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Quick Post-Primary Clinton/Obama Notes: NC, IN

Quick Post-Primary Clinton/Obama Notes: NC, IN

3:35 AM 05/07/2008 Wed

And so it was: with nearly all of the votes counted, the North Carolina and Indiana Primaries were a "split decision", with Barack Obama winning handily in the former, thanks almost entirely to the formidable Black Vote, by a 56% to 42% margin, while Hillary Clinton wins Indiana by a hair - 51% to 49%.

By all accounts, this is the Final Chapter for Clinton, who had hoped for a big win in Indiana, and to keep the game close in North Carolina, her only remaining legitimate case she can make to the Superdelegates. But with such a poor showing in Indiana tonight, it's hard to see how the remaining Primary contests will be of any real help to her in terms of the popular vote or pledged delegates; surely, tonight's election results will cause yet more Superdelegates to switch sides. The simple mathematical facts don't help Clinton; the momentum is clearly on Obama's side.

Throughout this Campaign Season, interested readers know that I have relied in the main on the birthdata for the candidates that have at their base, a good degree of uncertainty; I have stretched my astrological skills, awareness and experience to the limit in an attempt to capture the symbols and their relevance to their lives, and I have to say, that, so far, so good!

There are two very brief astrological notes, in light of tonight's decisive chapter in this year's campaign, in the following manner:

Hillary Clinton has SA Sun=Uranus/Neptune building now, and will be exact Jul 2008. It is an augury of diminished status, being off-trackpassed over, kicked to the curb. It is partile just after the official end of the campaign, the final stop being in Puerto Rico where Clinton is said to win - but it will be a Pyrric victory. And Sun=Venus/Saturn in Aug 2008, at the same time as the Convention in Denver, does't look good for Hillary and her supporters either. The question at this juncture is - how will Hillary respond to defeat, after such a long, hard fought campaign?

Barack Obama, for his part, has been struggling to come out from under SA Venus=Saturn/Pluto, exact last month, as the "Pastor Disaster" continues to dog him - tonight's voters, roughly half in both states, openly declared their concern over the Rev. Wright issue. In the 1st house, Venus plays a most important role for Obama, in terms of his popularity and ability to appeal to the public. However, this same Venus appears to be strong indeed - at the Aries Point, right up front in the Asc, and in Mutual Reception with the exalted Taurus Moon, who itself has been beseiged by the transit square from Neptune in as many weeks, nevertheless, this Venus position appears to be strong enough to weather the storms of controversy, and indeed, if tonight is any indication, it has.

I should also like to note that word on the wires has it that Obama's birthtime has been confirmed, and is scheduled for release to the general public soon. As my interested readers know well, Obama's birthtime has never been confirmed, the closet thing astrologers having to it being the unclear word of a now deceased fixture of the astrology community, Frances McEvoy. In the weeks and months since her demise, several birthtimes, based on the varied rectification attempts by astrologers, have surfaced, mine among them. To date, so far as I'm aware, I am the only astrologer who advocates for an early morning birth, with a late degree Gemini Asc. All of my writings on Obama to date, have been based on this birth time, and thus far, it has stood up well to the most rigorous of testing. But in light of yesterday's breaking news, the biggest test is yet to come. How close did this astrologer get, to the truth of Obama's moment of entering this world?

The answer, so says one who is close to the source, is due in just about two weeks from now. When it does become available, I will be sure to post it here.

Stay tuned...



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