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Midterm '06 Foley Fallout: Much Ado About Nothing

Midterm '06 Foley Fallout: Much Ado About Nothing

6:33 AM 10/07/2006 Sat

Man, talk about an October Surprise - the recent revelation of disgraced US Congressman Mark Foley's online activities involving potentially underage male Congressional pages has put the GOP on the defensive, with calls from both Democrats and Republican supporters for Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to resign. The past week has been dominated with this scandal, and while Hastert initially appeared to be slow on the mark, his press conference Thursday, where he both apologized for the mess and took full responsibility for it, seems to have put the GOP back on course for the elections. Not only has President Bush and his Cabinet thrown their support behind Hastert, but so too has other major players in the Republican Party, which solidifies Hastert's refusal to step down as Speaker.

But the damage might have been done - with roughly a month to go before elections, the GOP really faces a tough challenge from the Democrats in the many races taking place accross the country. In my last installment, I asked whether the Dems could take back one or both Houses of Congress - this week, in light of the past week's events, the question has to be - can the GOP keep control, lose one, or indeed, lose both Houses of Congress?

Additionally, my analysis and predictions for the Midterm elections were based on the foundation dates for both political parties; the data in both cases were untimed, and in keeping with standard Mundane astrological practice, I set the charts for Noon. Since then, however, it has been pointed out to me by several colleagues, that my data for the GOP needed to be adjusted. According to Mundane astrological specialist JohnTWB in particular, he suggests that not only was the GOP founded in Jackson, MI (NOT MS, as earlier stated in my article) but that its "birth" took place at approximately 4PM LMT. This "new" data - Jul 6 1854, Jackson MI 4PM LMT - yields an Asc of 27 Sco 50, placing the Scorpionic Moon on the Asc from the 12th House, also at 27 degrees.

This new chart for the Republican Party is striking - Mars in Virgo, which in my view accounts for much of the GOP's success in recent years (targeted polling techniques, get out the vote efforts among "the base") - is placed in the 10th House and rules the 5th, holding Pluto, itself ruling the Asc and is Peregrine (Tyl)! Both of these astrological indicators, I think, accounts also for the marriage and fertility gap between the Parties (Republicans much more likely to be married and have kids than Democrats nationwide; note also the Venus-Saturn conjunction in the 7th), and, note the Moon - its final aspect is to Mars in the 10th. This to my mind accounts for the GOP's energetic campaign methods, goal setting, and promotion efforts.

Of course, one cannot help but notice the very obvious Neptune at the bottom of the chart, in the 4th, and opposed the MC, IN PISCES; this is a super-strong signal of idealism, patriotism, "family values", religiousity.

It must also be said that I overlooked two key Solar Arc measurements for the GOP that should've alerted me to the possibility of the scandal that occured recently: SA Saturn=Uranus/Pluto and SA Mars=Saturn/Uranus, both exact this month! These are destabilizing arcs to be sure; for the former arc, Tyl states: " toppled from position"; for the latter picture, he says: "tremendous upheaval possible in rebellion, through calamity, overexertion, or anxiety about how things will get on; challenges leading to a fight".

Wow. One for me to grow on.

Additionally, the measurement I mentioned in my previous piece on the GOP's victory, SA Sun=Jupiter/Pluto, has also been adjusted in light of the new data provided by JohnTWB; instead of occuring in Nov, this arc took place in Sep, a few months BEFORE ELECTIONS. This tightens the race considerably between the two Parties.

But before the clapping starts from my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, they should keep in mind several very important things:

1. The GOP, based on the new data, still has a rabbit to pull out of its hat - SA Asc=Sun/Moon, also exact this month (and, according to the computer, the date would be Oct 9 - I write these words on Oct 7)

2. The Dems have, in the last week of Oct, transit Saturn both square its Sun and opposed its Pluto (ouch!-exact Oct 25) - something that, I think my colleagues would agree, are not auguries for victory

3. The Foley Scandal's just about out of gas - the investigation headed up by the FBI, etc., won't be completed in time for the elections; the Dems still have to figure out a way to actually win the war of ideas

4. The GOP is still in the driver's seat, with a proven track record of getting out the vote, energizing their base, and making inroads into the last reliable Democratic voting bloc - African Americans. Witness the situation in both Maryland and Ohio; on the other hand, the Dems have lost more and more "market share" in terms of its base, in particular, the once-reliable votes from the Trade & Labor Unions (and if you check the Democratic Party chart, you'll see that this occured in the main, as the Uranus-Neptune transits of Capricorn square the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in the Dems chart; Uranus rules the 6th, trade unions, in the noontime chart), along with the Saturn-Pluto square of 1993-94

These are important, highly valuable points of consideration for my colleauges on the Astrological Left to mull over - carefully.

That said, there can be no doubt that the GOP has really taken a beating over the past year - the Jack Abramoff Scandal, the situations obtaining in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the Dubai Ports Debacle, corruption on the parts of various Congressmen, the Valerie Plame (non)issue, and now, the Foley Page Scandal - all while in the Republican Party's chart, there was a transit square of Saturn to Pluto, SA Uranus=Sun, SA Sun=Saturn/Neptune, SA Mars=Asc, transit Uranus oppose the MC and square Saturn! But the GOP has proven itself to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'; not only that, but the fact that it has both the declinational aspect of Moon-Venus (great popularity with the public) AND MC=Jupiter/Pluto (doesn't get more successful than that!) really goes a long way toward helping them retain both Houses of Congress this Fall.

Despite the Sound and Fury, in the end, the Democrats have no plan of action, neither here or abroad; as President Bush stated last week at a fundraiser, the Dems' plan is to "cut and run" - first out of Iraq, and not soon after, out of Afghanistan too. On the homefront, the choice is simple - Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker; John Conyers heading up the House Judiciary Commitee; and Charlie Rangle as the leader of the Ways and Means Commitee would be at best problematic, if not out and out disasterous for the country. The GOP needs to change the subject from what is now clearly a nonissue (as Foley AND his onetime Chief of Staff has resigned) to the real issues obtaining for this country. They can start by simply citing the fact that, while everyone was focused on Foley, the Dow Jones is at AN ALL TIME HIGH; unemployment figures have reached NEW LOWS; and hourly wages ARE UP. Not only that, but gas prices continue to fall - all of which, only makes our economy stronger, a key consideration as we prepare for the Holdiay Season. There have been NO attacks from Terrorists on American soil since Sep 11, and for all the bluster and blather from the other side, there is no hard and fast evidence of any US citizen's rights being abridged or taken away outright, either.

The GOP has to make the case that it's not about the sex, the corruption, or some cockeyed C-O-Nspiracy, but that "it's about the economy & the terrorism, stupid"! And simply ask if the Dems can do better - or even, just as good.

Mu's prediction for the Midterm elections? The GOP *narrowly* wins - in BOTH Houses...



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