Saturday, January 20, 2007

Obama: ALL IN

Obama: ALL IN

6:36 AM 01/20/2007 Sat

This week's news of Barack Obama's announcement on his website, that he had decided to form an Presidential campaign exploratory commitee, has all but said that he is indeed running for President of the United States next year. Now, the fun starts.

Aside from the very real fact that Obama virtually has no experience in US gov't, he will have to overcome several very siginificant obstacles on the road to the White House. First, he will have to raise somewhere around 100 million dollars to even make a credible campaign, and so far as everyone knows, Obama doesn't have that kind of money. And second, he will have to face & beat Hillary Clinton in order to get the Democratic Party's nomination for Prez.

It's widely speculated that Obama can raise the money - one or more bigtime donors is likely to pony up the cash. Plus, Obama can raise money along the lines of Dr. Howard Dean back in 2004, getting lots of smaller donations from younger voters, who Obama certainly appeals to.

But beating Hillary is another issue - not only does Hillary have a hardcore base of support (rumored to be around 30% of the Democrats), but she also has "the first Black President" as hubbie, Bill Clinton. Make no mistake about it, both Obama and Clinton will be workin' the Black Vote hard, because they both know that it's very hard to win any major US office as a Dem WITHOUT the Black Vote. Not only that, but Obama will have to, at some point, "go negative" on Hillary, most likely on the Iraq War, if he hopes to separate himself from her in the minds of potential Democratic voters. And, on top of all this, Obama will actually have to lay out specific plans both with regard to Iraq and to domestic issues here at home, as the campaign heats up; cutesy and pithy soundbites will start to get real tired, real quick soon.

Like I said, the fun is about to begin...

Last year, I suggested that Obama could have a late Gemini Asc with Pisces on the MC at around 19 degrees; Obama's birthdate is Aug 4 1961 in Honolulu HI, according to Wikipedia. To date, there is no known birthtime for Obama, although I'm pretty sure that before it's all over, his confirmed birthtime will come to light. But I think my "test" rectification of his chart seems to hold up pretty well, given the facts of his life.

One of the reasons why I think he could have a Gemini Asc (my "test time" is set for 4AM AHST) is because in this option, both Venus, which is at the Aries Point at 1 Cancer, is rising in the Asc, reminiscent of Bill Clinton, and the Moon remains in Taurus, at about 24 degrees. This brings the Moon into square with Uranus - electrifying the public, "rock star" image, etc. - as well as being so well at ease with the public, extremely likable persona, and so on.

When we put this together with the fact that Obama's Sun in Leo is square Neptune in Scorpio, it all makes for a very formidable horoscope. People who are born with BOTH Lights in hard aspect to the Outer Planets are almost always folks who make a very strong impression on the environment around them. They have the ability to "tap" into the energies and concepts that those Outer planets represent, and to use them for good or ill. For example, Adolf Hitler had both Uranus and Pluto at his Sun/Moon midpoint; Betty Friedan had the Sun opposed Neptune and the Moon opposed Pluto; and Mao Tse Tung had both Saturn and Pluto at his Sun/Moon midpoint.

It is for these reasons, that Obama is able to tap into the large vein of discontent and yearing for "change" (Uranus) which was so very evident in last year's Midterm elections, and, as well, for the public's sense of "hope" (Neptune). On this score, the Neptunian factor is huge, and threatens to come crashing down when Obama is finally revealed as a very real man, just like anyone else, and when it comes to his ideas and policies, could just be proven to be less than expected. For more on Neptune in this regard, please see Liz Greene's excellent treatise, "The Astrological Neptune", the chapter called "The Political Neptune".

Obama also has some very interesting midpoints going for him, most notably Sun=Venus/Mars=Jupiter/Uranus, combinations that denote considerably popularity with the public (especially among females; poll results consistently show that a large bloc of Democratic voters are unmarried women) and a more "futuristic" outlook, which includes Obama's use of his website to virtually announce his run for the White House.

But he will really have to put the pedal to the metal and be willing to get dirty if he's really serious about being President, and his chart just doesn't show that "killer instinct" that almost always has to have to be successful at such a high level. In my test rectification, Mars sits at 22 Virgo right on the IC and opposed the MC point, which could do the trick, but from all that I've seen and read about Obama, he doesn't seem to exhibit any Martian traits. And charm and vauge slogans will only take him but so far.

According to news reports heard on NPR earlier this week, Obama will make his official announcement to run for the White House on Feb 10 2007, presumably in his home state of Illinois. No time is known, so I've case a chart set for Chicago and at high noon. IF he does indeed make his announcement at that date and time, the campaign will be in serious trouble - the Moon is both fallen in Scorpio AND is Void of Course! TO make matters worse, the Moon squares Saturn and Neptune. Ugh - and I'm not even in Obama's camp. The Sun is conjunct Neptune (what else is new) and opposed Saturn, which along with the Sun, forms a Mutual Reception aspect. Venus in Pisces does square Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in turn squares Uranus, but there is little else on the date that "saves" the campaign for Obama. Hopefully, someone will get in his ear and persuades him to officially announce on another date.

Checking his measurements for 07, we can see that his website announcement was made as transit Saturn squares his Moon (needing to get things done) and SA Pluto=Sun/Asc in Jan; he'll try to clarify his position on the issues in Mar, with SA MC=Jupiter/Saturn. But it seems that he is likely to hit a snag in Apr, when SA Moon=Mars/Saturn and SA Uranus=Sun/Pluto - it looks to be quite a reversal from what he's used to. A real test of my rectification work comes in the Summer of 07, as SA Uranus=Moon in Jul, a potential period of an uptick in Obama's popularity, especially since this hit occurs at the same time as SA Pluto=Sun/Venus. The fall gives my test rectification chart another chance to bear fruit, as SA Asc=Jupiter and SA Asc=Mercury, both in Nov, along with SA Sun=Venus/Mars. It seems that Obama will have recovered from whatever trouble he was in earlier in the year, and should be riding high in the polls, going into the all-important Primaries in 2008.

Keep in mind, that transit Pluto will be right in opposition to the proposed Asc in my rectification, as well as transit Uranus sitting on the MC, two major, major transits denoting at the very least, a milestone event or series of events in a person's life. In light of his lack of strong Presidential aspects, Obama will need all the "ummpph" he can get going into 08 and facing off against Hillary.

Stay tuned - it gets a lot more fun from here...



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