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The Courtship Of Tiger's Father

The Courtship Of Tiger's Father

11:36 AM 06/18/2006 Sun

This goes out to Earl Woods...

Today is the one day out of the year that we, as an American Society, honors Dads, those men who take an active part in the rearing of their children and leading their families. Father's Day has been around almost as long as Mother's Day - but its meaning has at the very least, greatly changed over the years, if not diminished.

Astrologically, we see this in the symbolism of Saturn Retrograde, the apparent backwards movement of Saturn from our vantage point here on Earth. Saturn represents the father principle everywhere, and its retrogression at the time of an infant's birth presages a whole litany of potential difficulties the lack of involved fatherhood can and sad to say, often does bring into said infant's life.

Millions of people are born with Saturn Rx, and the vast majority will indeed encounter fathership lack and abandonment; but there are grand exceptions to the rule. Perhaps one of the biggest exceptions, has to be Tiger Woods.

Tiger hardly needs an introduction here - known as the youngest man ever to win the presitigious Masters golfing tournament, Tiger has singlehandedly changed the game of golf from an indiser game only well-heeled older White men know or cared about, into a pop-cultural global craze. Tiger got his start in golfing at an early age, under the careful and ever-present watchful eye of his dad, Earl Woods, himself an athelete and career military man, a former Green Beret, who met Tiger's mother while on tour during the Vietnam War.

Woods had several children from a previous marriage, a failed one that brought a good deal of pain to said children, and vowed not to repeat the same mistakes should he have another crack at the apple. On a late Dec evening in 1975, he did indeed have a second chance:

Tiger Woods Dec 30 1975, 10.50PM PST, Long Beach CA; Placidus 24 Vir 26, Rodden

As mentioned earlier, Tiger has the mark of Saturn Rx; in this case, its at 1 Leo and opposes, accross the signline, Tiger's all-important Mercury (due to its dual rulership of the Asc and MC respectively; MC=Dad). The Mind becomes very, very important here, and with Saturn's involvement, we can say that it will either go in the direction of keen focus and concentration, or, it can lead into despondency, depression and so on. As we all know, it went in the former, and not the latter, direction.

There are accounts of Earl Woods taking his son through all manner of mental training excercises; him having Tiger play golf as a youngster while loud music was blaring, or with Earl trying to distract Tiger by running about and waving his hands, etc. All of it ended up training Tiger to be focused on the objective, to let nothing interfere with what he was doing right then in the moment, and that, along with his intensive practice with golf, finally payed off.

When Tiger won the Masters in 1995 (at the time, transit Saturn was square the Moon and MC; SA Jupiter=Venus/Pluto, SA MC=Sun), the first thing he did was run to hug his dad, his longtime mentor. It's interesting to note that not only is Tiger's Sun in the Sign of Capricorn, the Sign of the Father - and Masters - but so too is his all-important Mercury. It is undeniable that Tiger's father made all the difference in his life.

As is so often the case in the charts of children, the passing of a parent is usually seen in a strong way, and Tiger's chart is no exception in this regard. At the time of the passing of his father, May 3 2006, transit Saturn was square his Uranus, and more important, transit Pluto was sitting at the Nadir, applying to square to the Asc; SA MC=Sun/Saturn. Finally, we can point to Tiger undergoing his first Saturn Return, almost always a milestone time of life for most people walking around in some way. Tiger's father died of prostate cancer, a disease that is particularly virulent among African American men, and this too we can see in Tiger's chart, with the conspicuous nature of the Jupiter-Pluto opposition, and, if we take the MC and treat it as the Asc for Earl Woods, Pluto now ruling the 6th House. Also, we can note Mars Rx at 17 Gem in the 12th House (9th House radically) in opposition to both Neptune and the Moon in the 6th (3rd radically). The transit of Pluto going over the Moon and Neptune, and opposed Mars in 2001-2002 would be the most likely times that the cancer progressed.

With Tiger's natal Jupiter-Pluto opposition very, very strong in his chart, it is easy to see the massive, mega-success he's garnered through golf. Of course, most people, regardless of horoscope or circumstance, will go on to become world famous and kingly rich as Tiger. But we can be sure that there were other babies born near Tiger's birthplace on the same day, who didn't meet such as nice an outcome. In those cases, sad to say, Saturn Rx won out.

But Tiger's chart - and life - stands as a sterling example of the difference a commited father makes in the life of a child, no matter what the chart looks like; in fact, and I've pointed this out before, Saturn Rx can be a powerful signal to the father that he must work extra hard to be a good dad.

So, here's to Earl Woods, to a job well done; the world couls use more good dads like you.


Suggested further reading: "Who's Your Daddy? The Primacy Of Saturn Retrograde", found at


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