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On Goddesses, Grenades, & Gangsta-Rap: A Critique Of Core Astrological Left Thought

On Goddesses, Grenades, & Gangsta-Rap: A Critique Of Core Astrological Left Thought

10:03 AM 3/18/06 Sat

Hello All, Ladies,

Last week I posted to my PAF list and elsewhere, an essay written by conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager, called "Our Father Is No 'It' or Gal God". I offered no personal comment with said essay, because I didn't want to muddy the waters beforehand, if you will; I just threw it out there, and waited to see what kind of responses would come back. They were nonsurprising, to say the least.

Immediately, many ladies in the astrological online community took umbrage to the ideas - and, dare I say it, truths - Prager laid out in his piece. It wasn't long before the term "goddess" was used, especially within the context of "the patriarchy" that evil scourge upon the human race, that seeks to trample anything and everything female, forever and ever, Amen.

One of my reasons for posting Prager's piece, was to underscore the very real fact, that with ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and most importantly, actions, come consequences. That is Saturn's purview, and make no mistake about it - both he, and the Signs he rules (Capricorn & Aquarius) are decidely Male in their makeup and outlook.

Amidst all of the flowery odes to Goddessism and broadside attacks on anyone - especially if they happened to be male - who dared to question the Astrologically Left established, prescribed thinking along these lines, a morsel of Truth poked up through the scorched earth that is the Women's Studies Equivalent in Astrology. It was written by colleague Trish Marie, herself a published astrologer of some repute, and deserves considerable quotation here:

"I hate to be the one to break it to you Jane, but the Flint of your youth is long gone. My parents--both native Flintites--used to tell me about what a nice place Flint was too; they loved the Flint they grew up in. We moved to the suburbs though when I was still very young.

Today Flint is a decaying, racially polarized rust belt town with high unemployment,a runaway drug culture, rampant crime (one of the worst murder rates per capita in the country) and a perpetually corrupt city government. I won't even go into Flint at night, and in fact try to avoid it in general unless I have my husband along with me. There are a few small areas of sanity and hope ... the Flint University of Michigan and Mott Community College campuses are lovely and thriving, the Flint Farmer's Market is hugely thriving (that only occurred AFTER private concerns bought the decaying, declining Market from the city a nod to Mu's ideas, private ownership has made a HUGE difference to that Market. Turned it from becoming another abandoned building/parking lot to a business that has been and is rapidly expanding and attracting new vendors all the time).

Mu presents his ideas in what seems to me to be an unnecessarily abrasive manner but it is true that a welfare system that has encouraged teen pregnancies, diminished the consequences for irresponsible personal choices (on the part of both genders) and allowed men to shirk responsibility for the children they've participated in producing (and I'm not letting the mothers off the hook here Mu ... I know it takes two to tango!) certainly has contributed greatly to Flint's problems. It's not the only thing of course. The situation is complex."

- Trish Marie, on her hometown of Flint, MI, and what has become of it, Wed, 15 Mar 2006 13:18:33 EST

Please go back and re-read Trish's comments - they are a RARE instance of honesty and clarity in an environment that waxes eloquent about ideas that have almost no basis in the real world where the rest of us must live. They stand in direct contravention to Goddessism. They are a glaring witness against Radical Feminism as Public Policy, based not on some wild-eyed testosterone pumped male fear, but rather a cool assessment of actions which carry severe consequences.

Since we're kinda on the topic of Flint, MI, I thought I'd mention a very good movie I saw years ago; you probably saw it, too. It was called "Robocop 2". It's yet another very, very good example of how Goddessism thinking simply doesn't wash in the real world.

In this sequel to the big hit, "Robocop", RC's programming is seriously tampered with by a female psychologist, who wipes aways RC's 3 or 4 "prime directives" and instead fills his head with over 100! Now, everytime Robocop comes online, his prime directives come up on the screen:

1. Protect the innocent

2. Serve the public

3. Uphold the law

Something like that. Very male, very direct and to the point.

Now, when Robocop "boots up", he has all sorts of directives, that actually ends up doing major damage to his systems; he is unable to function, and he certainly couldn't fight crime. At one point, he damn near shoots a man for smoking (something else that the Left is gaa-gaa about - smoking bans and the like. Talk about Facisim!). Finally, he decides to "fry" the crap the lady psychologist put into his head, and he gets his head on straight again.

Ideas, have Consequences.

As we all know, much has changed since the heady times of the 1960s; it was during that time, that the epic Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo took place, to be followed by the tandem transits of these planets on into Libra. I have have written much on this period, and the profund changes it has left in its wake. Many of my lady colleauges, who are Goddess acolytes, wax eloquent about this period; Trish's comments above, show the dark underbelly of those times. The Outer Planets reflect deep and longreaching changes in the Social Order of any Society; they also show the deepseated and profound consequences such changes brings about.

Today, it is not a reach to say that many of the Radical Feminists' Agenda has become real, if not public policy outright - Marriage has been weakened, Fatherhood being the biggest casualty outside of kids; Standards of behavior and conduct, have gone out the window for all concerned, and in many ways, particularly for women; the rise in "anti"-culture has all but become pastiche in its pervasivness; the Family as it was known in the period prior to the 60s, is hanging on by a thread; and so on.

Again, please go back and read, once again, Trish's comments.

And while you do, please know and understand that it is from that locale, that I write what I do; unlike many of my colleagues, I don't choose to turn a blind eye to such things, or extricate myself from less than pleasant realities because I can. My writings instead seek to stick all of our noses in the dungheap of leftist thought, and to ask some questions, both of our astrology and most importantly, of ourselves.

So many of my colleagues, simply don't have to deal with what Trish above spoke to; like others in our Society, they move away for far flung suburbia, where they can kibbitz at highly priced "awareness" seminars, and/or cackle on at anti-Bush rallies. Rarely, if ever, do they speak to such realities as Trish acknowledged; afterall, they moved away so as to not have to deal with such unpleasant things.

I've said earlier, that Ideas have Consequences, and this notion of Goddessism is no different. For all of its faults, Religion as we've known it in the Western World, based in large part on the Judeo-Christian model, has been the basis upon which the world has seen unparalleled success, achievement and advance. And, it should not also be overlooked, that the same people who extoll the virtues of the Goddess do so under the aegis and protection of "the patriarchy" - with no indication of them packing their bags to live where Goddess ideas still hang on in dark corners of the world.

It's at this point that I would like to ask a question of my lady colleagues - please name me a country/society/nation or two, which is Goddess-based, and rivals, or even comes close to, ANY of the productivity indices of the G-8 Nations? Surely, if such ideas are so great and grand, there should be some manifestation in the real world, that we all can see - right?

But we all know the answer to that one - there IS no such Society. And those that did exist, died a slow death on the vine, NOT because of male heathens coming over the countryside and doing away with the Goddesses, but because, simply their ideas didn't work.

And the proof, is in the pudding - recently, I wrote an essay called, "Mars & Murderdelphia". It was during the Mars Rx transit in Taurus, and how it correlated to the highest murder rate in Philadelphia history since the early 1990s. In 2005, 380 people were shot to death, another 1600 were wounded. Almost all of them by way of gun violence. Almost all of them Black on Black violence. Almost all of them involved young men between the ages of 18 and 35. In that essay, I mentioned a group called "Mothers in Charge" who supposedly were addressing the problem; in fact, all manner of public officials and community activists and eggheads were brought to bear on the very disturbing issue of young Black men killing themselves and others (the recent conclusion of the Fahim Thomas-Childs murder trial not withstanding) and how best to go about it. Of course, there was no mention of the all-important and vital role that fathers in the home played, and my mention of it generated howls of "sexism" by my female colleagues in the astrology community.

That essay was written by me on Jan 29 2006.

On Wed Mar 15 2006, the Philadelphia Daily News had a huge photo of one Rose Savage, with the following headline:

"BLOOD TIES: Despite education, religion and a family's courageous love, six of their own died on the streets"

Three whole pages were devoted to the story, a book in newspaper terms, and chronicles the deaths of BOTH of Ms. Savage's sons, Manny Savage and Greogory Martinez. In addition, Ms. Savage's only brother, Charles Savage, was killed in the Summer of 1991; her son Greg's cousin, was killed on the way home from Greg's funeral, in 1995; Ms. Savage's aunt's boy, Albert, is found dead in his apartment, beaten to death, the murder to this day still unsolved; and the beat goes on.

In over three pages of coverage of Ms. Savage's story, only ONE LINE was mentioned of the role of the fathers in her boys' lives (as the surnames would suggest, her sons came about by way of different fathers - neither married Ms. Savage). Ms. Savage thought that she and her sisters could take on the drug culture of the streets; they thought that the Church could save their boys; they thought that sending them away to Alabama and Atlanta would do the trick; they thought that reform school would reform their boys.

They were wrong. And now, six people, young men in the prime of their lives, are dead for it.

Ideas, have Consequences.

Like I pointed out in my earlier essay, I don't expect there to be much talk about why dads aren't more involved, about how to get them more invovled, because to do that would be to topple the very things the uber-feminists hold dear, among which is the Goddessim notions.

In fact, in the days following my Jan essay, there was a big stink over the fact that the Phila. Super of Schools and others were looking into the possiblity of all-boys schools to combat the insanity taking place on the streets; instantly, the White, middle to upper middle class, feminists came out of the woodwork, with cries and howls of sexism, and how it would be a setback in the advances girls have made in school, etc. But as one Daily News reader pointed out in her letter to the editor, so many of those women have no qualms at all sending THEIR DAUGHTERS to all-girls schools, from Girls High to Wellsley, and beyond. But then again, they don't live where Ms. Savage lives (61st & Market, Dewey St., in West Philly), and the many mothers like her, who bear the brunt of fanciful ideas and the harsh consequences of half-baked Goddessism thinking.

Ideas, have Consequences.

At any rate, the solution to these issues and problems, of course, may not be easy, but it sure is simple - we simply must do what we know, works. Having a mom and a dad in the home, together, works. People getting married, one man, and one woman, works. Setting standards for kids, both at school and at home, works. Being held accountable for ourselves and each other, works. Putting maximum focus on men being productive, so that they can be good providers for their families and good mates to their wives (NOT on social engineering that caters to Goddessism thinking), works. Having Dads around, in the home and in the community, sets a tone of order, structure and safety, for boys and girls alike (the prime role and function of SATURN, NOT THE MOON). Contrary to all of the Goddessism thinking that is pervasive within the astrological community, such ideas don't do Jack when it comes to keeping your sons alive. Dads, on the other hand, do.

Goddessism, doesn't.

As Larry Elder once said, "More dads, less crime".

Ask Ms. Savage if she would disagree with that statement.



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