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John Lennon 25 Years Later

John Lennon 25 Years Later

5:17 PM 12/8/05 Thu

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon, killed at the hands of a crazed fan, Mark David Chapman. As I type this, all manner of retrospectives and the like are airing on radio, TV and the internet about the life and times of one of the most famous people ever to walk the Earth.
As always, Lennon's life and Vedic chart proves a good case study for those of us who wish to glean Jyotish's insights:

John Lennon Oct 9 1940 6.30PM BST Liverpool, England/UK; Lahiri 26 Pis 40.

Lennon was born with Pisces on the Asc, a Sign associated with artistry, mysticism and, when other factors are involved, drugs. It is well known that Lennon, along with the rest of the Beatles were quite heavily into drugs, and of course, their musical contributions speak for themselves. Note the strong influence of Ketu on the Lagna (Ascendant), which, as one half of the serpent-being who tried to steal the drink of immortality, represents all forms of intoxicants.
Looking a bit closely at Lennon's chart though, speaks strongly as to his longevity; right off the bat we can see that his lifespan would not be long.

I say that because Jupiter, Lennon's Asc Lord, is both Rx and in tight conjunction with Saturn in the 2nd House. Saturn is not only debilitated in Aries, but in DEEP debilitation at that; in the 2nd House, this combination accounts for many of Lennon's gaffes, particularly the "We're more famous than Jesus" remark. Very often, people with strong 2nd House challenges tend to make remarks they shouldn't utter within public earshot.

For any chart, the Asc Lord is the most important planet; its condition and participation in planetary yogas with other planets will very often tell the tale as to the overall life chances of the native. In Lennon's case, with the Asc Lord so very weakened, we would have to say that Lenno's health would be in question.

But with his Moon in the 11th House of Groups - in this case, The Beatles - we can see where his fame came from. The Moon forms a Gaja Kersari Yoga, and from the Moon we see that Saturn, which is Lagnesh from the Moon, has attained Neechabhanga status. Moreover, again from the Moon, Mercury, which is the 9th Lord, is in the 10th and aspects Saturn.

As a rule, a singer/artist needs a strong 3rd House, for this House represents such areas of life; in Lennon's case, from the birth Asc, we see that Venus rules his 3rd and is aspected by Lagnesh Jupiter. "The arts" is an easy theme to see in this horoscope.

What is very noticeable in Lennon's chart is the very, very, very, VERY stressed out 7th House; not only does he have Kuja Dosha but he also has the Sun and Rahu in the 78th as well. On top of that, Venus, which represents relationships and marriage in general, is placed in one of the worst Houses in a Vedic chart, the 6th, AND in one of its worst Sign placements, Leo. All of these markers suggest at the very least, a turbulent state of affairs with regard to marriage, if not worse. Lennon's chart stands as a vivid example of just how Kuja Dosha works in a chart - first of all, Mars in and of itself placed in the 7th House will not bring about the destruction of a marriage; much depends on whether the native is a man or woman, as well as to the inherent condition of Mars in the particular chart. But even IF Mars is placed in a bad way in someone's chart, the 7th House has to be severely challenged in order for all of the textbook problems associated with Kuja Dosha to truly manifest. With 3 first rate malefics in the 7th House (the Sun, Rahu and Mars), with Mars in the 7th House in the chart of a man and with Mars in the Sign of an Enemy, we can see why Lennon had a disasterous previous marriage before he met Yoko Ono - and even then, they went through a period of seperation.

This 7th House situation also speaks very well to Lennon's dislike of Paul McCartney; the other night, I happened to hear a previously unreleased interview with Lennon in 1970, right after the breakup of the Beatles. During the interview Lennon made it very clear that not only did he work with McCartney often if at all, but that he didn't like him much either. The 7th House represents "marriages" of all kinds - personal/romantic/sexual, and business as well.

Note that the 7th Lord Mercury is placed in the 8th House, while Venus, the 8th Lord, is placed in the 6th. This is a very difficult chart for marriage and relationships, no matter how you slice it.
The entire decade of the 1960s saw tremendous success for Lennon and the rest of the Beatles; at the time, Lennon was having Venus Dasa. Note the YK status of Venus from the Moon, as well as the 3rd House tie-ins from both the Asc and the Moon.

Lennon met and married Yoko Ono toward the end of his Venus Dasa in the late 1960s; the Mercury sub period was running at the time of his marriage to Ono. Mercury rules the 7th.

At the time Lennon was killed, he was in his Moon Dasa. This in itself wouldn't make one think "death" - but - when we consider the fact that Lennon's sub period of Jupiter came in ONE DAY BEFORE he was shot to death, it all makes perfect sense. Remember what I said above about the importance of the Asc Lord? Very often, in the charts of people who's lives are shortened, the Lagnesh is usually very weakened in some way. At the very least, even if they don't die when the periods of their ruling planets are in operation, they can expect protracted periods of illness, etc. Note too that Jupiter rules the 12th House from the Moon. Loss. Note too that Jupiter along with debilitated Saturn aspects the 8th House of Death.



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