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Tie Goes To The Runner: Hezbollah WINS

Tie Goes To The Runner: Hezbollah WINS

8:03 AM 08/19/2006 Sat

With the passage of UN Resolution 1701, the die has been cast; Israel will pull out of Lebanon with the arrival of an international peackeeping force to assist the Lebanese Army in retaking the Southern region that was and still is, firmly under Hezbollah control. But there is still much squabbling over just WHO will move into Lebanon, what their mandate will be, and whether they, along with the Lebanese miltary, will indeed disarm The Party of God. Lebanese officials have already gone on record as saying that they will NOT disarm "their brothers" to the South; Israel has scoffed at the notion of Malaysia and Indonesia being part of the international peacekeeping team, on the grounds that neither Islamic nation recognizes Israel; France has reduced its number of troops to a measly 200; and the beat goes on.

The month long struggle between the Jews and the Shia has brought with it significant pain and suffering; at last count, some 1000 Lebanese and over 100 Israelis have lost their lives in the fighting. Lebanon's socio-economic and democratic progress has been knocked back at least 10 years. Additionally, it must be said that the Israeli Army, to date the strongest military force in the entire Middle East, has suffered tremendous losses; at one point, the IDF took more than 15 casualties in a single day of fighting.

With both sides, Israel/USA and Hezbollah declaring victory, it can be confusing to the onlooker as to which side exactly won. But the keen eye sees it all so very clearly - Israel's stated mission was threefold:

1. Retrieve the kidnapped soldiers (there were two of them)

2. Push back Hezbollah away from the Israel northern border

3. Disarm and/or destroy Hezbollah outright

By all accounts, Israel has failed - FAILED - in its misson in all three areas. Hezbollah still has two Israeli soldiers held captive; they are still well within striking distance of Israel; and their capacity to wage war has hardly been diminished - in fact, on the last day of fighting, before the ceasefire was to take effect, Hezbollah fired more than 200 rockets and missles into Israel - more in a single day than at any other time in the conflict. This, together with the rugged terrain, highly motivated, equipped and trained fighters, and Iranian/Soviet anti-tank weaponry, made Hezbollah's forces a formidable adversary for the IDF. One that proved to both the Arab World and to the West, that it could fight the Jewish State man for man, toe to toe, to a standstill.

Despite the wink and nod gestures the USA has made to Israel, despite both Israel and the USA resisting ceasefire talk from the UN and the rest of the World, despite a solid month of repeated airstrikes, cluster bombs, heavy artillery and a proposed call-up of some 10,000 reservists, in the end, Israel was forced to go along with a UN-backed ceasefire agreement. With nothing to show for it.

There can be no mistake - Hezbollah has won. And for Israel, a nation that prides itself on its ability to defend itself, this is a crushing defeat to the national ego.

Heads will roll in Tel Aviv.

While many in our community may not recall, Astrology has long played a history in the Fate of Nations, especially in times of war; there are accounts of many astrologers who were trusted aides and advisors to kings and generals and warlords down through the ages, often giving startling and accurate predictions on courses taken, at other times advising as to when the time is ripe for an attack. Both sides in the current conflict, Jewish and Islamic alike, have recorded in their annals such astrological accounts as well (for example, we know that the great Saladin of Iraq, utilized astrologers in his military campaigns). With the passage of time, such things have fallen out of favor among the world's rulers. But that doesn't mean that the Astrology isn't any less valid.

Previous articles written by me on this conflict have taken up the issue and fact that for both the Israeli and Lebanese people, the combination of Saturn and Pluto would be prominent at this time; in fact, the title of my last installment was called "A Saturn-Pluto War Of Attrition". It was I think, an accurate and vivid portrayal of the struggle between Israel and Hezbollah, it all coming down to "down-and-dirty streetfight in the Arab Street"; I also said that Aug 2006 would prove to be the decisive month - we would know for sure, who won and who lost.

Initially, I made use of the national charts for Israel and Lebanon, not being able to locate a specific founding date for Hezbollah; since then I've located the birthdates (though not birthtimes) of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. If I had their charts earlier I could have given a much more precise prediction of who would win and when:

Ehud Olmert Sep 30 1945 Binyamina Israel; Hassan Nasrallah Aug 31 1960 Beirut Lebanon; Sources for both birthdates Wikipedia

Whenever possible, I always like to work first and foremost with the charts of the actual leaders of the countries involved; doing so gives me much more detailed informationas to how contests (and war is, afterall, a sort of contest) will eventually turn out.

Olmert's chart does not show a leader in the traditional Israeli sense of the word; as mentioned before, Israel has had a long tradition of military leaders making the transition to political ones, the most recent of course being Ariel Sharon. Aside from his mandatory miliatry service, Olmert has no distinction among the military ranks, and neither does ANYONE ELSE IN THE INNER CIRCLE OF HIS GOVERNMENT. This is key, in light of the political bloodletting that's sure to follow in the wake of Israel's loss to Hezbollah.

Note that Olmert has a quadruple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune ALL in Libra, reminiscent of our Bill Clinton; he's a master of "triangulation", of being able to appeal to different sectors of Israeli polity and so on, but when it comes to making the hard decisions that wartime demands, he's simply not up to the job.

Note that Olmert also has the Moon most likely in Cancer, and conjunct Saturn, also in Cancer - and that Mars is in Cancer as well. All of this points to Olmert's willingness to defend the Jewish Homeland from outside threats, but he has a marked tendency to overreact to things - to try to eliminate ants with a sledgehammer, so to speak. The result is one huge mess, one that is worse than the original situation in the first place. This is the lesson of Mars in Cancer.

Mercury=Saturn/Uranus, Neptune=Sun/Mercury=Mercury/Jupiter all points to a man with contradictory thinking at best, confused and dazed at worst. Note also, on top of all this, that Olmert's Mercury is in declinational aspect to Neptune.

Nasrallah, on the other hand, has a chart that is more suited to a military-style leader - note that his Mars is placed in Gemini, its only aspect in the chart a sextile to Uranus (precision guided anti-tank weapons, tens of thousands of rockets and missles - things that fly through the air). Mars in Gemini isn't exactly the best placement for Mars, although its certainly better than being in Cancer, and at its best can suggest one who can be more objective about deploying one's energy and resources; being able to strategize is key, especially if Saturn is involved. When we turn to the midpoints, we see that Nasrallah has AP (Aries Point)=Mars/Saturn - he's known to all as a tough man to beat, one who is willing to undergo considerable hardship to achieve a goal. Mars-Saturn anything almost always brings with it a sense of being indefatigable, of never giving up. Mars is in declinational aspect to both Jupiter and Saturn to boot.

Put this together with Nasrallah's Sun-Pluto-Mercury conjunction in Virgo, and it all makes for a very, very shrewd and precise strategist; this combination going along with the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius accounts for his religious zeal and puritanism.

If Nasrallah was born before 6AM, it is entirely possible that Mars would oppose the Moon and Jupiter, tying in the Martian symbolism even more - and giving him the decisive astrological edge over Olmert.

At the start of the war, Jul 12 2006, Nasrallah had transit Pluto sitting RIGHT ON HIS PLUTO AND MOON, a clear signal for success if there ever was one. And, exact this month, Nasrallah has his Solar Arc Semi Square, a time of making a major bid for ascendancy for himself and his Hezbollah in Lebanese polity. Reports coming out of the Middle East clearly show Nasrallah's popularity going thru the roof, and he has declared to compensate any Lebanese person who has lost life and limb during the war.

For Olmert, SA Neptune=Venus exact in Apr 2006, several months before the war, and later this year, Nov 2006, he will have SA Pluto=Mars. These are not good auguries for a high level politician like Olmert; they suggest vagueries, impropriety, being deluded somehow, possibly even scandal involving sex and/or a woman; and they also suggest a strong challenge/attack to his position as Prime Minister, one that he may not be able to fend off. Olmert will have to be very, very careful, as the Israeli chart clearly shows the strong potential of a shift of political parties in power in the Fall of this year (Israel: SA MC=Uranus/Pluto, Sep 06; SA Pluto=Sun, Dec 06).

Now that the fighting has stopped, there will be much activity around Syria and Iran, while Olmert fights for his political life and Nasrallah refortifies his Hezbollah. The first round clearly went to the latter, and not the former.

But who will ultimately win the bout?



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