Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie's Date With Destiny

Tookie's Date With Destiny

6:25 AM 12/12/05 Mon

With less than a day till "zero hour" the country's eyes are on two men; California Republican Governor Arnold Schwrazenegger, and Stanley "Tookie" Williams, condemned killer and co-founder of one of America's most notorious street gangs, The Crips. At the time of this writing, the governor is still contemplating whether Williams will indeed die at one minute past midnite, Tue Dec 13 2005; celebrities from near and far lobby him strongly to save Tookie's life, including Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg; Los Angeles Police is on high alert should Tookie be put to death; and Tookie himself has been the subject of intense debate as to whether a man can indeed redeem himself, even in the face of untold horror and carnage left in his wake, the result of murderous, merciless past deeds.

The National View
At the heart of this issue, of course, is the Death Penalty, which in the United States was put back on the books in 1976; recently, it was reported that the country had executed 1,000 people since then. Taking a look at the country's chart (USA Jul 4 1776 5.10PM LMT Philadelphia PA, Placidus 12 Sag 19, Campion), we can see why the USA still believes in the Ultimate Punishment for the Ultimate Crime - Pluto, ruling the 12th House of Prisons and Punishment, is in the 2nd House of Values and opposes Mercury in the 8th (Death); despite constant opinion polling and the like, deep down in the American psyche, is the strong belief that we as a society not only must be protected from its worst criminals, but that a powerful message must be sent to all, that a murderer will forfeit his or her own life should they deliberately and with malice take the life of another. In 1976, transit Pluto was conjunct the national Saturn in the 10th and square the national Sun, while transit Saturn was conjunct the national Mercury and opposed the national Pluto; in other words, Saturn and Pluto clearly played a strong role in bringing back the Death Penalty to America's court and prison systems.
Astrology Of A Killer
Tookie Williams was born on Dec 29 1953 in New Orleans, LA; no time is known, but from what we know about him, it's quite possible that he could have been born with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Scorpio, a formidable Solar/Lunar combo; the potential for ruthlessness is strong, especially when we factor in the Moon's probable conjunction to Mars and Saturn, both conjunct in Scorpio. His Venus at 29 Sagittarius is at the Aries Point, while his Jupiter in Gemini sextile Pluto in Leo, with all three planets in aspect in the declinations, which also contributes to his success in organizing a vicious street gang from coast to coast, as well as his post "Redemption" years as an anti-gang children's books writer and perennial Nobel Peace Prize candidate. He has been placed on Death Row for the commiting of four heinous murders. Williams has claimed his innocence in the murders, and even if that were so, still he is directly responsible for the untold deaths of thousands of people throughout the country, as a result of his "creation", The Crips. For that alone, he should pay the ultimate price.

Governator - Or Girly-Man?
Governor Schwarzenegger (Jul 30 1947 4.10AM CET Graz, Austria; Placidus 19 Can 7, Rodden) finds himself at a serious crossroads in his political life; having come off crushing defeats on his ballot proposals last month, he seems to want to stray a bit from the hardline Republican positions and seek the middle ground; recently he's hired an outwardly gay woman as his Chief of Staff, and with the GOP on the ropes over the past few months, his decision in this matter could make a huge difference in the near to-the-death struggle between the Republicans and the Democrats as to who will run the country in 08. Will the Governator play a tough guy in real life - or, will he become one of the very "girly-men" that he looked down scornfully on during his campaign?

At present, Schwarzenegger is having his 2nd Saturn Return, a crucial time in the life of politicians, while transit Pluto is opposed his Uranus in the 12th House. Additionally, last month, he had, among other things, SA Mars=Uranus/Neptune, a confusing combination suggesting not being clear about one's position on things. But the heavy transits looks like Gov. Arnold may uphold the execution date.
For Williams, we have no exact time of birth, so about 30% of the astrology we cannot see (the Angles and exact placement of the Moon). So, there are no exact heavy transits in operation on Williams' birthdate. However, last month, Williams had SA Mars=Mercury with Mercury in the Solar 12th of prisons and punishment; and this month, he has SA Saturn=Mars/Pluto, a combination that promises force, brutality, punishment.

It seems that Williams will meet his fate.

A Final & Personal Note
Over the past month, as the news got louder surrounding the Tookie Williams affair, I began to see more and more postings, blogs and articles on the subject written by my peers in the astrological community; like most things of a political nature in such settings, these writings were in the main, desirous to see Tookie's life spared, a manifestation of what I call the Astrological Left. But I have a different point of view, born not of once-removed-in-the-burbs-comfortable-middleclass-existence altruistic or idealistic notions, but instead born of living with the day to day consequences of sharing living space with ruthless men like Williams. I live in Philadelphia, PA, and at present, as I write this, there have been 359 murders this year alone, almost all of them by Black men, on Black men.

According to experts, this number could rise as high as 380 before year's end, a little over two weeks from now. I have attended more funerals to last several lifetimes, gatherings not to celebrate the life well and long lived of a good friend or loved one, but sorrowful, sobbing affairs to mourn the senseless wasting of so much potential. Unlike many of my peers, who can look on "Thug Life" and "Gangsta Rap" from afar, offering all manner of convoluted sociological commentary, I see, everyday, the real world comings and goings and the serious unintended consequences of such (anti)cultural norms. And it ain't pretty, let me tell ya. I've worked in Newark & Camden, Detroit, Baltimore, New York City, and visited the not-so-pretty sections of Atlanta, and there are very familiar to my native Philly. There are entire generations of people like Tookie there. And I hold out no illusions about turning the bulk and mass of them around. There is a such thing as Evil in this world, as Sep 11 clearly showed the world; for such people, there can only be one way of dealing with them.

Taking Tookie out would be both a strong message sent to would-be Tookies, as well as upholding our standards regarding the sanctity of Human Life.



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