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Post-Marriage Amendment Thoughts: Analysis & Predictions

Post-Marriage Amendment Thoughts: Analysis & Predictions

6:54 AM 06/11/2006 Sun

Well, it appears that the vote to allow formal debate onto the Senate floor, on the question of a Constitutional Amendment to protect Marriage, failed, with a vote of 48-49, if my information is correct. From what I understand, the vote fell largely along Party lines, with all the Democrats voting against the measure, and about 7 Republicans voting against it as well, among them Lincoln Chaffee and Olympia Snowe. There will not be anymore discussion on the matter in this Senate Session, although staunch Senate supporters vow to bring it up yet again in the future. The House of Representatives have also entered into debate on the issue, the results of that vote to be announced in due course.

Speculation abounds about the motivations of President Bush and the GOP about why they would put so much support behind such an issue at a time when high gas prices, the War in Iraq and so on are going on; I personally feel that such arguments are at best red herrings, if not out and out intellectually dishonest. First off, no political party, left right or center, will do anything without considering what it can do for said party, and this falls in line with basic Human Nature - "what's in it for me?". Second, the Congress knows full well that the only surefire way to lower gas prices would be to lower extremely high tax rates on gasoline, preferrably at all levels, at least at the federal level. The GOP would be for such a measure; it's hard to see how the Dems would go for it.

Third, the idea that Bush and the GOP are attempting open discrimination against the Gay & Lesbain Community is also in my view a ridiculous notion; what Bush & Co. are attempting to do is protect the Will of the People, against what has come to be known as Judicial Activism. The vast majority of States have already put into place, as a result of the state level legislative process, either amendments to their constitutions and/or statutes codifying exactly what Marriage is and what it isn't (and this includes my homestate of Pennsylvania). However, judges at the appellate levels, etc., have overturned some of these laws, which in my and other's view, subverts the democratic process and oversteps the reach of the judiciary. In other words, the least democratic branch of the US gov't has determined what will be law for the rest of us. Thus, the move last week for the US Senate to step in.

No matter what side of the issue one falls on, I think it's fair to say that it all has forced out into the public square a vigorous debate about what exactly is Marriage all about; does Society, i.e., gov't, have a say in determining what Marriage is? Who is to determine it if is NOT the State? Is Marriage even necessary anymore at this point in US history?

Last week, I mentioned a series of astrological measurements that, I thought, could signal a seachange in the US Senate and Congress overall, possibly bringing about a constitutional amendment. It appears, at this juncture at least, that I was wrong. But, it seems that the debate on Marriage is far from over, and with the upcoming Saturn transit of Libra in 2008 or so, it occurs to me that such a Congressional amendment, or something along those lines, could still happen afterall.

We have to also keep in mind that Pluto will enter Capricorn in the same year, 2008, and will sqaure Saturn; for the USA, this will prove to be a very, very profound time in its national life and history, as these planets will return to their natal places in its chart. My previous comments regarding the possibility of nationwide legalization of Gay Marriage in the USA was emphatically that it will NOT happen, and this based on a careful consideration of America's astrology.

Libra is the Sign of the Judiciary; the last time Saturn transited Libra, back in the 80s, President Ronald Reagan installed the first woman on the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O'Connor, as well as seeing to it that the Courts at the federal level were conservative in outlook; Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Libra during Reagan's Presidency.

It's also interesting to note that, coming up for the USA, around the time of the midterm elections, we see that SA Uranus=Pluto in Oct, usually a picture suggesting overturning the status-quo; this could lead one to think that the Democrats could regain at least one of the Houses of Congress. However, a look at the Democratic Party chart reveals transit Saturn in opposition to Pluto AND square the Sun, in late Oct! For the GOP, we see SA Sun=Jupiter/Pluto in Oct, flanked on either side by transit Jupiter opposed Uranus in Sep, and transit Jupiter probably conjunct the Moon in Nov. From these measurements, one would have to conclude that the GOP will hold on to its clear majority in both Houses of Congress, the Dems unable to find traction on any issue, still suffering from leadership-lack and lack of focus, dealing with "culture of corruption" problems of their own.

Some have suggested that the recent move to enact a constitutional Marriage Amendment was a last-ditch effort on the part of the GOP & Bush to appeal to "the base", and that this could come back to haunt them in Nov; from what we see above, and keeping in mind the overall strength of the economy, the death of Zarqawi and other postive developments in Iraq, and the fact that a clear majority of the American people support the basic, traditional premise of what Marriage is, it seems that it is the Democratic Party that will ultimately, come up short.



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