Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Inner City Astrologer's Blues

Inner City Astrologer's Blues

9:05 PM 12/13/05 Tue

Back in the late 1990s, I, along with a few other online chums were discussing what it took, Jyotishically speaking, to make one an astrologer on what was then known as the "GJList", an online forum founded by Goravani Jyotish progentior Das Goravani. All manner of suggestions were made and aphorisms uttered, and finally, Dasji himself chimed in; his recommendations was as follows: "A strong Mars makes one a jyotishi (astrologer)".

"Mars?!?", we all asked. What the heck did Mars have to do with astrology?

Well, as we would soon find out, a lot - Dasji explained that the jyotishi must have lots of courage to want to do astrology and more importantly, to do for it for others; because very often, one will see a tremendous amount of suffering, bad news, setbacks, even death, in the lives of those who come to us for insight.

Boy oh boy, was my good friend Dasji right.

In the years since he made those remarks, I can personally attest to what he said as being very true; and while I've seen much of what he and others have talked about, still I find myself greatly pained from time to time, when I hear a bit of bad news about a client or two. Very often, I could see things in their charts, and try to warn them, hope for the best, and at other times, just couldn't see it at all.

Yesterday, I got some bad news about a few clients of mine.

Earlier this year a young lady got wind of me by way of a mutual friend; she asked this friend of ours if I would be willing to take a look at her chart and give my opinion, especially as she was interested in a new man she had met. Her Western chart clearly indicated that not only was a relationship indicated, but that the great potential was there for her to get pregnant. That was January. In late Oct I heard from this lady; she indeed was pregnant, very happy and looking forward to getting married. She thanked me so very much for my accurate prediction. It seemed like a happy ending, a rare bird in the astrology business.

But yesterday I got word that her man seems to have gone creepin'; their relationship is on the rocks, with this lady very pregnant, if you know what I mean. Among other things, transit Uranus is square the ruler of her 7th, while transit Neptune opposes Saturn in the 7th; the big Saturn-Neptune opposition will fall very close to her natal Saturn placement next year. I had seen all of this earlier on, and had hoped for the best. I still am hoping for the best, that somehow, they work this thing out, for the baby's sake. God, I hope they work this thing out.

On the same day - yesterday - I ran into another young lady whom I hadn't seen in almost a year. Back then I had counselled her and her boyfriend of over a year; they had been having a bit of trouble, with her using jealousy ploys on him, and with him taking up with other women. It was a big mess, but we seemed to have worked things out after carefully discussing their charts with them, along with giving them both a good sermon.

Yesterday, this woman told me that her boyfriend is now in prison for life, as a result of murdering this woman's cousin; they had an argument and settled it with blue steel. This all went down only a few months ago, at the end of the Summer.

While they both had Kuja Dosha - the "Blemish of Mars" that brings relationship/marital misery to the native - they didn't have it in equal measure. This woman's Kuja Dosha was ultra-strong, perhaps one of the strongest cases of Kuja Dosha I had ever actually seen being lived in a human being (I should point out that this woman has also killed a former lover herself and did time in the pen for it). Her Vedic chart has Mars in the 1st House, within about 5 degrees of conjunction with the Asc degree; the Kuja Dosha is compounded due to Mars being in the 4th from Jupiter, in the 1st House with Venus (Venus itself being both weak by degree and by Sign) and Mars in Scorpio in the 12th House of the Navamsa along with Saturn. To make matters worse, this lady also has Lagnesh and the 7th Lord in the 12th House - and the two are mutual enemies - and she's having Rahu-Saturn, to last well into 2006. Rahu aspects the 7th. Saturn is the 7th Lord.

She offed her first boyfriend during her Mars Dasa; at present, she's 29 years old, meaning that Mars is just now "maturing", bringing the worst possible results promised from such a horoscopic setup.
Needless to say, yesterday ended on a low note, even for a hardnose like me.

I know that this sort of thing is what comes with the job, the day to day grind. But, when you have so much hope for others, when things look so promising, it can be a huge letdown when you get word that things went really, really wrong.

Even for me.

"Makes me wanna holla"



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