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Lilly's "Great Question"

Lilly's "Great Question"

8:41 AM 11/21/05 Mon

In light of the recent discussion concerning Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Terrell Owens, I thought to throw this chart into the mix. I know many of you share my love of Horary, and when it comes to this branch of the Art, no one did it better than the great William Lilly.

In the 9th House section of the book "Christian Astrology", Lilly poses the following question:
If Presbytery Shall Stand? Mar 11 1647 OS, 4.45PM LMT London, England; Regiomantanus 17 Virgo

And Lilly's chart:

William Lilly May 11 1602, 2AM LMT Diesworth, England; Placidus 2 Pis 3, Rodden

The book "The Moment of Astrology" takes up this horary, on page 312, with the actual chart reprinted on the preceeding page.

"Great Questions" as Lilly called them, are questions that go beyond the personal; they in some way deal with major happenings, like political elections or events, or, in my case, whether a key player would return to a hometown professional sports team. The conventional wisdom of Horary is that one cannot ask such questions, on the grounds that they have little to do with the querent. But my direct experience in working with Horary over the years controverts this reasoning. And Lilly seems to agree.

OK, here's the deal: at the time Lilly posed this question, the Civil War in England, between King Charles forces, and that of the Parliament, was still ongoing; though defeated by Parliament, Charles still had loyalists out in Scotland and Ireland. In the Parliament itself a schism occured between the Independents and the Prebyterians, who by the way had a strong Scottish lineage. Charles was about to close a deal with the Presbyters; had the deal gone down, the Puritan Church-State would replace the Church of Rome back in that day as to the rulership of the country. On top of this, the army, which hadn't been paid for months, was about to mutiny - and Oliver Cromwell, hero of the army and England, had retired from active duty.

Now the book "The Moment of Astrology" reprints Lilly's approach and final judgement of the affair, among which, was the prediction that Cromwell would make a comeback and sort things out for the country. But I will offer my own take on this chart, with a few more observations.
First off, we check the chart to see if it's radical and fit to be judged...

The Presby horary has a Virgo Asc, with Mercury in Pisces in the 7th. This represents Lilly himself, the man asking the question. In Lilly's natal chart, note how Pisces is rising on the Asc. To me, this is one signal that the chart is indeed radical. Moreover, none of the classical strictures against judgement occur in this chart. More radicality.

While Lilly takes the 9th House to be that of the Presbyters, I take them to be the 10th; Gemini is there, and Mercury is Fallen in Pisces. A fitting symbolism of the Parliament (Party in Power, the 10th) being divided (Gemini) over philosophical and religious issues (Mercury in Pisces!).

Lilly takes Jupiter in Cancer to be Cromwell, and I agree, but in my case it's because of the fact that Jupiter rules the 4th House, the Party out of Power; although King Charles was beaten by the Parliament forces, he still has some juice and is about to close a deal with the Presbyterian side of the Parliament. Therefore, both Charles and Presbyters are represented by the 10th, the Independents and Cromwell the 4th.

Note Jupiter is Rx - Cromwell is making a comeback, and so is the Independent side of the Parliament. Mercury ruling the 10th, the Presbyters, is Fallen and weak. Moreover, they're in the Sign of Jupiter classically - the Independents will win the day.

Lilly says in his judgement of the matter, that in less than 3 years' time there will be major changes in the state of things, and that England won't have a King like "when there was no King in Israel", etc.

On Jan 30 1649, King Charles was executed, and Oliver Cromwell became "Lord Protector" of England for the next 8 years, if memory serves.

So, to summarize my take on the matter: this chart really comes down to which Party will win out - the Party in Power, the 10th - OR - the Party out of Power, the 4th.

The 4th won.

Now, let's go back to my Terrell Owens Horary:

"Will T.O. GO Back To The Eagles? Tue Nov 15 2005 7.27PM EST Philadelphia PA; Placidus 7 Can 17"
And my natal chart:

Mu'Min Bey Dec 2 1968 9.43AM EST Philadelphia PA; Placidus 15 Cap 25

Please note again, that both charts have the Moon in Taurus, very important both in determining the radicality of the horary, and tying itself to me in settling of a "great question".



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