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An Inconvenient Truth: Why The Democrats CANNOT WIN In '06

An Inconvenient Truth: Why The Democrats CANNOT WIN In '06

8:20 AM 09/23/2006 Sat

With less than two months to go before the all-important 2006 Midterm Elections, the Democrats look to be in great shape to take back at least one of the Houses of Congress. Pundits on both sides of the partisan aisle are suggesting that if it'll happen at all, the Dems will retake the House of Representatives, where they need under 20 seats to win (for the Senate, the number is under 10). With the War in Iraq going badly in recent weeks, as well as President Bush's recent infighting he's had with his own Party over the issue of interrogation of terrorist suspects, it looks like no better time for the Dems to get themselves together, and take back at least one of the Houses just in time for the Presidential Elections in 2008. The victory of Ned Lamont over longtime Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman in August, seems to, some say, presage the advent of not only the Democrats return to power, but so too of the Hardcore Left's acension to power as well. Certainly, all eyes will be on Connecticut's main election in November, where Lamont, now the Democrtatic Party's nominee for US Senate, will square off against Joe Lieberman, now running as an Independent, abandoned by his own Party after years of staunch support of the Dem's platform, because of the singular issue where he supported President Bush - Iraq.

But can they really do it- can they retake one, or even both US Houses of Congress this Fall?

To answer this question about the probable future, we need to look back into the past, to another midterm election year, where the minority Party re-took control of both Houses of Congress. The year was 1994, and the party out of power was the Republicans.

GOP Jul 6 1854 12PM LMT Jackson MS; Placidus 12 Lib 18, Campion

As we all know, it was Speaker Next Gingrich who led the GOP to an electoral victory that has been since unparalleled by either Party in US History - the GOP won back both Houses of Congress by a landslide (something like 50 seats) - the last time the GOP was in power in this way was some 40 years before that in the earlier part of the 20th century! At the time, in the GOP chart, SA Jupiter=Saturn in Mar 94 (making the case for why the GOP was the better Party than the Dems; organizing efforts); SA Sun=Mars/Pluto in Jun 94, and SA Mars=Uranus in Sep 94 (taking the fight to the Dems, making them go on the defensive); and finally, right before the elections, in Oct 94, the GOP had SA Moon=Asc, an appeal to the public to be sure. Additionally, transit Jupiter was just going over the GOP Moon in Scorpio, which rules the 10th and holds the GOP Sun (party in power).

Note the strong occurance of arcs involving Mars - promotion efforts, "get out the vote", making the case for your party, being "on message". This is crucial here in our survey of the Dems' present situation.

But the GOP victory, astrologically seen of course, is only one part of the picture; the other part lies with the Dems themselves, afterall, how could they loose so badly, after being firmly entrenched in Congressional power for over four decades? Read on, and you will see what the astrology of loss really looks like:

Democratic Party May 13 1792 12PM LMT Philadelphia PA; Placidus 29 Leo 53

There were many "stars against" things happening to and with the Dems in the midterm elections of 1994; first off, we see the SA Mercury=Neptune, which suggests that the Dems were "off message", confused, in a haze, bewildered somehow in that election year; it's a known fact that the GOP has a clear advantage over the Dems in terms of getting its base out to vote, strong financial management and ability to come up with and communicate key ideas and platforms to the American public (a prime example of this in recent times, was the victory of Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, a Repbulican Senator who had voted against the President numerous times. The GOP machine, fearful of that Senatorial seat falling into Democratic hands, put all its muscle behind Chafee to help him win in his Primary fight over his stridently Conservative Republican opponent. Rhode Island is one of the "bluest" States in the Union). This arc alone highlights those areas in the Democratic Party chart where they are truly deficient and in need of correction before any hope of any real political and electoral progress for them can be made (note and keep in mind, please, the key elements of the Democratic Party horoscope: Moon Void of Course, being taken off track, being in a fog; Mercury Rx in conjunction with the Sun, which itself is the Asc ruler - inability to come up with ideas that resonate with the People, being misunderstood, etc.; Saturn in Aries opposed Neptune, ruler of the 8th - bad financial management of campaign funds, poor internal Party administration, potential corruption).

Next, we see two key arcs that are debilitating to any entity or person: SA Neptune=Uranus, Nov 94, and SA Pluto=Saturn, Dec 94. For ANY political entity or person, these are portents that DO NOT SIGNAL VICTORY AT ALL, if anything, they presage defeat, difficulty, even financial ruin and/or scandal. Although Bill Clinton was President and much beloved by the American public, beyond his titular head of leadership in the Democratic Party, the Party itself was in deep trouble in so many ways; keep in mind, that Clintion, along with his Vice-President Al Gore, founded the Democratic Leadership Council, as a means to step AWAY from the Dems as they had been known before.

So, with all this assessed and known, what are the Dems' astrolgical chances for victory in November '06? The astrology, in my judegement, does not look favorable. First of all, back in Jan of this year, the Dems had SA Mercury=Saturn/Pluto; keep in mind the earlier assessment of the Dems' Mercury, and this arc looms large in our considerations here. As you may recall, it was around this time that the Democratic Party, under the leadership of Dr. Howard Dean, announced that they were coming up with "the plan", a blueprint of ideas and initiatives to appeal to the American electorate. That "plan" was finally released to the public only a few days ago, in an op/ed piece written by Dr. Dean on behalf of the Dems. It is a "plan" in name only - in true "Howlin' Howie" style, the piece was nothing but a list of slogans and soundbites, culminating in an ad hoc attack against the Bush administration - hardly an actual plan of leadership and pales in comparison to Speaker Gingrich's "Contract With America" that was so crucial to the GOP victory in 1994. This picture recurred again, this time in the form of SA Saturn=Mercury/Pluto, in Mar 06 - this was about the time when the Dems, aided by a few Republican Senators and Congressmen, adamantly went against the President over the Dubai Ports Deal, sunk it, and then went on to rail against the President over the War in Iraq, etc. In fact, it was around this time that Congressman Jack Murtha, himself a former Marine and decorated Vietnam veteran, suggested strongly that the USA "redeploy" the forces based in Iraq to the outlying areas around Iraq (at first the idea was to "redeploy" to one of the island bases off the Japanese mainland!), and essentially let Iraq devolve into the civil war that the Dems had been complaining about in the first place!

Again, keep in mind the key Mercurial placement in the Democratic Party chart; AND, please note that its Saturn-Neptune opposition, falls in the 3-9 House axis (Saturn in the 9th, Neptune in the 3rd). Hmm.

Continuing with the analysis, we also see that the Dems' had SA MC=Jupiter/Pluto and SA MC=Sun/Jupiter, both in Apr - the Dems were in the afterglow of their victory over the President regarding the ports deal, and were on a roll. SA Venus=Asc in Jul makes the Dems look like a real contender, as at that time, gas prices were soaring, well above $3/gal, and the body count of Iraqi dead mounted. In fact, this latter arc, has a great deal to do with the victory of Lamont over Lieberman in Aug. But it won't be enough to pull it out in Nov.

I say that because, coming up next month, the Dems have SA Neptune=Asc/MC, almost always a time of mass confusion, bewilderment, even scandal for politicians; this, coming at a time when the elections accross the country are "down the stretch" will greatly harm the Party's chances for retaking the Congress. In early Nov, transit Saturn will be at 24 Leo - just ONE DEGREE SHY of opposition to the Dems' Pluto, itself at 23 Aquarius. This transit of Saturn will move on to oppose the Dems' Moon as well, and at all together, does not augur well for a victory party at the Capitol building.

Meanwhile, in the GOP horoscope, we see the SA Sun=Saturn/Neptune in Apr, which, as we noted earlier, was the time when the Democrats were aided by some Repbulican lawmakers and went against the President on the Dubai Ports Deal (note the Sun here, i.e., GWB, as head of the GOP, in the 10th). This was followed by SA Venus=Mars/Saturn, exact in Jun, and by this time, as again noted earlier, gas prices were going through the roof and fighting in Iraq had reached a fever pitch (Venus Asc ruler). However, note that gas prices have significantly fallen, and that the fighting in Iraq, while still vicious, is nowhere near the record breaking numbers it had been. SA Venus=Asc/MC saw a bump in President Bush's poll numbers, as he had been going on an offensive, in a series of speeches in the run up to the 5 year anniversary of the Sep 11 Terror Attacks. Additionally, the row with his own party over terrorist suspects has been worked out, and the economy is humming along, keeping well above the 11K-point mark on the Dow Jones, and while national unemployment figures stay well below 5%. These are welcome signs to see, as the races around the country will remain close.

But the breakout time for the GOP comes at the beginning of Nov, when SA Sun=Jupiter/Pluto, a grand signal of success and victory; expect to see news reports and television news stories about this at that time. The GOP will pull things out for an electoral victory, retaining both Houses of Congress, with only minimal wins on the Democratic side, if any at all. The American public, and this would include the GOP faithful, may have its problems with the White House and Congress, but will not want to change horses in midstream, especially as gas prices, among other things, continue to improve. We can expect a victory for the GOP in the 2006 Midterm Elections.

A final note - at the time of Lieberman's defeat at the hands of his own Party, he had SA Pluto=Saturn, exact Jun 06. Coming up in the Nov elections, Lamont will have transit Saturn, in EXACT CONJUNCTION to his Pluto! Already, his poll numbers look bad, with something like only 38% of the voting public up there in support of him. Look for a Lieberman win in Connecticut, a close one, but a win nonetheless.



Blogger lili said...

Hello Mumin,
I'm sorry you were so rudely flamed in Astroworld. You raised the bar, while there, in chart interpretation and as an 'opposing' view point.
I would really like to know what you think the strengths of this administration are...what have they done right?
If they do remain in full power it will certainly be more political currency to spend. What do you see them doing with it?


12:10 AM  
Blogger Mu'Min M. Bey said...

Hi Lili,

Thanks so much for the kind comments. A bit pressed for time now, but by now, you'll see my latest installment regarding the current Foley Scandal, etc. if you would like to chat more, feel free to email me directly!


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