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Brangelina, Tomkat, Astrology & The Case For Marriage

Brangelina, Tomkat, Astrology & The Case For Marriage

3:54 AM 06/04/2006 Sun

With the recent births of two of Hollywood's most popular couples children coming along at the sametime that President George W. Bush weighs in on the Great Marriage Debate in the US Senate, it is interesting as astrologers to observe the confluence of events in this sphere. A recent Gallup poll of Americans on the issue of Marriage reporting some interesting, if not disturbing results: a majority of Americans polled think that a couple should get married if they plan to stay together for the rest of their lives, but NOT if they have a child together! Similarly, a majority of Americans feel that it is not morally objectionable to have sex outside of marriage, or to have a child outside of marriage. These findings by the world's oldest polling organization adds to the muddle that has grown since the Sexual Revolution of the 60s and 70s.

Unless you've been studying Astrology in a locked room somewhere, cutoff from the rest of the world, surely you've seen the excited discussion of Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes; their charts have been discussed in classic "synastry" fashion, as well as the speculated charts of their newborns on most online astrology forums and so on. Much of these discussions occur in "coochie-coo" fashion, seeming to pass over the obvious hard questions that these couples will face in the years ahead - and their money and/or fame, will not ease things.

Without question, these newborn little girls will want for nothing in a material sense, or for noteriety for that matter - and there is no question that money is very important in the raising of a child. But, and the tabloids confirm this all the time, having large amounts of money or fame doesn't insulate one from the problems of this world, nor does it guarantee success, security and significance. Take Paris Hilton for example - can anyone make a case for such a person being a grounded, caring, responsible human being? With a straight face? And yet, it is people of Hilton's ilk who have enormous culture-influencing capital, far more than I think is warranted.

Recently I've written on Marriage, its role for Society & its involvement with Astrology. I made the case that it is Saturn that rules Marriage, for Saturn represents security, maturity, responsibility and obligations. Its exaltation, or "putting its best foot forward" Sign is Libra, the universal Zodiacal Sign of Marriage. Saturn also represents tradition, and the laws that govern, regulate and structure any civilized Society. In Libra, Saturn gives a powerful message that Marriage is a valued institution (another Saturnian phrase) in that civilized Society; that it values those who get married because it recognizes that raising children within a structured environment, where both the mother and father play a role within the child's life is very important.

And yet, Marriage as we've known it, has taken it on the chin over the past few decades, and too much cannot be said enough about it; and since all eyes will be on Brangelina and Tomkat in the months to come, the question has to be: who will likely get married first? Or will neither couple marry at all? Such questions have, for better or worse, profound implications, if only because Hollywood has big influence on the American public.

So, to the horoscopes: Angelina Jolie Jun 4 1975 9.09AM PDT Los Angeles CA, Placidus 28 Can 47; Brad Pitt Dec 18 1963 6.33AM CST Shawnee OK, Placidus 11 Sag 51; Tom Cruise Jul 3 1962 3.06PM EDT Syracuse NY, Placidus 2 Sco 11; Katie Holmes Dec 18 1978 9.32PM EST Toledo OH, Placidus 22 Leo 18.

OK, here we go - and I'll say right here that from my study of all the charts involved that Jolie-Pitt have a greater chance of getting married & going the distance than Cruise-Holmes. Here's why I say that:

In the case of Joile and Pitt, note that they have the classic synastric ties of Pitt's Moon setting in Jolie's chart, while Jolie's Sun sets in Pitt's chart. As we all know, the Asc plays a huge role in determining the longterm potential of a couple; if the Sun, Moon, Venus or Asc ruler of one chart rises or sets in the chart of another, it gets the couple off to a good start. That in this case, these aspects takes place within a 5 degree orb makes it all the better.

Jolie's Venus in Cancer also opposes Pitt's Venus in Capricorn, which in turn conjuncts his Moon. The two also share the very nice occurance of both their chart rulers - the Moon for Jolie, Jupiter for Pitt - in the same Sign AND conjunct, in Aries! They both share a good bit of Fire element, giving them somthing to build on, but it's the role of Saturn here that really makes the difference. First, Saturn rules Jolie's 7th House, and opposes Pitt's Capricorn Moon and Venus. Pitt's the marrying type, likely to be traditional in outlook (or as can be for a Hollywood star) and will want to put down roots as soon as possible. This fits just fine for Jolie, whose Cancer Asc and Venus finds much security with Pitt. We can also note that Pitt's Saturn trines Jolie's Sun, giving Saturn's influence mutual impact on the couple; notice in Pitt's chart, how Saturn rules the 2nd House of Values, and disposes not only of his Moon-Venus conjunction, but also Mercury, his 7th House ruler.

Their union will not be without its fair share of difficulty as time wears on; Jolie's Moon is in fiesty Aries, and will likely clash with Pitt's conservative Moon in Capricorn. There could be squabbles over things on the homefront, perhaps Pitt wants Jolie to be more of a stay at home mommy, that sort of thing. This is an echo of the exact Venus-Uranus square Jolie was born with, not exactly the most stable of Venus situations, and can be a source of great irritation to Pitt's more stable Venus in Capricorn-conjunct the Moon placement. Additionally, Pitt's Uranus-Pluto conjunction squares Jolie's Sun, a very powerful force for good if Pitt is on his square. If not, it can serve to tear their union apart at the seams. Finally, the couple's Mars placements are square each other exactly, with Pitt's Mars also square Jolie's Moon and Jolie's Mars square Pitt's Mercury. Whew! LOTS of potential for bickering, arguments, fights, you name it. Pitt will have to take the lead to make cetain that the Martian energies are used more outside the home in productive ways than inside (keep in mind, Pitt's Mars is exalted in Capricorn - plus he's older).

Parting shot here - notice that Neptune, the planet most associated of enduring love and romance, is very strong in the synastry. Jolie's Neptune sits right on Pitt's Asc, while Pitt's Neptune closely trines Jolie's 7th House ruling Saturn. Nice.

Nevertheless, overall, the match looks good, and marriage between the two, I say, is likely.

Now, in the case of Cruise and Holmes, the picture gets murkier...

First off, Holmes has her Venus-Uranus conjunction rising in Cruise's Scorpio Asc; this, along with Cruise's natal Mars-Uranus square, with Mars in the 7th, accounts for the rather sudden nature of their relationship (remember, he was just with Penelope Cruz before Holmes). In fact, when looking over Cruise's 7th House, we can note that he has the tendency of not looking before he leaps in relationships and marriage; haste makes waste; speed kills. If indeed he ties the knot with Holmes, it'll be the third time for him. In any case, Holmes' Leo Asc aligns with Cruise's Moon; her own Leo Moon conjuncts Cruise's Venus (along with her Asc). But also note that Cruise's Uranus is also conjunct Holmes' Asc. As a rule, relationships with a strong Uranian tinge to them don't augur well for longevity and stability, unless in some way things are done in a Uranian way, an "other than the norm" sort of vibe, like a union between gay people, or differing cultural backgrounds, etc. In light of Cruise's comments regarding his involvement with Scientology and so on (which really makes me view him in a totally different light - I actually liked Cruise as an actor, but nowadays it's kinda tough to watch a Cruise flick without thinking of him "jumping the couch" on Oprah, etc.), this could be the Uranian tinge manifesting itself.

The problem in all this lies in the fact that both Cruise and Holmes share a Leo Moon, a combination that rarely goes along smoothly; somebody has to lead the dance! Additionally, Cruise likes to have control of things with his Scorp Asc; that's all well and good for now, but with Holmes soon to have her Saturn Return, all that could change before it's all said and done. There could be clashes over how the couple approaches things and the overall direction of the union (Their Ascendants are square by Sign - Cruise Scorp Asc, Pluto in Virgo; Holmes Leo Asc, Sun in Sag).

Speaking of Saturn, it is not well placed here in the interplay between the charts in my view; note that Holmes' Saturn in Virgo, is conjunct Cruise's chart ruling Pluto. Saturn-Pluto combinations are rarely comfortable, at best they represent hard, tough work. Over the longrun I would say that Cruise may feel like maintaining a union with Holmes may be more trouble than it's worth. Natally, Cruise has Saturn Rx and squared by Neptune; both Neptune and certainly Uranus, speak more loudly in Cruise's life and astrology than does Saturn (compare the lives of Cruise and Pitt, for example - see the difference Saturn makes). Note also that Cruise's Saturn widely opposes Holmes' Moon - a Leo Moon isn't very comfortable with someone else's Saturn pressing on it. Cruise's Neptune and Saturn aspect Holme's Venus as well, but, in fairness, Holmes' Neptune trines Cruise's Venus, so there's some chance of the love going the distance.

Note also that Cruise's Pluto square Holmes' Mercury, while her Neptune oppose his Mercury; they have to be very careful in their communication with each other, otherwise there could be lots of misunderstanding, etc.

In Vedic Astrology, there is a concept called "Sama Dosha", which means "same affliction". The idea is to hookup with someone who has the same horoscope challenges that you have; this way, the other person can more easily relate to the crosses you bear and vice-versa, and as such you tend to cancel out each other's stuff. For those of you out there who are familiar with the term "Kuja Dosha" you know what I'm talking about. I bring that up because while such a concept isn't as explicitly stated in Western Astrology, the idea holds up on this side as well. Cruise and Holmes share strong Uranian aspects in their individual charts, and this hopefully, can be the saving grace that keeps them together. But Uranus has never been known for sticking it out, if anything, Uranus has always been known to astrologers as the Planet of Divorce! And because Uranus plays a much stronger role both natally and between the charts of these two, I say that it's highly unlikely that Cruise and Holmes will get married; if they do, it won't last, sad to say.

We'll likely hear some developments on this front between Cruise by or before the end of the year, when transit Saturn has crossed Holmes' Asc and Moon, and when it squares Cruise's 7th House Mars; my guess is that it might be signal that things aren't going as well as they are now. Keep in mind that at the same time Holme's is having this heavy Saturn transit to her Asc and Moon, she'll also be having transit Pluto going over her Sun; again, Saturn-Pluto periods are rarely pleasant.

As for Pitt, I think we'll finally see him move into full adult stage, with transit Pluto having done its life-changing job on Brad; he'll get a much more deeper perspective on his life and will want to make a contribution to the larger society (Pluto rules the 12th), both through his celebrity and with his own family. I fully expect there to be announcements of marital plans for him and Jolie by or before the end of the year.

Let's hope that both couples do the right thing, both by their children and themselves, in so doing providing everyone else in society an example of what good people do when they love each and have babies - get married.



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