Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Ding-Dong, Zarqawi Is DEAD..."

"Ding-Dong, Zarqawi Is DEAD..."

6:08 AM 06/10/2006 Sat

Just a few days ago, news agencies around the world reported that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was no more, the result of an intense bombing raid on the safehouse he was residing in on Wed night, Baghdad time. This is great news for the Coalition Forces, and in particular President George W. Bush, who's public approval ratings have plummented in recent months due to the Iraq War. Zarqawi's death is a powerful blow to Al-Qaeda, and a boost to the people of Iraq who seek to determine their own fate, free of mass murderers. It was both very telling and very good to hear the cheers of Iraqi journalists at the public announcement of Zarqawi's death by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, and to read about the celebrations taking place throughout Iraq.

Just a month ago, I wrote an instructional piece on the astrological method called Rectification, the process astrologers use to determine the birthtime of a person when none is known or is in doubt. I chose Zarqawi as a subject to write about, both because there is so much confusion about the facts of his life, including his birthdate, and because he was such a notorious figure. In that piece, I suggested that based on the events of Zarqawi's life, he could have been born around 10.25AM EET, in Zarqa, Jordan, on Oct 20 1966. I also said the following about the potential future regarding Zarqawi:

"Will Zarqawi be captured or killed anytime soon? If my rectification of Zarqawi's chart is anywhere near accurate, Sep 2006 will be a key month to look for, when transit Pluto not only crosses his Asc, but also moves to square his Saturn from the 12th House. Saturn-Pluto anything normally registers as very, very difficult, and keep in mind the deep trouble he was in during his firefight in Afghanistan. I am hopeful that they do either capture or kill him, because he has brought so much misery, pain and death to so many others and must be stopped. We'll see how it goes."

Clearly, I was aiming for the exact time when transit Pluto would be in conjunction with the suggested Asc form Zarqawi, tying in the transit Pluto-natal Saturn square that would have been very tight around that time. I was only three months out from the date of Zarqawi's death. Not bad.

Transit Pluto was sitting right on Zarqawi's Asc at the time of death, not exact, but within one degree; transit Mars had just past exact conjunction with his Asc ruling Jupiter in the 8th; last month he had SA Pluto=Mars/Saturn. All of the Mars, Saturn and Pluto symbolism clearly speaks to suffering, pain and death, and earlier in Zarqawi's life, right after the Sep 11 attacks, he was seriously wounded in fierce combat with US Allied Forces in Afghanistan. Here's what I said about that:

"There is little doubt that he would have been in trouble during this time - beginning in Oct 2001, he had transit Uranus square his Neptune, followed in Mar 2002 by SA Asc=Mars/Pluto, SA Mars=MC in May 2002, and SA Mars=Sun/Saturn in Jun 2002. Perhaps the big kicker in all this was TR Saturn square Pluto in the same month, Jun 2002! All of these measurements point to pain, strife, even death, which many have said Zarqawi was near, and the treatment he received in Iraq helped him to recover from the injuries. But could he have lost a leg in the battle? Saturn is one of the planets that most correlates to the legs, so it certainly is possible, probably likely."

Seeing that Zarqawi had yet again a string of measurements involving Mars, Saturn and Pluto, it was easy to make the deduction that he would at the least face serious problems with the Coalition Forces in Iraq, if not be captured and/or killed.

Now that Zarqawi is out of the picture, speculation abounds as to his successor, and whether his death will prompt an uptick in the violence that has gripped the Middle East's newest Democracy. Checking Zarqawi's chart again, we see several very interesting measurements - SA Moon=Jupiter/Pluto & SA Venus=Moon in Jul; SA Venus=Sun in Aug; and SA Pluto=Sun/Jupiter in Sep. All of these pictures speaks to popularity & success in some way - fame after death? In light of Zarqawi's death at the hands of the US, clearly his group and sympathizers will consider him a great martyr for the cause, and herein lies the potential risk of taking such men out, that they will garner more influence in death than they ever had in life. Recent news reports state that Coalition Forces have conducted somewhere over 40 raids throughout Iraq on Al-Qaeda suspects and safehouses, in an effort to take advantage of the vaccum left by Zarqawi's death. While this is but one battle victory in what some have called the Long War, and this week's events have been a strong boost to Iraq's development along a democratic trajectory, it remains to be seen whether Al-Qaeda will rebound, or whether they have been indeed damaged beyond repair.

In the meantime though, let's all celebrate the removal of one of the most horrific killers ever known to mankind - and here's to the continued destruction of Terrorism...



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