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An Astrological Dissection Of Nancy Waterman's "Bush's Dream"

An Astrological Dissection Of Nancy Waterman's "Bush's Dream"

12:41 PM 3/12/06 Sun

In keeping with the important theme of Peer Review in Astrology, I present the very well written, but deeply partisan article by astrologer Nancy Waterman, which appeared on the site Mar 9 2006 (and can be also found at her website: Waterman has her own website, and her work frequently appears on, a website that, like Waterman's is devoted to anti-Bush partisanship in astrological drag. I have long made the case that it's so very important, both for the good of Astrology on into the future, and for the good of Astrology's public face, that we must be intellectually honest about our personal convictions when presenting our work to the public at large. It is clear, from a careful reading of Waterman's and Sally McDonald's writings (the founder of and other astrologers, that they are clearly anti-Bush and strongly support a Democratic agenda. I completely support their right to their views; but what I take exception to, is their inability and/or unwillingness to be upfront about this partisan point of view, so that readers, particularly those who are astrological newcomers, can be more aware of the motivations of the writers and come to their own conclusions. It is with this thought in mind that I found it most instructive to offer a bit of astrological peer review on Waterman's most recent piece of work. More such peer reviews, of other astrological writers, will appear, in due course of time.

NOTE: I've tried to post this critique on Ms. Waterman's site, but to no avail; she apparently has everyone on "moderated" status. So much for her and others's love for Freedom of Speech...

NW: Bush's Dream
Like the crumbling power of the failing king in a Greek tragedy, the credibility of the Bush regime is deteriorating by the day along with its poll numbers. And also much like in a Greek tragedy, there is a fatal flaw in the main character of this story that is the cause of his demise. George W. Bush is unable to deal with reality; he neither perceives it clearly nor is he able to act rationally and expeditiously upon relevant information. Instead, he dwells in a delusional world in which he is the hero in a great unfolding drama, imagining that he brings democracy and freedom to the suffering masses of the planet and compassionate conservatism to the hungry at home. When caught in the contradiction between his world and the facts on the ground, he clings to his superhero myth, claims complete innocence over any misdeeds, and blames others for their incompetence or deception. Some people call this lying.

MU: Uh, correct me if I'm wrong - but didn't Bush take full and complete responsibility for the Katrina blunder, during a nationally televised address, from New Orleans? Am I dreaming? I DID see that, on TV, right? In any event, it's true that Neptune's stamp has been strongly planted on the Bush Era, in this I would completely agree.

NW: In 2001, while the Boy King was dwelling in this glorified presidential fantasy, he ignored warnings about the dire terrorist threat that eventually came on 9/11. At the time, he had been unable to even let the concept of terrorism interrupt his preconceived notion that only rogue regimes such as Saddam Hussein in Iraq posed a danger, one Dubya had been long planning to heroically destroy. When disaster hit at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, he blamed the CIA and the FBI for failing to connect the dots.

MU: Let's all be honest - when someone tries to kill your momma or daddy, and you then have the ability to put an end to said person, would you do it? Now, keep in mind that I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just asking a brutally honest question. It's perfectly understandable to expect Bush to want to take Saddam out for trying to kill Bush 41. Again, not saying it's right, just saying that I understand.

NW: In 2002 and 2003, while he nurtured his metastasizing fantasy of eradicating evil in the world, largely personified in his mind by Saddam Hussein, he ignored those who claimed there were no weapons of mass destruction and no real threat posed by that regime, and he ignored all warnings about unleashing a civil war and creating more terrorism by invading Iraq and destabilizing the Middle East. When the cakewalk turned into a nightmare, he blamed “the bad intelligence.”

MU: Yet, nearly ALL of the other major governments of the world - the UK, Russia, France, Middle Eastern governments, the Mossad in Israel, you name it - ALL of them confirmed the initial intel reports about Saddam's WMD. Bush may be good, but he ain't that good to basically make all of these governments go along with fake and phony WMD evidence. And, we now know, that Saddam allowed the entire world to believe that he had WMD when he knew he didn't, in order to psych out neighbors in the region. This was why he kept kicking out the UN inspectors - he wanted everyone to believe he had WMD, or at least something to hide. If Bush/USA was duped, so too was the Un Security Council, and the aforementioned countries.

NW: In 2005, we now know, he was told in no uncertain terms before Katrina hit of the likely calamity that could be caused by this massive storm, but it did not penetrate into a mind obsessed with terrorism and with the valorous accomplishments he aspired to in the Middle East. He was unable to act with dispatch, and the bold leadership he likes to claim for himself was nowhere to be seen. Instead, he blamed the local officials and, eventually, “Brownie.” Despite warnings, he simply didn’t see it coming. After all, who could have anticipated the breach of the levees?

MU: Like everyone else, I too saw the Crawford Ranch pre-Katrina tape. I thought I heard Bush saying that he and the government were doing all they could to avert disaster and loss of life. I thought that was what I heard. Now, I agree, Bush completely dropped the ball on Katrina, full stop. No doubt about it. But I'm not ready to impute malicious intent to the man because of it. Afterall, as we all know, there was plenty of blame to go around - both Nagin and Blanco were out to lunch, too, and they were/are, like it or not, believe it or not, the first responders. Compare and contrast Katrina and Blanco/Nagin with Guliani and Sep 11. Huge difference, huh?

NW: In each case, stories and evidence emerged belatedly that proved essentially that “Bush knew.” We have seen the quote from the infamous Presidential Daily Briefing of August 2001 and heard the testimony of former White House terrorism expert Richard “hair-on-fire” Clark. We have seen the Downing Street Memos and heard from the various ex-CIA agents who gave unheeded warning before we invaded Iraq. And now, we have seen the pre-Katrina video that shows us that the likely cataclysm was described in detail before the fact. Indeed, Bush was told about all three of his administration’s catastrophes early enough that he might have been able to effectively intervene to at least minimize the damage. He was told, but it is not clear that he heard anything.

MU: Again, there was enough blame to go around; we know that Clinton had let OBL off the hook several times when he could have taken him out; we know that, again, other countrie's intel services saw the same things we did regarding Iraq. Terrorism didn't begin with Bush and it will not end with him, nor will natural disasters. Again, no doubt he could have done things a heck of a lot better, but I find the incessant Bush-bashing to be a bit of astrological overkill.

NW: One day, the same thing will be said of Bush’s fiscal policy which includes radically slashing taxes during a prohibitively expensive war and allowing a deficit to balloon beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings. Many have warned him of the dangerous waters into which he has led us. He hears nothing. In his misguided delusional reality, all is well. The same may be said for global warming about which a multitude of research abounds. The increasingly disturbing data suggests dire threats to the future of the planet. Yet again, Bush has done nothing to stem the tide of this frightening phenomenon. It doesn’t fit into his preconceived notions, so it doesn’t exist. As with most unpleasant things, his head is in the sand, like an ostrich who doesn’t want to see the danger approaching and thinks ignoring it will make it go away.

MU: I hope Ms. Waterman has a very good set of lungs, if she intends to hold her breath: Forbes Magazine just recently released it's top earning people in the world, with about half the people on the list being new billionaires, "American made"; The Dow Jones has hit 11K points SINCE Sep 11; unemployment figures have remained in the consistent 5% or lower range nationally, compared with something like 12% unemployment in Astrologically Left-popular places like Germany and France; home ownership is at all-time highs; Bill Gates is the richest man in the world for what, 12 years running??? A sizable Black Middle Class has emerged; people from foreign lands risk their lives to be here; and folks from the European Union, once they come here, they rarely go back. True, Bush could do a better job with the budget, but what I just cited above ain't small potatos either. There is something to said about the weather acting whacky, but again I'm not going to put that all on Bush's shoulders. Global Warming didn't start with him, and he wouldn't be able to solve it in 4 or 8 years, either.

NW: In astrology, it is usually an overactive Neptune and/or too much emphasis on the 12th house, the natural home of Neptune, that will indicate a tendency to avoid the structure, pain, and discipline of the “reality-based world” for a more peaceful and less stressful experience. Such planetary activity is usually found in the charts of people with a history of substance abuse. It can also be strong in a deeply religious or spiritual person who inwardly sacrifices personal satisfaction for the good of others. Generally, the sense of an ego-driven Self is weak, and the desire to merge into something larger, greater or just painless is quite strong.

MU: It is true that Bush has had alcohol problems, just as it is true that he used religion to assist him in getting away from alcohol. Many people do the same. I remind Ms. Waterman, since we're discussing Neptune in the charts of politicians, that both Bill Clinton AND John Kerry had prominent Neptunes in their charts. We'll get back to Sen. Kerry in a moment...

NW: This does not suggest that every person with a planet square to Neptune or a planet in the 12th house will be incapable of dealing with reality. These aspects, when not overwhelming the whole chart, can bring great inspiration and deep feelings of compassion, as well as a capacity to serve important causes for the benefit of many. At times, there may also be some minor difficulties staying on task or judging situations accurately, but nothing necessarily diagnosable. It is when there are multiple indications in a chart of this Neptunian disconnect from reality combined with a lack in the capacity for discipline, responsibility, and groundedness, as would be shown by a weak Saturn position, that serious trouble will come. And this is what we find in the chart of George W. Bush.

MU: Saturn Peregrine (Tyl) square the MC, Saturn in declinational aspect with the Sun; Saturn=Sun/Pluto=Sun/Asc=Sun/Mercury - doesn't sound like a "weak" Saturn placement to me, LOL. But I will grant, that a 12th House Sun, and in this case, Saturn, can have its downsides. Compare the Saturns of Clinton and Bush, Bush has a much stronger Saturn setup.

NW: Bush has Neptune square his Sun and widely conjunct his Moon, thus negatively impacting his capacity for making clear, reality-based decisions (Sun) and somewhat untethering his emotions (Moon). It is also semisquare his Venus, suggesting (along with the aspect to the Moon) that he can get carried away with his feelings without deferring to the facts on the ground. Moreover, Bush has the Sun in the 12th house, which is an essentially weak position for the Sun, and one where a person is more likely to want to merge with some larger, higher, transcendent reality than to immerse himself in the details and struggles of the three-dimensional world, especially when that Sun is also square to Neptune.

MU: No, Bush does NOT have Neptune in aspect to the Lights; in both cases, the Sun and Moon, Neptune would have to "reach out" via orb some 11 degrees to conjunct the Moon, about 8 degrees to square the Sun. Ms. Waterman should know better than to try to fudge the astrological facts like this. The sextile Neptune makes to Bush's Leo Asc, Mercury and Pluto tells us all we need to know, especially in light of the fact that Neptune in Bush's chart rules his 9th House - 'nuff said. Again, compare and contrast GWB's chart with Clinton, Neptune for Neptune, and Saturn for Saturn. Hmm.

NW: To further clarify the picture, it is useful to consider the position of Saturn in Bush’s chart. Saturn generally indicates the capacity to focus on a particular goal and follow through with determination and thoroughness. Saturn is careful, steady, serious, and not prone to flights of fancy, being far too aware of the limitations of concrete reality. In Bush’s chart, however, Saturn is in the 12th house, where much of its strength is lost, as well as in Cancer, the sign of its “detriment” where it is unable to fully manifest its characteristics. Thus, the desire to merge with a larger experience and escape from mundane details and drudgery (Neptune/12th house) is not met with an equally strong capacity to slog through the hard work necessary to truly get the job done. In other words, what we get from the current resident of the Oval Office are promises about ridding the world of evil, bringing democracy and freedom to those under the yoke of tyranny, and rebuilding the ravaged city of New Orleans, but there is little reality-based perspective to determine if these things can actually be accomplished and no concrete, conscientious planning and determination to make these things actually happen.

MU: Bush's chart is an interesting amalgam of Saturn and Neptune, and it's very interesting to note that his biggest non-Israeli ally happens to be Tony Blair, himself born with a Saturn-Neptune conjunction on his Asc. Trying to make dreams into reality is a tuff trick for any of us; yet, democracy in the Middle East and larger Islamic world is a noble goal, just as Ronald Reagan's goal to "tear down that wall" during the Soviet era a noble goal (and if I recall, when the Berlin Wall came down, Saturn and Neptune were in conjunction in Capricorn). The tension between Saturn and Neptune, then, is the fight/struggle between what's practical and do-able, and what's the ideal, the highest goal for Humanity.

I should also point out that Bush has never been one to tuck tail and run politically; in the face of massive difficulty in the War in Iraq, Bush refused to buckle under the pressure. Strong Saturn.

NW: Another planet to consider in Bush’s chart is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, most known for the good luck and many blessings it can bring to a person’s life. As with anything, however, too much Jupiter can be a problem. When Jupiter is afflicted, especially to the Sun as we find in Bush’s chart (Sun square Jupiter), there is the tendency for a certain amount of arrogance, recklessness, and grandiosity. If this is part of a larger framework that includes an over-strong Neptune, there is the potential for delusions (Neptune) of grandeur (Jupiter) recklessly acted on with overconfidence (Jupiter). The deep humility and self sacrifice of Neptune gets tainted by the inflated sense of self of the Jupiter/Sun square. Moreover, in Bush’s chart, the South Node of the Moon is in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, and indicates that there is a tendency to unconsciously act out the more negative Jupiter qualities such as grandiosity, recklessness, and overconfidence. Iraq, Iran, fiscal policy, the current nuclear agreement with India, the Dubai Port contract, all point to policies that have been entered into with a reckless overconfidence and little consciousness of likely consequences (Saturn).

MU: And yet, what of the bungling of the Clinton-era anti-nuclear deal with the North Koreans? It was during his watch that an avowed Communist, anti-West, anti-American State went nuclear during Clinton's watch (1994). Keep in mind, Clinton has Jupiter rising in the Asc - it doesn't get more personal there - and like most everything else in his chart, had no stress on it at all, no "checks" on it to reign it in. Everyone agrees, left, right and center, that Clinton made a huge mistake with regard to the North Koreans. I say all of this in response to Ms. Waterman's assertions that every move that Bush has made has been a disaster - we clearly see that postering and fear-mongering that members of his own Party and the Democrats did on the Dubai deal (almost all of which were completely baseless in fact). Fiscal policy has been addressed, the facts are laid bare for all to see. And as for India, I think it was the best deal possible, given the options. I think he could have handled it with more finesse, but still, it was essentially the best deal at the time to make. Iran is a Terrorist Sponsoring State, and simply cannot be allowed to go nuclear; allowing that would throw the entire Islamic World, especially the Middle East, into an Arms Race; Israel would almost certainly respond; and would most certainly plunge that region, and the rest of us along with it, into an out and out War.

NW: Interestingly, during the much of Bush’s first term, he was submerged in Neptune transits with a consequent exaggeration of his delusional reality. As has been widely reported, he felt God chose him to go into Afghanistan and Iraq. He talked of fighting evil in the world, seeing himself as its savior. Neptune was opposed to his Descendant (2001) and opposed to his Mercury and Pluto (2002). By the time it was moving away in late January 2003, plans to invade Iraq were already finalized. Reality and its frustrations began to intrude beginning in June 2003, as victory in Iraq evaporated into chaos, when Saturn entered Cancer, and subsequently crossed the US Venus, Jupiter, and Sun, and Bush’s Sun and Saturn, through June 2005. This has been followed by Saturn’s crossing of Bush’s Ascendant, Mercury, and Pluto which will continue through early July 2006, bringing with it sagging polls, endless irresolvable obstacles, and numerous failures.

MU: This much is true - Bush won the hotly contested elections of 2000 while transit Neptune was parked on his Dsc; however, it must be pointed out, that his competitor, Al Gore, had even worse astrology going on at the time. Which explains, astrologically, why he eventually lost. The PBS program "Frontline" has indeed gone into great detail about "The Jesus Factor" at work within Bush, and again, he's not alone; Reagan also had strong religious convictions, that eventually proved him right regarding the Soviet Union. But it must also be pointed out, that in both cases, Reagan and now GWB, they were fighting against Ideology - be it Communism, or Radical Islam. Both are represented by Neptune, and therefore it makes perfect sense, that you fight fire, with fire. In the end the fall of Communism came about through winning the war of ideas; the same will be true with Radical Islam.

NW: The two Bush Inaugural charts, the birth charts of his two terms, show us why even the hard lessons of Saturn have not seemed to penetrate the addled fantasies of the incompetent gang running the country. During Bush’s first term, Neptune was conjunct the Sun, which describes a weak chief executive prone to dishonesty and self-delusion. By the term’s end, however, transiting Neptune had moved to an exact square with the Inaugural Ascendant, tainting everything done by the administration with an illusory image purposefully used to obscure reality and manipulate impressions. (Remember the election of 2004 if you have any doubts: the Swift Boaters, Rathergate, and the dishonest election are but a few examples.)

MU: One is hard pressed to see a modern-era Inaugural chart worse than Clinton's 2nd term, with Neptune EXACTLY ON THE MC over Washington!!! We all know the end of that story - Monicagate, something that clearly, had Neptune's "footprint" all over it. Rather was called on his subjectivity, one of his staffers fired, for trying to "get" Bush; Kerry failed to fight off the charges made buy other Vietnam "swifties" who laid powerful charges that Kerry wasn't all he was cracked up to be back then; and Kerry also lost handily to Bush, because he couldn't convice the suburban soccer-mom vote, that he could a better job of protecting them and their babies from Terror. Speaking of Kerry, we have to note the fact that he too had a very strong Neptune, right on his MC; that fateful year, 2004, he had SA Sun=Neptune/MC in Jan 04; SA Moon=Neptune, Jun 04. Not only that, but hsi chart was weaker than Bush's which is what lead my 9 month, before the fact prediction, that Kerry would lose to Bush. Hmm.

NW: In the chart for the second term, this very tight Neptune square to the Ascendant became a permanent part of the new birth chart. The entire modus operandi of the Bush II script became saturated with obfuscation, dishonesty, illusion, and self-deception. With the secondary progressed Inaugural Ascendant reaching the exact square to natal Neptune in January 2006, and the solar arc progressed Ascendant reaching the exact square by August 2006, this administration is now perceived in the public’s mind as totally incompetent and dishonest (Neptune). Its credibility is in tatters. Interestingly, tertiary progressed Inaugural Sun has been conjunct Inaugural Neptune from February 10 through March 10, a period which brought home through the pre-Katrina video tape and the Dubai Ports deal, following on the heels of the NSA wiretap story, how deeply duplicitous and untrustworthy the Bushistas truly are.

MU: Faulty Secondary Progressions aside, the SA Asc=Neptune picture suggests faulty perceptions of the Bush team on the part of the public, as the Dubai deal clearly showed. Others can make you appear other than what you actually are; phobias and fears of others are projected onto you; the phrase "scapegoat" comes to mind.

I remind Ms. Waterman yet again, that there has not been a terrorist attack since Sep 11 - where's the love?

NW: In past articles, I have written about the Chiron conjunction with the Midheaven in the Inaugural chart. This aspect suggests some kind of wound or crippling of the Bush II administration that renders the fulfillment of its goals very difficult if not impossible. I have speculated as to whether this “wound” might be Iraq or possibly Katrina. But it seems that it is really an amalgam of all the ineffectual deeds and dishonest posturing of the Bush years finally coming home to roost. This administration is crippled by its own incompetence and the fact that no one really trusts it anymore, neither to tell the truth nor to do the job. Not coincidentally, Inaugural Midheaven has now progressed to conjunct natal Chiron where it remains within one-degree orb and waxing though 2006. The sense of failure of this aspect is compounded by solar arc Saturn conjunct Inaugural IC through February 2007. Clearly 2006 and early 2007 will be the period remembered when the awareness of George Bush’s incompetence and multiple failures fully permeated the public’s mind.

MU: I too have written widely and extensively on the possible outcome of the 2nd term of GWB; please see my blog for more details. I must disagree with Ms. Waterman regarding Chiron, for I have not found it to be as reliable as the standard 10 planets used in Western Astrology. The time period Oct 2006-Feb 2008 does suggest a painful period for him and/or the nation on the whole, perhaps concomitant with another terror attack, or heightened military activity in the Middle East, or worse. These predictions I made on the basis of GWB's natal chart alone, which, I posit, trumps any other chart when it's available for mundane applications.

NW: Bush’s growing unpopularity continues unabated through 2007, while transiting Saturn crosses his Venus through June of that year, and tertiary progressed Saturn conjuncts his Venus through December. This is an aspect which suggests decreasing public acceptance and approval ratings that could actually descend into the 20’s. If impeachment were to occur, and I am not predicting that it will, but if it were, it would be in 2007, with Saturn on Bush’s Venus and Uranus square to Inaugural Mars. But as discussed in other articles and as will be covered again and again in the blog and future writings, big events are likely in 2007 and 2008, which may distract from these issues. And Bush himself will once again be under Neptune’s confusing and self-deluding tutelage in 2008, when Neptune opposes his Venus, just as Uranus squares the war planet Mars in the US chart. So there is no telling what that will bring during the last year of this blighted reign. If we are really lucky, maybe he will be in Crawford for it. But don’t count on it.

MU: Sure, you're not predicting it - if I didn't have a strong stomach, I would have thrown up a dozen times over, watching all the glee and hand-rubbing on the part of the Astrological Left over the prospect, no matter how unlikely, of GWB being impeached. Old memories die hard, and many on that end of the spectrum want revenge - revenge for Clinton being impeached, revenge for losing twice to Bush. This much is so very clear, and the queasiness is only compounded by the AL's refusal to own up to their partisanship. Ms. Waterman should be advised, as her colleagues, that I'll be watching and writing as well.

NW: In the meantime, this tragic, fatal flaw in our president, his inability to engage in reality or to tell the truth about it, has brought the country to its knees. With three more years of this Ostrich Regime, the devastating effect of a totally incompetent government that cannot connect with or act appropriately with regard to the facts on the ground is quite frightening. There is no telling what the next great drama will bring or how much damage such incompetence will wreak. But, at least, an understanding of how deeply damaged this administration is, by virtue of its own fecklessness, dishonesty, and inability to work in the reality-based world, is now reaching prime time.

MU: Again, please see the facts I cite about the fiscal and economic health of our country at this time; does it look like a country that is "brought to its knees"? What's that all about? It's this kind of hysteria, intellectual dishonesty and general "kookiness" that prevents Astrology from being taken seriously by the public at large, because, like the overall Democratic Party, Astrology has become associated with anti-Bush obsessed whackos and extremists.

The day is over when astrologers like Ms. Waterman could just write what they will without question or challenge. Part of my duty, is to be that much needed Astrological Watchdog, to add balance where it's needed, and to right wrongs when stated. As said, many astrologers like Ms. Waterman, who write on political matters, loathe Bush and embrace the Democrats, claim to love Democracy and hold dear many of its guiding principles. One of those principles, is the free and open Debate of Ideas.

And I can't wait to get it on.



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