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New Orleans: Nagin's Chocolate Factory, Or Landrieu's Great White Hope?

New Orleans: Nagin's Chocolate Factory, Or Landrieu's Great White Hope?

6:51 AM 05/14/2006 Sun

With the 1st year anniversary of one of the USA's worst natural disasters ever, Hurricane Katrina, fast approaching, another storm of sorts grips the Big Easy - the upcoming runoff elections between the Crescent City's embattled mayor, Ray Nagin, and Louisana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, of the famed Landrieu Clan. Like any good political campaign, this one has plenty of meat on the bone and stars for us astrologers to study, in determining who will win out in the first of many very important races in this year's 2006 Elections.

Both men are very well known; Nagin, born Jun 11 1956 in New Orleans, was at the helm along with Governor Kathleen Blanco during the Katrina crisis, and Nagin's "chocolate city" comments and related remarks have got him into a bit of trouble with New Orleans White sections, who view the comments as divisive. On the other hand, Nagin, who has had unusual support from both Whites and Blacks in his run for and eventual victory for Mayor, a few years back. This time around, however, with Katrina's aftermath aggravating tensions along racial lines, Nagin clearly has more support among Black voters than Whites.

Which could prove key for Landrieu, should he choose to play that card; born Aug 16 1960, also in New Orleans, he is the 5th out of 10 children sired by "Moon" Landrieu, one of the Big Easy's Big Daddys. Moon was mayor from 1970-1978 and enjoyed quite a bit of popularity among African Americans for his refusal to go along with anti-desegregation proposals in the lates 60s and early 70s. If Mitch is successful in falling back on his father's good deeds for Blacks, he could parlay his daddy's good track record into the winning votes he needs.

It should be pointed out, that in the primary last month, Nagin won 38% of the vote over all, while Landrieu got 29%. Nagin got the majority of Black voters, Landrieu, the majority of White ones. Whether either wants it to be or not, the Mayoral Election for the future of New Orleans is indeed, about Race. If Landrieu wins, he will be the first White mayor since his daddy completed two terms, ending in 1978 - almost three decades. All eyes will be on the Big Easy next Saturday, so let's see what astrology has to say about who will win...

Mayor Ray Nagin has the Sun in Gemini sextile a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo, while at the same time, the Sun widely trines Neptune; in the declinations, Nagin also has the Sun, Venus and Pluto in alignment within one degree. Venus is "out of bounds" contributing to both his handsome looks and his considerable popularity despite the hurricane and his off-color (I couldn't resist the pun) remarks. Although he has Mercury square Mars, surely the force behind his now well known radio interview that was laced with profanity, if his Moon is in Cancer at the time he was born, it could go a long ways toward continuing to endear him to the public. Lastly, Nagin has Uranus=Venus/Jupiter=Venus/Pluto. Overall, his Solar chart speaks to considerable Super Aspects that should make him very tough to beat - again, keep in mind that he came out on top in last month's elections, in a field of over 20 candidates!

On the other hand, Landrieu has his Leo Sun conjunct Uranus and also trine Jupiter in Sagittarius; Venus conjuncts Pluto and sextiles Neptune, which is nice to see. But in comparison to Nagin, Landrieu doesn't seem to measure up. Not only that, but he also has the following midpoints: Mecury=Saturn/Pluto (difficulty getting his messae out without sounding too heavy), AP=Sun/Neptune=Uranus/Neptune (strong potential for looking weak or lackluster, no "ooomph"); Mars=Saturn/Neptune (possibly confusion over which way to deploy his campaign energies; lowered energy output, essential for anyone jockeying for a job) and finally, Sun=Mars/Neptune (the public not quite being sure what Landrieu stands for, as opposed to only being against Nagin). It seems that Nagin clearly has the astrological upperhand - and if Landrieu wants to win, he'll need the help of his big sister, Senator Mary Landrieu, and Big Daddy Moon Landrieu himself, to help him get the vote out in his favor. It's too much of an uphill climb on his own.

Checking the transits and Solar Arcs for this month, there is nothing exact for Nagin; but for Landrieu, last month, he had SA Mars=Venus and SA Mars=Sun/Jupiter, signs of success for sure. This month however, he has transit Saturn square his Neptune, which will be exact about a week after the elections. That can't be good, and with his Solar chart already not as strong as it needs to be to knock off an incumbant with a very strong one in Nagin, a debilitating transit of Saturn to one's Neptune at the time of a runoff isn't cool.

Mu's Prediction? Nagin in a landslide.

You heard it here...

Anybody up for some Chocolate Milk?



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