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The Mideast War: Rice Goes To The Region

The Mideast War: Rice Goes To The Region

5:52 AM 07/22/2006 Sat

With the war between the Lebanon-based and Iranian/Syrian backed Hezbollah and the Jewish State of Israel going into its third week, USA Secretary of State Dr. Condoleeza Rice has announced that she will be heading to the region to attempt to cool things out between the warring parties. This comes as hundreds, if not thousands, of Lebanese refugees, ex-pats and foriegn citizens flee the country. To date, roughly 30 Israelis and over 300 Lebanese have been killed; the two Israeli soldiers taken prisoner by Hezbollah are still unaccounted for; Arab powers Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt have rebuked Hezbollah for its actions in setting off this war; and Israel has called up some 3000 reserve troops, preparing for a ground assault into South Lebanon. Hezbollah, with an estimated 13,000 rockets and missles, along with some 2000 fighters, don't appear to be effected by the relentless air raids conducted by the Israeli Air Force.

World opinion continues to mount against Israel, culminating in a UN Resolution last week, to get Israel to stop what the UN called "excessive force" and begin a cease-fire; the only dissenter was the United States. Both Israel and the USA want Hezbollah dismantled, and according to radio reports, Israeli military officials say they can do the job within another few weeks. But the international pressure is such that they may only have a few more days before being forced to bow to the pressure, and go the cease-fire route.

In comparing the synastry between Lebanon and Israel, its interesting to note that the Lebanon Saturn, which rules its 12th House and sits in the 4th, is at 24 Gemini - the same exact degree of Israel's Uranus! Saturn-Uranus combos usually suggest a push-pull tug of war between the old and the new, the conservative and the liberal. Clearly, Hezbollah, which is represented by this Saturn position, deeply dislikes Israel's presence in the region, in fact the group was formed for the express purpose of, as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, "wiping Israel off of the map". In the Israeli chart, Uranus sits in the 9th House and opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd - the basis for Israeli existence, lies in this axis.

It is wholly appropriate to consider first and foremost the Lebanese chart with regard to Hezbollah, now since they've become a substantial part of the government, and in effect, is the country's military forces in the wake of the Israeli pullout of Lebanon six years ago. The official Lebanese Army was never much of a force to begin with, and looking at its chart its easy to see why - Mars is in Gemini, Peregrine (Tyl) but also Rx. Moreover, Pluto sits in the Lebanese 6th House of the Military, and sextile Uranus; Pluto is in Mutual Reception with the Lebanese Sun in Scorpio in the 9th. These are farvorable indications, but Hezbollah has proven itself to be stronger, the only political party in the state that has been allowed to keep its standing army, along with providing substantial services to the Shia poor and needy. Note Saturn's dispositor Mercury, sitting in Sagittarius and placed in the 9th House - Hezbollah is known for its broadcasting facilities, which, while having been attacked by Israel, are still in operation to date.

While Rice will talk the diplomatic talk in front of the cameras, she will support the Israeli position of weakening Hezbollah; all indications are, based on the Israeli chart, that the Jewish State will continue its offensive against the Lebanese terror group for the forseeable future. Last week I laid out the upcoming astrological climate for Israel in my "Quick Mundane Astrology Current Events Overview" (12:45 PM 07/16/2006 Sun):

"Transit Saturn sits exactly on the Israeli Pluto and is only a few degrees away from exact conjunction with its Saturn, both in the 10th; transit Pluto exactly opposes Uranus. Note Mercury's rulership of the Israeli 9th House and disposing of Uranus; note also that Mercury exactly trines Neptune in the 12th! Upcoming for Israel is SA Mars=Sun/Uranus & SA Mars=Asc/MC (both in Aug), SA MC=Uranus/Pluto (Sep) and finally, SA Pluto=Sun (Dec)."

For Lebanon's part, I said the following about the measurements obtaining in its national horoscope:

"For Lebanon, transit Pluto exactly opposes Saturn in the 4th from the 10th, a vivid picture of internal struggles between the political parties for power - keep in mind, that Hezbollah occupies about a quarter of Parliament seats in the Lebanonese government. Note that Saturn rules the Lebanon 12th and sits in the 4th, a terror organization in the government, the party out of power. SA Neptune=Uranus in Apr - note that the two are in trine natally, with Uranus sitting at the Nadir and Neptune in the 7th (getting support from Iran and Syria). SA Sun=Mars exact in the same month. If the noon time mark is anywhere accurate, the upcoming SA MC=SAturn/Pluto picture, exact in Oct, could prove devastating to the Lebanonese government and economy, should this thing drag out that long."

Most people agree that the Lebanese economy and fledgling democratic exercise will be seriously damaged as a result of this war, being setback at least 10 years, if not more, depending on how long the war lasts. My feeling is that it is likely to continue till at least the end of the month, and again, I base this on the indications found in the Israeli horoscope.

There has been talk of the Lebanese citizenry taking up with arms and standing in solidarity with Hezbollah against the Israelis; from my analysis of the Lebanese chart, I say that is not likely to happen in a broad-based way. My reasons for saying this lies in the fact that the Lebanese Moon, which is in Virgo, is square to the Saturn position in the same chart. Saturn, as mentioned earlier, represents Hezbollah, and while the public does have some degree of tolerance for Hezbollah, it will not want to go lockstep with Hezbollah's fundamentalist notions; the people will want Lebanon to remain a multi-culture, multi-ethnic, democratic state. From the looks of things, Hezbollah will be isolated, and if the Israeli assault is allowed to continue, Hezbollah will be no more as we know it by Summer's end.

Finally, it is most interesting and instructive to consider the recent Mars-Saturn Conjunction, taking place on Jun 18 2006; for both Israel and Lebanon, this conjunction is partile at 8.04 AM EET. Looking at the chart from the perspectives of Tel Aviv and Beirut, Mars and Saturn appear in the 12th House(!), sitting right on the Asc. Again, the 12th House represents Terrorism (secret enemies), and of course, Mars and Saturn when together represent conflicts and strife.

More reports, analysis and predictions to come as events unfold.



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