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Neptune & Political Correctness

Neptune & Political Correctness

6:10 AM 12/1/05 Thu

Although I don't consider myself a huge fan of Liz Greene - she's far and away too "pop psych" for me - I
have to admit that in my humble view girlfriend hit a homerun with "The Astrological Neptune & The Quest For
Redemption". This weighty tome - well over 400 pages - is quite possibly the single best treatment of
Neptune I've ever seen in print. She covers Neptune from just about every conceivable angle an astrologer
could think of - relationships, House placement, in Mundane analysis, Jungian analysis, you name it.

On page 308, Greene offers an unusually lucid series of comments regarding one of the largest socio-political
trends of our times - Political Correctness:

"At the time of this writing, the phenomenon of "poliotical correctness" is spreading accross North America,
and has even pervaded the Saturnian bastions of British society. Although the United States has never even
flirted, let alone conducted a love affair with true socialism (Thank God! - my comments), Neptune has
entered the American political arena in this most curious guise. There is much to be said for an increased
public awareness of the religious, racial, and social sensitivities of others, and the eradication of blatantly
offensive racist and sexist terminology from media and publications is, in principle, something which any
intelligent individual would applaud. But a line appears to have been crossed which threatens to submerge us
in shrouds of Neptunian fog. An article published in The Times in June 1994 offers an excellent illustration. It
reported the case of an excessively overweight woman who threatened to take her local cinema to court
because it had not provided double-sized seats for people too large to fit into ordinary ones. Individuals like
her, she claimed, had the same rights as other, thinner folk; and such an oversight constituted persecution
of a minority. No doubt my description of this case will provoke anger in the politically correct reader. So be
it. But are others really responsible for accomodating the rage and envy of those who are perfectly capable
of facing and working with their own personal compulsions? Here is the infant demanding that mother, in the
form of society (and, ultimately, the taxpayer), gratifies unquestioningly and unconditionally the needs of the
unformed personality which does not wish to be born. I do not have the birth horoscope of the particular
individual described in The Times, but I am certain that Neptune is very strong in it. in Neptune's watery
world, personal grief and anger toward the mother who has not provided enough can be easily transformed
into a political perspective which seeks a scapegoat - and scapegoat - for one's expulsion from Eden too

Clearly, Greene speaks to both the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction in Capricorn, which took place in 1993; and
as well, to her view that Neptune is a decidedly Feminine influence ("The Great Mother", etc.). In the earlier
chapters of her book, Greene goes to great lengths to flesh out her views in this regard.

I think her thoughts really sums it all up, because Political Correctness - also referred to as "PC" - has in
actual fact stultified candor from a theorectical premise based in nobility. It is characteristic of Left thinking,
politically, coming from a emotive proposition, instead of a well-reasoned one.

The Conjunction (Feb 2 1993 3.05AM EST Washington, DC; Placidus 9 Sag 31) occuring in Capricorn,
reflected a massive amount of damage in the traditions that have held American society together; though
not perfect, those traditions have made America what it is today, the wealthiest, freest democracy in the
history of Human Beings. Some will invariably argue that the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction brought great
things with it as well, and I'm honest enough to acknowledge this. But one is hard pressed, in light of the
comments given above by Greene - hardly on the astro-political Right - to say with a straight face that
things have gone just a wee-bt too far in our public socio-political discourse.

The Conjunction itself, occuring in the 2nd House at the time of Partile, speaks in dramatic fashion to the
National Values the country has held, and indeed, during that time (and even now, as the Uranus-Neptune
"link" continues through its Mutual Reception in Aquarius/Pisces) there was/is much talk of "Family Values".

The Conjunction itself was opposed the National Sun and Mercury, and square the National Saturn,
suggesting a wide ranging series of shifts politically, culturally, and would manifest itself most strongly
through the media and academia (USA Jul 4 1776 5.10PM LMT Philadelphia PA; Placidus 12 Sag 19, Campion).
Today, our Astrology is in my view, infested with Neptunian-drenched Political Correctness - any attempt at
"straight talk" is automatically viewed, by enthusiast and professional alike, as crude, rude, offensive, even
racist and/or sexist. Nevermind the self-appointed mandate that we astrologers are to assist others - indeed,
we end up aiding and abetting the dysfunctionality of so many people. Who can deny that so many people -
on both sides of the table, astrologers and those they serve - have a prominence, if not an "overload" of
Neptune in their charts?

As I type this, there is much talk on local talk radio of an editorial cartoon featuring the KKK and which says
something about the high level of Black on Black crime (which usually ends in homicide). Both the listeners
and the talk show host - Black on both sides of the microphone - are livid at the stunt. But what neither side
wishes to acknowledge, is the harsh truth of the matter - that here in Philadelphia, where I live, the vast
majority of the murders that take place here are by Black people, almost always against Black people. And
this has been the case for as long as I can remember. The Klan, nor anyone else, has little if anything to do
with that. Not only that, but this is a relatively recent phenomenon, since the late 60s; prior to that, "Black
on Black" crime was few and far between. Only when a few racist (?) Whites comes along and makes a
statement - one telling the truth, no less - do we get all hot and bothered? What about all those people who
were killed, by their very neighbors?

Another incident that occured earlier this Summer - a doctor up in, I think New Hampshire was threatened
with a lawsuit by one of his patients - an excessively overweight woman (sound familiar?) whom he told had
to lose the weight for the sake of her health. The woman left "offended" and contacted a bunch of activists
and the like; under the pressure of both "fat activists", lawyers and even this doctor's own local medical
board, he was forced to issue an apology to this woman. Now, does anyone see anything at all wrong with
this picture? Isn't it a doctor's job - duty - to look out for the well being of the patients in his/her care?

Since when did advising a patient to "lose weight" become grounds for a lawsuit and possible rescinding of
one's medical liscence?

These are just a few of a long series of "politically correct" instances and thoughtstreams, streams that are
heavily polluted by, as Greene points out above, Neptunian elements (victimization, infantilism, etc.).

I run into many, many astrologers who are just enamoured with Liz Greene; as I said in my open remarks, I've
never been a huge fan of hers overall; I wonder if her staunch supporters just happened to read the above
quote? What would they have to say about that?




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