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The Hezbollah-Israeli Conflict: A Saturn-Pluto War Of Attrition

The Hezbollah-Israeli Conflict: A Saturn-Pluto War Of Attrition

7:09 AM 07/29/2006 Sat

After a week of failed diplomatic efforts on the part of a numer of nations, including the USA, the fighting continues in Lebanon, between the Israeli army and the forces of Hezbollah. The IDF has suffered its worst casualties thus far, 8 killed and over 20 injured just a few days ago, with Hezbollah firing more longer range missles into Israeli territory. Some 1 million people in the Jewish State have taken refuge in underground bomb shelters, a full one fifth of the entire population; meanwhile, on the Lebanese side of the border, refugees continue to flood into neighboring Syria. There appears to be no end in sight in this war - Israel's relentless air raids don't seem to have degraded Hezbollah's military assests much at all. And while the Israeli poiliticians have said "no" to the idea of a massive ground assault - surely, they want to avoid a repeat of 1982 - the Israeli military officials assessment is in my view accurate. They will have to do the rest of this on the ground, with sufficient manpower, in order to root out Hezbollah fully. But in so doing, they will have played right into the hands of The Party Of God; a down-and-dirty fight on "the Arab Street" is just what Hezbollah wants, a straight-up war of attrition. It is something the Jewish State cannot afford.

In the entire lexicon of Western Astrology, the most difficult of planetary combinations has to be that of Saturn and Pluto; here, the inherent difficulty of Saturn is combined with the "uber-Jupiterian" sensibilities of Pluto, and the result can be devastating. In plain layman's terms, such combos rarely speak to good times, but rather, of hard, brutal work to come out from under loss and difficulty; it can represent defeat, loss, even death.

In previous essays on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah I've made mention of the fact that both charts representing the warring parties are underoing Saturn-Pluto periods: in the Israeli chart, transit Saturn is sitting on the national Pluto in the 10th; in the Lebanese chart, transit Pluto in the 10th is opposing Saturn in the 4th. This is a signal that BOTH sides will experience heavy losses. But the question becomes, who will ultimately win?

For Israel, this is a "do or die" scenario; they must recover the abducted soldiers Hezbollah has taken captive, and then push Hezbollah back away from the border region, in the process either disarming them outright or destroying them altogther. It's a tall order that does not at present, seem to be working, made all the more worse in that earlier this week, Israeli war planes bombed a UN office, killing 4 observers.

On the other hand, all Hezbollah needs to do is simply hang on - in fact, the longer this drags out, the better for them. Simply standing after the dust clears is enough to prove their point, that the Arab World can stand up to the "Zionist Entity" that is Israel, and surely will be a rallying cry for other groups in the region, indeed, potentially the world.

If history is any indication - and Astrology IS built upon cycles of time - then all roads lead to Hezbollah's victory, should this come down to a prolonged ground battle. In the early 80's, Hezbollah succeeded in not only driving out the Israelis but also the USA as well; recall the 1983 suicide bombing of the Marine base in Beirut. Going back to the Lebanese chart for that time, transit Saturn was square Pluto, Nov 1983.

Yet, Astrology says that Hezbollah stands the most to loose here, with the prolonged transit of Pluto in opposition to Saturn in the 4th and ruling the 12th; I've said before, that I feel this placement is the astrological representation of Hezbollah in Lebanese society. This transit will last until Oct 2006, and from the looks of things, it's very possible that the fighting could extend that long.

Aug is the crucial month, for both parties; it will prove decisive for one side, I feel. Israel has a number of Solar Arcs involving Mars, which could suggest them taking more assertive measures to end the conflict with the use of more firepower. However, this will also cost them politically in the eyes of world opinion, and this is seen vividly in the aforementioned transit of Saturn going over the national Pluto in the 10th House of Public Reputation. Saturn has now moved away from Pluto, and is approaching the Israeli Saturn; it will conjunct it later in Aug. The actions the Jewish State takes between now and then will be fully manifest before the world at that time.

In the meantime, while there is much shuttling back and forth among the nations of the world, there is little indication that anyone will jump in anytime soon; the USA will continue to use its might diplomatically to keep those who wish to intervene and/or interfere out of it, hoping that its Jewish Ally can get the job done on its own terms. But with the Lebanese death toll now exceeding 600, it remains to be seen how long even the USA can hold off the rest of the world from doing something NOW.

Hang on to your seats, folks - this will get a lot more dirtier, before someone breaks out a broom...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not bad at all! Liked the Rachel Corrie story too.
You think US has lost the track? Imagine what it's like trying to study astrology in Australia!!

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