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Chinese Arithmetic: The PRC's "Bridal Shortage" Problem

Chinese Arithmetic: The PRC's "Bridal Shortage" Problem

1:01 AM 01/20/2007 Sat

Some of you might have heard the news earlier this week, when the People's Republic of China issued a government report which stated with great alarm, that by the year 2015, there will be a bridal shortage in China to the tune of 30 million. Or, put another way, there won't be enough women in China to go around for the guys. This comes as a result - a direct result - of China's "One Family, One Child" policy, which imposed abortions on any family who desired more than one child in order to control population growth. Because China is both a heavily agricultural society and one that highly values sons traditionally, millions of Chinese couples chose to have sons and aborted daughters upon learning that they were getting a girl via ultrasound testing. The Chinese government, trying hard to hold on to Communist power in the wake of the onslaught of Democracy and Free Markets, fears that this recent rurn of events could threaten the stability of the country, as millions of men have more and more trouble finding wives. Already, news reports of the better off of Chinese society, have begun saving large amounts of money, to serve as attractive dowries to prospective brides in the short years to come. This has created fierce competition among middle and upper middle class families, who of course want the best for their sons. And of course, this will leave out the even more millions of poor men in the hinterlands of China, now streaming into the teeming city centers like Shanghai and Beijing looking for work and a better life. As it hardly needs mentioning, the prospect of millions of horny - and angry - men unable to find wives isn't a very pleasant one.

Astrologically, it's so very easy to see, in the Chinese national horoscope:

People's Republic of China Oct 1 1949 3.15PM CCT Peking (now Beijing); Placidus 5 Aqr 57, Campion. According to Nick Campion's "Book of World Horoscopes", the data above is based on the moment that Chairman Mao Tse Tung issued his first address to the nation on State Radio.

The chart reflects very well China's Communist identity - note the extreme emphasis in Air Signs, with the triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Libra, and both the Asc and Moon in Aquarius, while Saturn is Peregrine in Virgo (Tyl) in the 7th, ruling the 12th (Political ideology running rampant, unrealistic outlook on the world, arch-discrimination, tight controls on societal norms and institutions). Mercury is Rx, with Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo in the 7th; AP=Saturn/Neptune, Saturn=Sun/Pluto (misguided public policy, rigid control of the Press, potential for brutality, violence, in the name of the State - recall Tianamen Square - Saturn/Neptune combos denotiong Communist/Socialist leanings. See Greene, "The Astrological Neptune").

But the most interesting feature here is China's 5th House, which in Mundane astrology represents the country's birth rate as well as it's national attitude, mood and approach toward children, birth and reproduction/sexual mores. Note the planet Uranus is placed in the 5th, in Cancer, the Sign ruled by the Moon, and is square the national Sun - in the 8th House of death. The astrologically astute will note that here in the USA, Roe v. Wade - the Supreme Court ruling that granted the right to abortion to any woman who wanted it for any reason whatsoever - came down the pike as Uranus was transiting Libra. To this day, Abortion remains a hotly debated political issue, and so is no surprise that it would be involved so intimately in the astrology of the Chinese state.

Note also that this same Uranus position is in Mutual Reception with the Moon, which sits on the Asc from the 12th House. The 12th House in Mundane applications, among other things, represents how a country proposes to deal with its problems, such as crime, illness and other real of perceived threats to the country's stability (which is why the 12th House represents prisons, hospitals and the like). The Moon is the universal planet of the Mother, childbirth, the midwife, and children, especially infants. The Moon is also a female planet (daughters), and, on the Mundane level, represents the pulbic as a whole (and by extension, would have a grand say in "public policy"). The connection between the Moon and Uranus here, clearly shows China's approach regarding "family planning" and the ultimate killing off of millions of girls in the womb. Note also Mercury, the ruler of the national 5th, again Rx, placed in the 8th, and conjunct Neptune.

Going back to my comments above regarding Uranus' transit of Libra, you will note that it was during this time that it was square to the Chinese national Uranian placement, in the late 60s and early 70s - the time of China's "Cultural Revolution". Hmm.

It's hard to see how women would get a fair shake in Chinese society, on the basis of its chart - again, the Moon is placed in the 12th House, and while trine the Sun, is also quindecile Pluto in the 7th (and again itself conjunct Mars). Now see, that Venus is in Scorpio in the 9th House and square the same Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 7th. Pluto rules the 9th - which represents any country's "moral compass". As noted earlier, women are forced by the State to get abortions, with many of them permanently injured or worse.

As we know, the Sexual Planets of Western astrology are Venus, Mars and Pluto, and in the Chinese chart all three are in aspect to each other, with the Sign Scorpio highlighted in the case of Venus. This accounts in my view for the fact that China remains the most populous nation in the world, exceeding well over a billion citizens. Saturn's Peregrination in Virgo, represents the State's "solution" in the "one child" policy, i.e., trying to restrict or limit the sexual mores of the public, or at least the outcomes of said sexual activity. But with the intense involvement of Uranus, those approaches would have drastic, if not disasterous, unintended consequences.

China made this announcement earlier this week as transit Uranus prepares to oppose the all-important Saturn position (the threat of Democracy challenging the Communist government position of authority) and as transit Saturn has recently squared the national MC (reality check); SA Mars=MC, SA Saturn=Moon/Pluto, SA Venus=Node - fitting astrological measurements! In the year 2015, the projected period ahead for the bridal shortage, transit Neptune will conjunct Saturn, while the Uranus-Pluto square will impact on Mercury and Neptune. Keep in mind, Mercury is the ruler of the 5th, while Saturn sits in the 7th - the Houses most associated with Sex, Childbirth and Marriage. In the short term, China is preparing for a period of deep reflection, a reckoning, of the ways in which it has chosen to govern itself, especially as it relates to the areas that have been the subject of this essay - Saturn moves into Virgo in Sep of 2007. The chickens will have come home to roost indeed.

The Chinese state of affairs regarding its "bridal shortage" serves as a sort of international cautionary tale about, what else, abortion - and the very real unintended consequences when the State tries to play God with the power of Life and Death. To be sure, there have always been ways, attempts and methods to in one way or another control or otherwise regulate sexual activity and the direct result of said activity, pregnancy and/or childbirth down through the ages around the world. And in our time of vastly improved medical science, this isn't likely to stop anytime soon. But the Chinese situation begs us all to seriously consider the longrange ramifications of such broad sweeping measures, be they in the name of "family planning" or be they in the name of a "right to privacy". As I've always said, Ideas have consequences, and if ever that was the case, it's certainly true here, seen in the life, times and astrology of one of the most ideologically based countries the world has ever seen. Here in the West, we like to take a libertarian view of Sex, Children and Marriage, that it's all a purely "personal" affair, one of but many lifestyle choices, that has little if any effect on the rest of us. Yet the Chinese example shows just how profound, and deeply impactful, these areas of life can be for all of us, whether we're personally involved or not. True, no one here or in the West in general is forced to undergo abortion, and I would be the first one to stand up to say that I'm most thankful that I live in a Free Society. But you'd have to be either blind or intellectually dishonest to say that our governments in the West haven't tried their hand in the "Love & Marriage" game either, be it in the form of Roe v Wade or the current Gay Marriage debate (and we have to note that there are at present, 5 countries who have legalized Gay Marriage outright) - with troubling results, to say the least. All accross Europe, birthrates are falling sharply, the direct results of policies instituted by the governments of those countries, to say nothing of the changes and endorsements in the attendant cultures (and we'll be taking a look at this situation in due course). If the Bridal Shortage in China, born of a well-intentioned Neptunian dream of "balancing" (Libra Sun, etc.) its population growth, tells us anything, it's that perhaps - just maybe - some things are better left to Mother Nature and time-honored Tradition to sort out.




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Time for an update me thinketh. The natives are growing restless. The Chinese stock market dove 20% last month. You may have to add "hungry" to horny and angry.

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