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The Reverand Jeremiah Wright Speaks

The Reverand Jeremiah Wright Speaks

8:39 PM 04/27/2008 Sun

In a truly electrifying speech just delivered at the annual NAACP Dinner at Detroit MI, the Reverand Jeremiah A. Wright, Senator Barack Obama's pastor and spiritual advisor, outlined his views on the differences between Black and White in terms of grammer, learning styles, musical tastes and expression and more, all the while delineating the tradition of the Black Church and how that tradition enriches the overall American Tradition. The speech was carried live and in its entirety, unedited and uncut, on CNN and was attended by no less than a sellout crowd of an estimated 10,000 people.

In what can only be described as a display of amazing astrological precision, Rev. Wright took the podium after an amazing introduction by Rev. Anthony at 7.49PM, Sun Apr 27 2008 at Detriot, yielding an Asc of 1 Sco 28. This Sign should be familiar with frequent readers of my missives, for it is the very same Asc Sign of the chart that I have contended for some time now, that most represents the Aftrican American community, to which I refer as the "Black America" chart, based on the astro-historical work of noted astrologer Marc Penfield, given as Aug 30 1619 10.15AM LMT at Jamestown VA. The Asc in this map is 4 Sco 21, only a mere few degrees away from the Asc Sign of the speech tonight.

The speech chart also contains a newly ingressed Moon, having just moved into Aquarius at 1 Aqr 13, squaring the Asc. The chart of the United States has its natal Moon in the same Sign position. This in my view is another astrological reflection of Wright's attempt to bridge the racial divide and to give more context to his much repeated soundbite statements, including the infamous "Goddamn America!" remark.

What is also remarkable to note, is the position of Mercury in this map - the closest aspect in the entire chart is a sextile between Mercury and Uranus - and Mercury forms three other APPLYING aspects: Mercury sextile Mars in Cancer in the 9th; Mercury trine Jupiter in Capricorn in the 3rd; and Mercury square Neptune in the 4th.

Pluto has moved by retrograde motion back to 00 Cap 59, precisely upon the Aries Point; this mundane transit of the strongest of the standard astrological planets we astrologers use holds special meaning for Americans, for Pluto was discovered in America, and Pluto in Capricorn, returns to its "birth" placement in the chart of the United States of America. It is the opinion of this astrologer, that Pluto is exalted in Capricorn, since it is the "higher octave" of Mars, and accounts in part for the USA's tremendous wealth (Pluto in Cap in the 2nd house), prestige and power. But it also accounts for its continuing struggle to reconcile its racial past, the Black and the White - for the USA was born of its founding document, the Declaration of Independence - where it defined both the equality of Man, and the second-class citizenship of its African slaves, officially recognizing them as three-fifths of a man.

Astrologers recognize the principle of planets returning to their birth place; things have come "full circle" as it were; the circle is now complete. It is only fitting, as the nation seriously contemplates possibly electing its first African American President, that Pluto would return to the very place it was born at the birth of our nation. And it was no accident that that same man - Barack Obama - would give what many agree was the speech of his political career, in the days following the Wright scandal, in the nation's birthplace, Philadelphia - a SCORPIO city.

Pluto without a doubt rules the the Wright speech chart's Asc; could it be possible, that it also could BE Wright's personal Asc ruler? Afterall, Wright was a Marine, and the USMC was born with its Sun in SCORPIO.

This has been a whirlwind weekend for the Reverand, who appeared on the Bill Moyers program for an extended interview for the first time since his comments were first aired last month and created such a furor. Then, Rev. Wright made a number of high level appearances which will culminate tomorrow with an address at the National Press Club at Washington DC. CSPAN has reported that they will be carrying the proceedings live beginning at 9AM EDT.

The Reverand Jeremiah A. Wright was born on Sep 22 1941 at Philadelphia, again, a Scorpionic city. Wrights birthdate astrology is defined in the main by a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Virgo; a Moon-Mercury conjunction in Libra, both opposed Mars in Aries; Venus in Scorpio square Pluto in Leo; and, as astrologer Robert Blaschke astutely notes in quoting the work and research of the late great British astrological giant Charles Carter, Wright has one of the "Sacred Six" aspects of high intelligence - his Sun, no matter what Sign it may be in, is closely trine Uranus in Gemini. Wright is the holder of multiple degrees and honorary degrees, and is said to be fluent in at least five languages.

So, we return to the question: could Wright have a Scorpio Asc? If so, it would place his birth between say, 8 and 10AM or so. His Sun at 6AM is in the final minutes of Virgo, an energy that speaks to refinement and discrimination - perfect for a scholar. On the other hand, if the Sun shifts to the Sign of Libra, it would join the Moon there, and would signal a focus on eloquence, concensus building and coalition seeking, which would seem to be a bit out of joint with what we know of Wright via the media coverage of him in recent weeks.

If we consider a 9.45AM birthtime for Wright, we would get a 15 Sco 19 Asc and a 24 Leo 54 MC - which puts it right in line with the current Neptune transit at 24 Aquarius. Neptune movements to the Angles and Lights to one's chart in the political arena often speaks to scandals of one kind or another bustin' loose. If we consider the Solar Arcs for this time-adjusted test chart, we can see SA Asc=Mars, which will be exact in July 2008, and which suggests a robust, fighting spirit. Clearly, by all accounts, Wright has been really chomping at the bit to get his side of the story out and boy, he's been doing just that this entire weekend. Note SA Mercury=Sun exact this month!

This Scorpio Asc option would place Pluto in Leo in the 9th House of Religion & Higher Education, perfect for what we know about Wright. And in this option, the Sun remains in the final degree of Virgo, still in conjunction with Neptune (which explains his time in the Navy, transferring from the Marines, as well as his potential scandal in recent weeks).

And, we have to note that Pluto movements, by transit or arc, to the Angles or Lights, often brings the potential for prominence before the public in some way; keep in mind that part of my reasoning for suggesting the early morning timestamp for Barack Obama was based on the fact that, at the time of his "coming out" before the American public at the 2004 Democratice Convention at Boston, transit Pluto was square his proposed MC. For both Obama and Wright, transit Pluto would be in full force in terms of their respective horoscopes, thrusting them both into the limelight of public noteriety and scrutiny. For Obama, transit Pluto hovers back and forth in opposition to his proposed late Gemini Asc and early, all-important Venus in Cancer; for Wright, transit Pluto will square his late degree Virgo Sun all this year.

This test chart also forms some really strong ties to the Black America chart, putting Wright's test Asc almost exactly on the BA Mars and tightly opposed the BA Moon-Pluto conjunction, squaring the BA Venus; his proposed Asc ruler, Pluto, would be conjunct the BA MC; his Venus would be conjunct the BA Asc; his Sun-Neptune conjunction would be conjunct the BA Mercury (giving voice to the thoughts and feelings of many African Americans); and, most interestingly, if this time option is anywhere near correct, say, within an hour or two, that Black America's Neptune, at 8 Libra, sits right on Wright's Sun/Moon midpoint! Hmm.

Of course, the question now has to be, what, if any, political fallout from Wright's speech tonight, and his media appearances these past few days, will mean for Obama's campaign? The North Carolina GOP plans to air what they call the "Extreme" ad, which features Wright's "Goddamn America!" YouTube snippet, starting on Apr 29.

As mentioned earlier elsewhere on this blog, Obama is still grinding it out under SA Venus=Saturn/Pluto, while Pluto by transit moves back ever closer in opposition to his Asc degree point. If we compare the charts of these two men, we note that Obama's Neptune exactly conjoins Wright's Venus, and Wright's proposed Asc opposes Obama's Taurus Moon, and more, much, much more.

I could be very wrong, but I don't think this appearance, and the weekend overall, won't be as injurious as some pundits might suggest. In May, Wright will have SA Mars=Sun/Neptune, and SA Venus=Uranus, pictures that suggest considerable charisma and popularity. Now that the nation has had the chance to view Wright in a more fuller way, I don't think he will be as hurtful to Obama's chances in the final weeks of the primary campaign.

Finally, a quick consideration of the chart of the NAACP, which was found 99 years ago on Feb 12 1909 - Abraham Lincoln's birthday - at New York City. At noon, the Asc is at 15 Gem 25, with an Aquarian Sun and a Scorpio Moon, at 13 degrees. By now the ties accross all these charts should become quite obvious to even the most casual astrological observer. And even more interestingly, transit Neptune sits right on the NAACP Sun, and transit Uranus applies to square the Mars-Pluto axis in the NAACP chart.



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Bill Moyer’s interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright

“If you can afford an hour to listen to truth, I recommend you try to find a re-run of the Bill Moyer Journal of April 25th on PBS in which he interviews the infamous Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The interview is outstanding. Moyers sets the context by describing Wright's family background, his six years of service in the U. S. Marine Corps, his call to the ministry and his becoming the pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ -- "unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian" is the church's motto -- back in the early 1970s. At that time Trinity was a struggling congregation of 87 members. Today it is the largest church on Chicago's South Side and Wright has just retired. Then Moyers plunges into the interview, replaying not 30-second sound bites, but relatively lengthy extracts from Wright's two most controversial sermons, asking Wright to explain the contexts and the point of the messages. As Wright explains the sermons, they appear entirely relevant and make perfect sense. Of course, perfect sense is not what today's media commentators are after, Moyers being an obvious exception. – W.S.”

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