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Mercury Retrograde, The Democratic Party & The Astrological Left: How Intellectual Dishonesty Is Killing Astrology

Mercury Retrograde, The Democratic Party & The Astrological Left: How Intellectual Dishonesty Is Killing Astrology

1:34 AM 3/14/06 Tue

Since Mercury, the planet of rational thinking, communication, logic & reason, is retrograding in the sky - and in its worst Sign, Pisces - I thought it fitting to share a few important insights I've gleaned in the past few years. They aren't necessarily new, for those of you who've followed my writings on these matters in past months, but in light of recent events, both within the online astrology community and outside it, I feel that it's very, very important to alert those who truly want accurate information, to be so informed.

I have said over and over that those whom I consider the Astrological Left - astrologers who align themselves politically with the Democratic Party - are patently intellectually dishonest. They are very good at organizing themselves, putting together websites and blogs and forums and listservs, where they split their time between writing NOT pro-Left astrological driven arguments (notice that the Astro-Left nor their their Party, the Democrats, NEVER have any ideas of their own; they just put down others who do have ideas), but rather forge anti-Bush/GOP diatribes and acting as an arm of, organizing telephone and internet Congressional campaigns and so on. Recently, a lady named Kate O’Beirne wrote a searing book of essays, wherein she makes a powerful argument against what could be called "radical feminism" - it has been widely rumored that the Left has been mobilized to go onto and flood their book review section of their site with negative reviews - book unread, very often. There are other examples.

Recently, out in Colorado - the same State that is home to one Ward Churchill, the professor who said that what happened to the over 3000 killed in the World Trade Center on Sep 11 was justified because the majority of them were "little Eichmanns" - a taped recording of a high school geogrpahy teacher came to light. Very interestingly, this teacher wasn't teaching the kiddies where Iraq was on the map - he was spending tax payer dollars and wasting the students' time, "educating" them on why Bush is so bad, etc. Strangely enough, after a brief suspension, this teacher was reinstated(!); it is still not known, whether he was ever censured or rebuked, for doing what any academic could clearly see was an egregious and blatant error.

David Horowitz - himself no stranger to the Ways of the Left - recently wrote a book that comes at a time when the Left-leaning monopoly of thought on college campuses continues without challenge - about how not only does such a line of (un)reason exists in abundance, but also how the Politically Correct Establishment on Campus vehemently fights against any other form of thought from expressing itself. Before anyone out there thinks that, once again, I'm reading from some prepared GOP-inspired script, let me assure you that what Mr. Horowitz says is true - I've talked to many, many college professors and student/assistant professors, from the local community college to the Ivy League - and THEY ALL SAY THAT WHAT HOROWITZ SAID IS TRUE. Not only that, but they also told me that if they were to even hint that they disagreed with the Left on Campus, they'd run the serious risk of losing their job.

Now, ain't that a Muy-Thai kick in the head. The very folks who push so hard for "diversity" and "inclusion", who rail against the so-called closed-mindedness of those on the Right, even mildly so, prove themselves to be the biggest hypocrites. They call others facists, while they practice a form of Facism that would make "El Duce" proud. My own direct experiences with those on the Astrological Left, are clear and present examples of this blatant bias.

When Mercury is Retrograde, what was logical thinking is distorted, thrown off track somehow; other, often concealed considerations come into play. Tyl called Mercury Retrograde a "secondary level of concern" - a hidden agenda, so to speak. The thought process goes through a series of filters - "editing" - before being released out into the world; the "right things" have to be said, so as to not look off the mark, inaccurate, and so on. Sound familiar? If it does, then you've cracked the Political Correctness Code. In Pisces, where Mercury is currently situated in its backward trek, the thinking process is warped, further distorted; strawmen are setup to be attacked; windmills are morphed in citadels brimming over with charging armies; the facts of a situation aren't what matters; it's one's feelings and intuitions - again not based on actual study and evidence - that takes center stage.

I don't think it's any accident in the least, that those on the Astrological Left would throw their alliegance behind a Party who itself was born with Mercury in such a debilitated state:

Democratic Party May 13 1792 12PM LMT Philadelphia PA; Placidus 29 Leo 53

It's hard to miss the highly elevated Mercury Rx, and conjunct the Sun in stubborn yet "nice" Taurus (Sun possibly ruling the Asc, keep in mind - subjective focus); but note too how this Mercury is also square Pluto and, possibly square the Moon, since the Moon could have moved into Pisces on the day the Dems were born. If the Moon indeed is in Aquarius, and a Moon-Mercury square exists, it then points to the emotions and logic in a battle - a "hearts and minds struggle" - that threatens always to tear the Party apart. The thinking processes are always highly subjective (Sun conjunct Mercury), not terribly investigative (Taurus focus) and yet fiercely dogmatic (Mercury square Pluto). Idealism takes the place of practiality, seen in the fact that Venus disposes of both Mercury and Neptune - and Neptune has almost twice as many aspects in the chart than Mercury does. If indeed the Moon moved into Pisces on the day the Democratic Party was brought into existance, then Neptune has even more sway, bending Mercury to the will and wishes of a Moon Sign not known for its erudition, foresight and insight. The inability of the Dems to think clearly - and this includes the Astrological Left - is shown mightily by the DP's astrological profile. And we can add, that it's Saturn position - which shows any entity's ability to deal effectively with Reality on its own terms - is not only shaky due to its Sign placement Aries (Fall) but is further watered down thru its opposition to Neptune.

At this point it is useful to mention the excellent work "The Astrological Neptune & The Quest For Redemption" by Liz Greene; though I don't consider myself a fan of hers, I have to say, that she did a bang-up job on that book, and her writing on what she calls "the Political Neptune" is must reading for a more thorough understanding of my argument against the Astrological Left and their love affair with the Democratic Party. It repays serious study.

Of course, there will be those who will lob insult at either myself and/or the GOP, of which I am not a member; surely, their chart must show a "diseased" Mercury as well, eh? Let's check the record:

GOP Jul 6 1854 12PM LMT Jackson MI; Placidus 12 Lib 18

Note that Mercury is in Leo, itself not free from subjectivity in thinking, due to its placement in the Sun's Sign; however, please note its sextiles to Venus and Saturn - a nice combination that injects both idealism and practicality/objectivity - and is quindecile Jupiter, a heightened focus on enthusiasm, optimism, "accentuating the positive". Mercury=Uranus/Pluto - it doesn't get more "Freedom of Speech" than that! It's hard to deny that such a Mercury placement isn't chockfull of ideas - granted, not that all of the ideas work, but ideas nonetheless (and we can note the "Contract With America" plan drafted by Speaker Next Gingrich, during the "Republican Revolution" of 1994; since that time, there has been no such similar plan written up by Democrats).

Now, just take a step back, and think about this clearly, logically for a moment - all other things aside, which chart looks to be more grounded, Mercurially speaking?

Bringing all this back to the astrological realm, and more specifically, my experiences with the Avatars of the Astrological Left, I would like to mention some sites and blogs that engage in some of the most blatant intellectual dishonesty this side of Gerbbels:

Political Astrology, owned and run by Judy Johns found at Yahoo Groups, owned and run by Sally McDonald

The Astrologer's Water Cooler, owned and run by Claire-France Perez, also to be found at Yahoo Groups

There are several others, but I'll hold here. Let me also say, that I've have participated in those settings, attempting to question and debate the assertions these and other astrologers make on those sites, lists and blogs to no avail; all have banned me, on the false grounds of being nasty or mean; yet they allow other posters, and often they do it themselves, make all manner of truly mean-spirited remarks about me. Even if you agree with their point of view - and let me be clear here, I fully affirm their right to exist and to spread their point of view - you'd have to agree with me when I say, that while they call others facist, while they rail on about diversity, they are anything BUT diverse, open-minded and free.

And the proof, is in the pudding - what do all three of the above venues have in common, beside their open and deeply partisan astrological hacking? Here, let me help you: they are all owned and run by White, middle-aged, "hippie-fied", Liberal women. All Cindy Sheehan would need to do is pickup a Sun Sign book and she'd fit right in. If ever there was a case to be made for an "old boy network" this is it. And the vast majority of their membership, is in the same boat. I challenge anyone reading this to find even 10 of any of these venue's memberships, fellas like myself, both in words and appearance.

Good luck.

Do you see my point here?

Just in case any of you out there reading this thinks "why doesn't he just focus on his own thing?" I assure you, I do; the Pan Astrological Forum has been existance now for 5 years running, and while admittedly smaller in members than other venues, is unparalleled in content and focus, something truly, "ahead of the curve" as my colleague Shari Niemec so often loves to purport. My blog, which can be seen at is also unparalleled in its content and focus. My website, which has been long overdue for an overhaul, is nevertheless significant in its content as well. But I've always felt that it's important to not only engage in debate, for it is the only way to really know what is true, from what is not (The Scientific Method), but that it's equally important to actually demonstrate the principles we claim to hold dear (or expose those who claim to champion them when they don't). Contrary to loving Freedom and Choice, ladies like Johns, McDonald and Perez clearly show, that they love such things FOR THEMSELVES and those who think like them. They truly do not advocate such principles for others who don't. They're a fraud. And worse, they damage Astrology's reputation and standing in the eyes of the general public, monumentally turning off potential newcomers to the Craft due to their reckless, feckless, hysterical one-sided diatribes. It's past high time that someone has presented some sanity, balance and perspective to that which is being presented. That Time, is Now.

The gig, is up.

I have to thank Shari Niemec and Jane Axtell, who own and run their astro-venues, respecitively, brave and I must say, rare ladies in the field, for having the courage to allow true Freedom of Expression in an increasingly Politically Correct Age (even when they're wrong most of the time, LOL).

But alas, they are in the minority, I'm afraid; there are far more venues like those I mentioned earlier, than the latter I spoke of - and virtually none like my own. I clearly see now, that there is a great need to present the alternative point of view, from a truly different perspective. And it's only the beginning...

... and I've only begun to Fight.

Keep in eye on the Mu'Min Bey Astroblog - you're gonna like what you see.



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