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Quick Mundane Astrology Current Events Overview

Quick Mundane Astrology Current Events Overview

12:45 PM 07/16/2006 Sun

The past week or so has been unusually active in Mundane events around the world; usually, the Summertime here in the USA and in some other places, has traditionally been a slow news cycle.

All that changed with the recent missile testing by North Korea; the terrorist bombing in India; and what now appears to be a two-front war on Israel in the form of Hamas and Hezbollah, known terror organizations that now have government representation in the Palestinian Territories and Lebanon, respectively.

Let's take a quick look at the charts of the parties involved:

North Korea Sep 10 1948 12PM, JST, P'yongyang; Placidus 25 Sco 45, Campion

The move by North Korea to launch missles is, in my view one that is designed to force the USA to enter into negotiations one on one; it figures that it can do this in light of the seeming impasse that the USA and World Community has reached with regard to the nuclear arms issue in Iran. Of course, the USA has resisted such talks, instead trying to force North Korea into going back to the six-party talks which include South Korea, Japan, China and Russia. The likelihood that this strategem on the part of the GWB administration will work is highly unlikely; neither China nor Russia has shown any urgency in getting with North Korea, and South Korea is eager to continue its "Sunshine Diplomacy" in a bid to reunify the penninsula. That only leaves Japan as a true ally in the region, who has in recent weeks talked of a more agressive defense against North Korean attack. But all of this I think, is more about North Korea maintaining itself in its pro-Communist form than trying to make a bid to be a bigger regional player, etc. As I've pointed out in earlier essays, North Korea is on its last legs due to internal problems and years of isolation, and seeks assurances from the West and in particular the USA, that it will not be toppled.

At present in the North Korean chart, transit Saturn is applying to conjunction with Pluto, the Asc ruler; transit Uranus is square the Moon and applying opposition to the Sun in the 10th; SA MC=Saturn, exact in Oct of this year (the head of government seeking security protection? Perhaps this IS an ambitious move on the part of North Korea).

India Jan 26 1950 10.15AM New Delhi; Placidus 4 Ari 49, Campion

More than most countries in the world, India has had a long history with Islamic terrorism, reaching at least as far back to the Indira Ghandi-era government, if not longer. We must keep in mind, that the current state of India came about at least in part due to the tensions between its Muslim and Hindu halves, which brought about Partition, and led to the state of Pakistan today.

There are more Muslims living in India than anywhere else in world, somewhere over 200 million, which exceeds the population of Indonesia.

I take Terrorism and Terrorist Organizations to be represented by the 12th House, as well as Neptune and Pluto; in the Indian chart, note that Uranus rules the 12th, is placed in the 3rd, and is quindecile Mercury in the 10th. This aspect is one that is steeped in ideology, fighting for turf (the continued skirmishes with regard to Kashmir, etc.) - Mercury rules the 3rd, with Uranus at the Aries Point. Neptune co-rules the 12th and squares the Mercury position in the 10th, only adding more fuel to the fire, so to speak. And Pluto, ruler of the 8th House, opposes Jupiter and Venus along the 5-11 House axis - it could well be that there is radical Muslim support in the Indian Parliament. In any event, the terrorists have considerable influence, per the indications of the Indian horoscope.

At present, transit Neptune is parked in near exact opposition to Pluto; in Apr, SA Moon=Pluto, in May, SA Sun=Pluto. Hmm.

Israel has declared itself to be engaged in a two-front war, between Hamas and Hezbollah, both of which now have official government representation and sanction. It has been said that both Iran and Syria are implicated in all of this, fighting a war against the Jewish State by way of proxy; it has long been known that Iran finances and supports Hezbollah, and the heads of Hamas reside in Syria, where recently, the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made supportive overtures to the Syrian Bashir Assad government. In other words, at least to a certain extent, they are allies. The United Nations, as well as various European governments, have called on Israel to act with restraint as they attempt to quell the Hamas/Hezbollah threat; President Bush has flatly stated that the Olmert government in Israel has the right to defend itself. The head of Hezbollah has officially declared war on Israel; both groups have taken hostage Israeli soldiers.

Israel May 14 1948 4PM EET, Tel Aviv; Placidus 23 Lib 03; Campion

Lebanon Independence Nov 22 1943 12PM, Beirut; Placidus 25 Aqr 56; Campion

Hamas Dec 14 1987 12PM EET, Jerusalem; Placidus 26 Pis 41; Wikipedia

Palestinian Declaration Of Independence Nov 15 1988 12PM EET Algeirs; Placidus 21 Cap 12; Wikipedia

Palestinian Authority May 4 1994 12PM EET, Cairo; Placidus 19 Leo 45; Wikipedia

Transit Saturn sits exactly on the Israeli Pluto and is only a few degrees away from exact conjunction with its Saturn, both in the 10th; transit Pluto exactly opposes Uranus. Note Mercury's rulership of the Israeli 9th House and disposing of Uranus; note also that Mercury exactly trines Neptune in the 12th! Upcoming for Israel is SA Mars=Sun/Uranus & SA Mars=Asc/MC (both in Aug), SA MC=Uranus/Pluto (Sep) and finally, SA Pluto=Sun (Dec).

For Lebanon, transit Pluto exactly opposes Saturn in the 4th from the 10th, a vivid picture of internal struggles between the political parties for power - keep in mind, that Hezbollah occupies about a quarter of Parliament seats in the Lebanonese government. Note that Saturn rules the Lebanon 12th and sits in the 4th, a terror organization in the government, the party out of power. SA Neptune=Uranus in Apr - note that the two are in trine natally, with Uranus sitting at the Nadir and Neptune in the 7th (getting support from Iran and Syria). SA Sun=Mars exact in the same month. If the noon time mark is anywhere accurate, the upcoming SA MC=SAturn/Pluto picture, exact in Oct, could prove devastating to the Lebanonese government and economy, should this thing drag out that long.

Hamas has transit Pluto in conjunction with its Saturn in the 9th, while transit Saturn squares its Pluto, a double whammy if there ever was one. Its choice to resist moderation and instead embrace a harder line will come at a huge price. SA Mars=Saturn/Pluto exact in Sep. Ouch.

In the Palestinian Authority chart, the noon time mark has an Asc at 19 Leo, meaning that its right in the zone of the upcoming Saturn-Neptune Opposition; in its DOI chart, transit Saturn exactly squares its Pluto in the 10th, with Saturn ruling the Asc. SA Asc=Saturn/Neptune exact this month, if the 12 noon time is right. In Any event, this month SA Neptune=Sun/Uranus as well, too.

Note that in ALL THREE of these charts, the 12th House - Terrorism - is highly active; in Hamas' chart, Uranus rules the 12th and conjuncts the Sun; in the Palestinian DOI chart, Asc ruling Saturn is in the 12th, along with both Neptune and Uranus (the latter being at the Aries Point); and in the PA chart, the Moon rules the 12th and widely conjunct Saturn, ruler of the 6th (this aspect and House rulership suggests that both the Palestinian public and government sanctions, or at the very least tolerates, the use of terrorist organizations to act on its behalf in its struggle against Israel; the 6th also represents the Security Forces, Pisces is a dual Sign, hence the internal clashes between the Fatah and Hamas factions regarding who will run security operations, etc.; in any event, the Palestinian people highly regard suicide bombers and the whole idea of martyring oneself to a cause. The 7th House part of it is representative of the involvement of Iran and possibly Syria).

There is much more to say about these and other developments around the world; in due course, I will attempt to put into astrological context these happenings and offer my own predictions as to the outcome of these events, with these and other offerings to act as a jumping off point in those future deliberations.



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