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Ryan Jenkins: The Flipside Of George Sodini

Ryan Jenkins: The Flipside Of George Sodini

Tue Aug 25 2009 8.40AM EDT

With the ink barely dry on Sunday’s missive with regard to George Sodini, new details have emerged in what now appears to be a murder-suicide case of former “reality tv” contestants Jasmine Fiore and her hubbie, Ryan Jenkins. Their case is a powerful study into astrology and the vastly changed nature of our times, themes already raised in my previous Sodini piece.
But, before we get to the astrology, please allow me to share with you some razor sharp insights from one of my personal favorite minds-blogger Ferdinand Bardamu, of In Mala Fide, writes the following about the Fiore-Jenkins affair; notice the clear linkages to my thoughts on Sodini:

“Jasmine Fiore and the feminist blood tithe

Posted on August 25, 2009 by Ferdinand Bardamu

I was going to post on this yesterday (hat tip: Lawrence Auster ), but I got sidetracked with outside concerns. We have another Scott Peterson on our hands :

Authorities were able to identify a slain swimsuit model’s body through her breast implants, after her former reality-star ex-hubby allegedly chopped off her fingers and knocked out her teeth to slow down investigators, it was reported yesterday.

Once cops were able to identify Jasmine Fiore’s body after finding it stuffed in a trash bin in a Los Angeles suburb, they immediately focused on her wealthy ex-husband, Ryan Jenkins, who had reported her missing and then disappeared.

Jenkins and Fiore, 28, were briefly married in a quickie Las Vegas wedding this year — months after he appeared on the low-rent VH1 reality program “Megan Wants a Millionaire,” about a woman seeking a wealthy bachelor.

Also via View from the Right , it was reported that Ryan Jenkins killed himself yesterday :
In what seems to be the final macabre twist to the bizarre and brutal murder case of Los Angeles model Jasmine Fiore, her fugitive husband, Ryan Jenkins, has been found hanged. Jenkins’ body was discovered in a Hope, British Columbia motel room, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The L.A. Times reports that U.S. authorities had traced the former reality TV show contestant’s escape into Canada via a speedboat.

Here’s a picture of the couple in happier times:

We know all about the sexual dystopia’s effects on beta males, but what about the other side of the coin? To quote Whiskey :

For women, and particularly younger women, something has been lost. Good judgment about men, including the natural trade-off between intelligence and testosterone. It’s true, that there is a correlation between higher IQ and lower levels of testosterone and aggression. Making smarter men who are less aggressive less sexually and romantically desireable for women. But women far too often, in our politically correct society, overestimate their ability to exert control over men with high levels of testosterone and aggression. Writer “Theodore Dalrymple” (his pen name) in “Life at the Bottom” recounts a conversation with one of his patients, in the hospital in London where he worked. A girl of 17, who had her arm broken by her boyfriend. He questioned her, and she admitted she knew the boyfriend was violent and prone to abuse when she started dating him. That was the attraction, the danger, and the excitement. Dalrymple’s question was what if that aggression was turned on herself? Her response was that she could look after herself. Dalrymple’s reply that men are stronger than women (as her broken arm indicated) produced the retort that such words were “sexist.”

This pattern persisted even with Dalrymple’s educated, professional nurses. Who chose men who abused them, even at work. They confessed to Dalrymple that they knew the men were violent, they could see it at a glance from the scars from fighting, the tattoos proclaiming a love of violence, and their behavior, dress, and friends. Still they chose them, because ordinary, decent men were in their words, “boring.”

With economic emanicipation, women are free to chase men who make their p*ss*es wet. The problem is that a disproportionate number of these men are inclined to violent and sociopathic behavior. For men like Ryan Jenkins, killing a woman and stuffing her mutilated corpse into a garbage bin is as second-nature as inhaling and exhaling. Because their thought processes are dominated by their crotches, women wander into relationships with these men without consideration of the consequences. The exact same qualities that make these men attractive to women is what makes them capable of abusing and murdering them. An additional part of women’s attraction to these brutes is the delusional belief that they can change them, that their vaginas have the magic power to turn a sociopath into a normal human being. When you tangle with a rattlesnake, you risk getting bit. Jasmine Fiore wandered into the rattlesnake’s lair, and it cost her her life.

Some of you are probably thinking, “how DARE you blame the victim? No woman deserves to be murdered by her husband!” Please, take your thought-terminating cliches and shove them where the cheese is cut. It’s this “don’t blame the victim” bullsh*t that resulted in Fiore’s death.

Every other month, there’s a story in the news about a young woman getting killed, and the unmentionable thread connecting all of these stories is that every single one of these girls engaged in behavior that lead directly to their deaths. Natalee Holloway died because she climbed in the back of a car with three strange men. Imette St. Guillen died because she was wandering around New York City drunk at five in the morning. Jasmine Fiore died because she married a psycho because he got her hot and dripping. None of these women deserved to die, but none of them would have died had they exercised proper judgment instead of letting their genitalia lead them around. Shouting “DON’T BLAME THE VICTIM!” allows people to avoid any introspection about why these killings happen, and as far as I’m concerned, anyone who uses that phrase is an apologist for evil.

The media labels these murders “tragedies,” which is an insulting misuse of the word. The true tragedy is the dystopian configuration of society that makes these murders happen. Per Spengler’s Universal Law of Gender Parity , the counterpart of the angry, sexually frustrated beta male rage shooter is the ignorant, clit-led young lady killed at the hands of her abusive lover. Both George Sodini and Jasmine Fiore are products of the same sick system – the system that deprives beta males of romantic companionship also fails to educate young women as to why they shouldn’t follow their loins into the arms of dangerous men like Ryan Jenkins.

Much like there will be more Sodinis in the future, there will be more Fiores. Akin to how the Aztecs demanded daily human sacrifices to appease their cruel gods, women like Jasmine Fiore are sacrifices to the false idol of sexual egalitarianism. And when the next girl dies, the chattering classes will wring their hands about how horrible it is, not stopping to consider the social structures that result in these women being fed to the meat grinder. Men like myself are misogynists according to the feminists, yet they adhere to an ideology that has killed and will continue to kill countless women. Who are the true misogynists?

If Jenkins had lived long enough to be tried and convicted, I would have bet a wheelbarrow of Canadian loonies that within an hour of being jailed, he would’ve been besieged with dozens of calls from women begging him to marry them. Poor things. They know not what they do.”

Indeed, brother. Indeed.

OK-now for the astrology.

Ladies first…

Jasmine Fiore Feb 18 1981 Orange County CA, no time as yet known, Wikipedia.

Yes, she’s an Aquarian w/the Moon in what appears to beLeo, which definitely fits, given her chosen profession (drama, acting, modelling, “being on stage”, etc.), and in possible opposition to her Venus in Aquarius, again highlighting her chosen career interests. If indeed she was born with these “shiny” planets in aspect to each other, it then brings to bear the potential for self-indulgence and even narcissicism, and a desire to live the good life-she did meet and marry her husband as the result of a reality tv show that focused on “catching” a millionaire, afterall.

And now, its Jenkins’ turn:

Feb 8 1977 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, no time known, Wikipedia.

Yes, they’re both Water Bearers, and while some may think that couples born under the same Sign is cute, I’ve found that it isn’t a good idea if a couple hooks up that have too many planets in the same Signs. It becomes a case of what I call “planetary overload” a kind of “celestial inbreeding” that isn’t good for the Zodiacal gene pool, if you will. I’ve found the best combos tend to be opposites, because they then compliment each other. But I digress.

Going back to Ryan’s chart, several key features leap right out at us. First, note that his Moon, as of 6AM on his birthdate, is about 16 Libra, a mere two degrees away from exact conjunction with Pluto. This is a strong signal that Ryan may have deepseated power struggle stuff going on with the female figures in his life-and indeed, we’ve already learned, that not only did he have such struggles, literally, with Fiore, but that he had them in the past up in Canada as well.

The second standout feature in Ryan’s chart is again, his Venus placement-like Sodini’s, notice that its in Detriment, this time in Aries. This again suggests that Venus is “brought low” somehow, either directly via the native himself, and/or via the women he chooses to surround himself with. I think in Ryan’s case, we can safely say that it was a bit of both-he clearly was attracted to “hot babes” who had all the outer pomp and flash, but not a heck of a lot else going for them. Moreover, as Venus is the dispositor of his all-but certain Moon-Pluto conjunction in Libra, we can say that Ryan himself used this very same Venus to present himself as silver-tongued devil, a, as one of the reality shows called him, “Smooth Operator”. Which brings us to the third most important feature of his Solarscope…

Neptune. Notice how its in aspect to BOTH his Lights-sextile both the Sun and Moon. Whenever an Outer planet comes into contact with both Lights, the native often is kind of a living embodiment of said planet, for better or worse-even Jenkins’ “final act” was Neptunian-he commited suicide. In this case, Neptune played itself out as the classic “other than what it seems” vibe. With Neptune plugged into the heart and soul of Ryan’s chart, along w/a runaway Venus and a Libran Moon, he was Smoothness Personified…until the inner demons were unleashed, as they invariably are, when the prospect of an LTR rears its head.

Before I go back to Jasmine’s chart in light of my “guest’s” comments, I’d like to briefly compare and contrast Ryan’s chart to that of Sodini’s, whom I wrote about the other day. When I first looked at Ryan’s chart, the first thing that came to mind was Bizarro, Superman’s mirror-image and one of his toughest enemies. In many ways, Ryan is the “Bizarro” mirror-image of Sodini.

Let’s count the ways:

Both have Venus in Detriment-Sodini in Scorpio, Jenkins in Aries

Both have Neptune in aspect to the Moon-Sodini, Neptune square the Moon, Jenkins Neptune sextile the Moon

Both have a highlighted Mars-Sodini’s Mars is in Fall (Cancer), while Jenkins’ Mars is Exalted (Capricorn)

And finally, if you haven’t noticed already, their Sun-Moon placements are the opposite from each other-Sodini’s a Libran Sun w/the Moon in Aquarius; Jenkins is an Aquarian Sun w/the Moon in Libra.

Clearly, we can see where Jenkins excelled over Sodini-the Venus and Mars placements in his chart versus Sodini’s says it all. Jenkins exuded a kind of masculine charm that Sodini desperately tried to acquire via self-help Game-style seminars and books. Jenkins had naturally what Sodini did not. Venus in Aries/Mars in Capricorn, meet Venus in Scorpio/Mars in Cancer. Among other things.

And yet, both men ended up killing women. We’ve already examined the “why” in Sodini’s case-now let’s consider the “why” in Jenkins’.

As our guest blogger Ferdinand Bardamu suggests above, the vastly changed social environment is such that young women in our time no longer have to consider other qualities in a man, for the simple reason that they are now fully self-supporting; in addition, the Pill, Abortion on Demand, and muscular legal protections, from the workplace to the bedroom, have all worked to free up a woman’s sexual choices to the maximum-the sky’s the limit. Under this rubric then, only one real factor remains: what some have referred to as “Gina Tingle”.

If we go back to Jasmine’s Solarscope, we note that Mars is in Pisces, a usually benign Sign, and for Mars a “diffusing” of its more wayward energies. However, the keen astrological eye notices something-Mars makes no standard aspect to any other planet. When such an occurance is noted, the planet is said to be “Peregrine”, per astrologer Noel Tyl’s research; said planet is akin to a bucking bronco in a corral, a live wire, the lone guy shouting to the top of his voice on the other side of the room from all the other folks in attendance. Such a planet will greatly “color” the life of the native in nearly everyway-for example, we already know that Fiore was planning to open a gym, and her body was discovered mutilated. Two very Martian “themes”.

And, as Mars represents men, literally, in a female chart, its condition must be carefully considered. In Fiore’s case, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she went for guys who had a certan charm but their “beastly” ways were lurking just beneath the surface. It makes for steamy romance novel reading, but living w/a “beast” day to day can get a bit old to say the least-if not out and out life threatening. Without any restraints to keep things in check, such guys can really be dangerous-as Bardamu points out above, and as, unfortunately, Fiore found out, first hand. Finally, note how her Mars in Pisces comports so well to Jenkins’ Neptunian persona. Deep.

A final word on someting I raised in my piece on Sodini, and that’s the role that the Outer Planets-Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, play with regard to our ever-changing world. Each was discovered at a crucial time of development, particularly in the Western world, and represents concepts and ideas that weren’t around, or if they were, weren’t fully developed prior to said planet’s discovery. For example, democratic ideas did exist prior to Uranus’ discovery, but it took full shape after it was sighted. Currency exchanges and economic models existed before the discovery of Pluto, but these systems really got a “boost” after 1930.

In the case we’re examining, the greatly changed dating/mating sphere, badboys never went lacking for female company-but in the modern era, as Bardamu rightly notes above, they are now swimming in “vaj”. Why?

The answer to that question lies in a celestial event that occurs every few centuries or so, the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. Its last “hookup” was back in 1966 or so, in the Sign of Virgo, the Virgin. And what immediately happened after this conjunction?

Yup, that’s right, you guessed it, The Pill was born. Scientifically proven, medically safe, and highly reliable birth control was now available for women everywhere-and the best part? It didn’t have to rely on men to use it.

This “seed” conjunction then followed through the mundane transits of Uranus, then Pluto, into Libra in the late 60s and early 70s, when the landmark Roe v Wade decision came down. Now women countrywide, had access to an abortion whenever she wanted it, and again, without the consent or even knowledge, of her lover-even if it was her husband. The “right to choose” was hers, and hers alone.

Then, in 1993, “The Year of The Woman” happened-more women were elected to key positions in the US govt at all levels, than ever before in American history, and with it, corresponding advances in the social, work and legal spheres. This occured as Uranus and Neptune were in conjunction in Capricorn, the “patriarchy” itself, and while Mars, planet of men and males, was at its lowest ebb in Cancer, AND Retrograde. This was a dramatic and heady time for women, particularly the young, while for men and boys, the results were devasting (the “slacker”, Grunge Rock like Nirvana/Kurt Cobain and Pearljam/Eddie Vedder were born, among a great many things). In so many ways, Women’s Lib was embodied in America’s first Metrosexual President, Bill Clinton (who himself, had a long history of being the very cad and rake feminists professed to rail against; more on him and another famous cad feminists just can’t get enough of, in due course; stay tuned…), who pandered to women to such an extent that they swooned whenever he walked into a room.

The keen astrological reader will note that in the aforementioned epic conjunctions cited, Earth Signs were prominent. And with the involvement of Uranus each time, a “disruption” was in play. Earth represents structures, the ideas and concepts that undergirds a society, its traditions and mores. Here, we can clearly see the breaking down of said traditions, mores, values, with regard to contemporary American life, and its direct impact on dating and mating.Which brings us to the present, where women like Jasmine Fiore, are free to reject George Sodini and instead pick Ryan Jenkins. Sure, wag your finger if you must, be keep in mind one thing-in Nature, the male displays, and the female chooses.

And choices, always have consequences.

Comment and reply, invited.

Holla back


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