Sunday, March 05, 2006

On Pluto, Sagittarius & "The Freedom Of Speech"...

On Pluto, Sagittarius & "The Freedom Of Speech"...

12:43 PM 3/5/06 Sun

Before we get too far into Mar 2006, it's good, while Mercury is retrograding, to look back to the events of the past few weeks and see what we can make of things. In this regard, specifically, to Freedom of Speech.

With transit Pluto entering its final 5 degrees in the Sign of Sagittarius, a tidal wave of events around the world crashed down upon the general public. Chief among them, was what has now become known in some circles as "the cartoon jihad" - the massive protests and more, that took place among the world's Muslim population, in umbrage over the printing of derisive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The cartoons sparked a much needed debate regarding Islam and its role on the world stage these days, even if the cartoons themselves were at the least, disrespectful, if not out and out racist.

Only days after these events, two other events occurred that merit considerable mention.

British Historian, David Irving, was sentenced to 3 years in prison for denying the Holocaust in his comments and writings; Harvard President Larry Summers was forced to resign from his post, no doubt for his comments last year about the possibility that perhaps men and women were fundamentally different, and because of that could explain why there were more men in math, science and physics classes than were women.

These are very disturbing trends that, in face of the cartoon controversey that had been raging in other parts of the world, reminds us all of both the prime importance of the Freedom of Speech, as well as its double-bladed nature. While we are so intent on "educating" the Islamic World about this bedrock principle of Democracy, we must always keep in mind that we cannot throw it out when it doesn't suit us, and re-invoke it when it does. No matter what you may think of Summers or Irving, the point is that they have as much right to speak, to be heard, to offend, as those Danish newspaper artists and editors, who went ahead with their disrespectful and blasphemous renditions of the Holy Prophet.

The phrase "Freedom of Speech" is a decidedly Sagittarian one; no one hates censorship more, than an Archer. And no one is more likely to offend others, than an Archer, for they often have at least as much biting truth to go along with their bluster-filled commentaries. Pluto's transit thru the Sign of the Archer, highlights this theme more and more; by the time it enters Capricorn, a short few years from now, we all have had a greater understanding for this most cherished principle.

Last year, I wrote a brief but pointed essay dealing with Political Correctness and the role Neptune played in this socio-political phenomenon. While Neptune obfuscates, clouds, misdirects, Pluto lays bare, all of the key themes and issues of the Sign in which it is placed at any one time. The Cartoon Jihad, Holocaust Denial Trial, and Harvard ouster of Summers, clearly points to the nature of Pluto's transit thru Sagittarius, and the painful but necessary lessons it has to teach us about Freedom of Speech.



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