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Russia's "Baby Bust"-Pluto Problem

Russia's "Baby Bust"-Pluto Problem

9:02 AM 3/9/06 Thu

Early this morning I heard on BBC Radio a very interesting report regarding Russia's very interesting demographic problem; it seems that Russians aren't making babies. Not only that, but even more devastating is the fact that Russians are dying at a faster rate than their Western European counterparts - especially males - and put together with the Russian Baby-Bust, it all conjures up a very disturbing time to come for the world's largest geographical country.

As mentioned, Russia takes up about 1/5th of the world's land mass, yet at present only has a population of about 150 million people; Russia's women at present, only give birth to 1.3 children, as opposed to the recommended 2.1 childbirths per woman for a nation to be able to meet its obligations, etc. And the rate continues to fall - in large put, because women there are simply choosing not to have babies.

Instead, they're opting for careers, like women in other Western (and now, even Eastern) societies. But while they're out chasing their career dreams, their biological clocks were silently ticking away - and by the time these ladies finally tuned into them, very often, it was too late. The (In)Fertility Business is huge accross the Western World, making billions of dollars annually, with no end in sight - there are perhaps millions of infertile couples with lots of disposable cash and all the might of modern medical technology at their disposal to give them the child of their choice thru a myriad of options.

In Russia, while the economic choices for some have been greatly increased, this has not yet been the case for many, and so the aforementioned wonders of medical science has not reached Russian career women. But even if it did, like the Western World, and Western Europe in particular, it does not promise a solving of all the many problems that crop up as a direct result of depopulation.

In the past year, I have tried to focus as much as possible on the astrological underpinnings of phenomenons such as these; many of my papers on the topic have centered on the astrological Pluto, for it is Pluto that most concerns itself with issues of life and death (of which conception and birth are included); Pluto is among the "big three" Sexual Planets, being the most strongest and profound of the three, with longranging implications pertaining to sexual choices and decisions for the entire society, falling within its purview. It is the urge to perpetuate the species, and as the Magis assert, Pluto is a Male Sexual Planet, the desire to "spread one's seed" on into the future.

As Russia moves further away from its Communist/Soviet roots and adopts/adapts to more Free Market attitudes, it discovers that it needs "warm bodies" to make those dreams real - they need workers at all levels of Society, especially at those levels where many Russians, who consider themselves educated and cosmopolitan, simply don't want to do - they find themselves importing more and more immigrant workers. Often younger, they will go on to have babies - and since by that time, they will have spent some years in Russia, they will consider it home and stay there - and this creates a huge problem for the Russians to deal with. They aren't reproducing themselves, they want free market economies, but to do that they need others willing to do the dirty work, and they will end up having the babies of the next generation as well.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to address this issue with limited success; a proposed financial stipend given to couples to have kids has not yet resulted in stemming the tide of massive depopulation. Putin was born on Oct 7 1952 9.30AM BAT in St. Petersburg, Russia; Placidus 3 Scorpio 11, Rodden. It's very interesting to note, that Putin has Pluto ruling the Asc and sitting in the 10th, conjunct the MC. Note also that Pluto closely sextile Neptune, ruler of his 5th - with Neptune in the 12th. Neptune in turn conjuncts Saturn, itself in turn sextile Pluto - in other words, we can see, thru the Russian leader's chart, the current demographic crisis that Russia's in; Pluto, and the 5th House, are considerably "toned down" (please see my essay on the 5th House & Sexual Identity, found on my blog) - and it shows. With transit Saturn in Leo at present bearing down on Putin's Asc, and going on later this year to conjunct his Pluto in the 10th, we can expect to hear more from Russia on this issue, particularly painful for the Russian people as they attempt to come up with solutions to their baby dearth.

Pluto will enter Capricorn at Moscow, Russia, on Jan 26 2008, at 4.39AM, EET; Placidus 15 Sag 33. At that moment, Pluto will rise in the 1st House, in triple conjunction with Venus and Jupiter. Indeed, this configuration will be in force throughout the world when Pluto enters The Goat for the first time in more than 2 centuries, and will speak to the entire world's dealings and attitudes regarding family formation, sex, marriage, kids, and whether tradition is still as important today as it's always been. For the Russian people in particular, the press will be on as never before to address the problem, as more and more of their native born populace gets older and dies off, with fewer and fewer native born Russians coming into the world to replace them. Here at home, with the Roe v. Wade battles heating up, we can expect it all to hit a fever pitch around the time of Pluto-in-Cap's Ingress, going over the USA's MC and eventually square the USA's Venus-Jupiter conjunction. With Pluto finally entering "public square" Capricorn, the people will have finally seen in vivid fashion, that sexual choices, be they one way or another, will and do indeed have profound impact on the societies in which those choices are made.

Back in Oct 2005, I wrote extensively on these matters; here is an excerpt of that essay:

"As the recently concluded Saturn in Cancer transit showed, many women who put their all into their work and careers (a key theme of the Women's Movement's "second wave" in the 60s and 70s - Pluto in Virgo) suddenly realized that they wanted to be mommies, and those who could resorted to all manner of fertility treatments and the like, with limited success. For every "success story" we all hear about a woman having a child (and more often than not, multiple kids due to the fertility drugs and chemicals), there are scores of women for whom these treatments simply did not work. And while there continues to be much discussion on these issues, a key crucial point seems to go unmentioned - Nature. For every woman knows well the sound of her "biological clock ticking" and knows that she only has a limited amount of time to have babies. And despite the great strides in medical/reproductive technology, social advancements and so on, this great truth comes roaring back at us, no matter how much we may try to ignore it.

Indeed, earlier this year, the BBC World Service reported on a "fertility summit" that took place in Belguim, if I recall correctly; the issue had to do with the fact that Western Europe is facing two major problems: on the one hand, they're having trouble making babies among the "preferred" stock of their populations; and on the other hand, these same countries are having huge problems with sometimes hostile immigration, especially in the form of Islamic newcomers, who don't seem to have a problem with making whoopie and having kids. The summit's findings were at best politically correct, if not out and out disengenuous: that the main reasons why infertility was so high was supposedly due to obesity both among men and women; higher incidences of STDs and great use of birth control. Not once did the study mention at all, the fact that so many women waited so very long to try to have kids in the first place. Hmm.

There are many, many, many looming issues for us in the Western world to contend with along these lines, obliterating the ideas in some quarters that reproduction/fertility/marriage/sex is strictly "a personal affair/decision", that government and/or society at large has (or shouldn't have) no say in such things. As the current domestic debate surrounding Social Security shows, and as the current elections in Germany and the BBC reported "fertility summit" in Belguim proves without a doubt, that those who proffer such a premise are dead wrong."

On Pluto & Generational Population Growth 9:09 AM 10/24/05 Mon

Because of the nature of the subject matter and those who opine on it, there will no doubt be those among us who will put forth some concocted philosophical spin on the whole thing - but such views fall flat on their face when put to the acid test of the real world. The bottomline is, that so many of the feminists, socialists, scholars and thinkers - many of whom are at the very least suspicous of, if not harbor an out and out hatred of tradition - simply didn't consider the longrange ramifications of their ideologies taken to their most logical conclusions. Women enmasse focusing on their careers instead of the next generation, will naturally mean that there will be fewer human beings alive to take care of the old later on down the line. Making abortion on demand available widely means the same thing. Watering down marriage on the grounds that it is inherently hostile and demeaning to women means in essence, watering down society itself. Going forward with new medical technologies to assist those to have children ala carte - while at the same time not really being clear on the ethical and yea I'll say it - religious dimensions of such an enterprise, takes the miracle of life out of God's Hands and puts it instead into a petrie dish. Giving priority to Gay Marriage, while at the same time demeaning Traditional Marriage, opens further the baby-bust problems that bedevil Europe, Eastern and Western alike, and threaten to eventuate here in the United States.

All of this has, as we all can clearly see now, massive effects on the fate of our Nations; I, for one, am hoepful that with the passage of Pluto into Capricorn a few short years from now, that things can be set right again.

Or at least halfway right.



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