in Politics, name recognition is as important as anything else. Bottomline, it's almost too close to call - Santorum has the stronger natal astrology, Casey, the stronger astrological measurements - and in fairness, I'm pulling for Santorum. But I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that the astrology doesn't look good for him at present.

Mu's Prediction: Casey wins

Next up: A look at the Garden State's Senatorial Race...



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