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A Very Good Week For GWB

A Very Good Week For GWB,

4:59 AM 06/17/2006 Sat

It was a VERY good week for President George W. Bush.

Despite the almost immediate naysaying of the Hardcore Left, GWB was hitting on all cylinders over the past few days, starting with the putting down of the vicious Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, followed by an announcement by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki that the Iraqi Government had been formed. In a brilliant series of political moves and saavy, Al-Maliki was able to appoint to key Cabinet posts representatives from all three of Iraq'a main ethnic/sectarian groups. Bush meets with Al-Maliki in a surprise visit to Iraq, and while there, gets thunderous applause from the US Military. A major sweep of insurgents and terrorists take place shortly thereafter; at last count, over 400 raids had been conducted, primarily by Iraqi security forces, with some 120 terrorists/insurgents captured or killed. Papers and other documents and communications are recovered from Zarqawi's safehouse, saying that the higherups at Al-Qaeda are concerned about their ability to win the war against the Americans; "time is on their side" the documents say. A turning point has been reached in the Iraq War indeed; the end of Al-Qaeda in Iraq is near, and those at the top of said group knows it.

Back at the ranch, Bush's closest and most important political advisor, Karl Rove, will NOT be indicted in the Valerie Plame case; the US Senate and House easily endorses non-binding bills supporting the war (and in the case of the Senate, easily defeats John Kerry's motion to "immediately pullout" of Iraq); Bush designates a 1400 mile area off the coast of Hawaii a marine preseve, larger than all of the country's national parks COMBINED, getting even the most diehard environmentalists' respect (now, THAT'S an "inconvenient truth" for the Left, if there ever was one, LOL!); and even the Dow Jones rallied some 300 points to regain its 11K-plus point rating, after a week of hard hits it took on Wall St. These facts of life are in striking contrast to Bush's life earlier this year, and are painfully obvious to my colleagues on the Astrological Left, who have been licking their lips and rubbing their hands with glee over GWB's downfall since Day One.

Without a doubt, GWB has taken a beating in the polls in the first half of the year, and it didn't look good at all going into the fall and the all-important 2006 Midterm Elections - the leaking of the NSA "wiretapping" affair by the New York Times; the backfiring of Dubai ports deal; the continued fingerpointing over Katrina; the failure to force open floor debate on Marriage in the US Senate; and most recently, the Haditha scandal. All of this took place under the umbrella of the Saturn transit to GWB's Pluto, rising in his Leo Asc. As pointed out in earlier essays on Bush and more recently on my pieces on Zarqawi, Saturn-Pluto ANYTHING almost always, without exception, registers as losses, setbacks, reversals; destruction, death, defeat is the order of the day. At the very least, it takes very, very hard work to overcome the obstacles that are thrown into one's path whenever these two planets get together. For Bush, transit Saturn will exactly conjunct his Pluto early next month, but he's certainly been feeling its applying effects for sometime now.

And yet, over the past 10 days or so, things have totally reversed themselves. Astrologically, how can this be seen? And perhaps the even bigger question - how is that Bush always seems to land on his feet?

George W. Bush Jul 6 1946 7.26AM EDT New Haven CT; Placidus 7 Leo 7, Rodden

To answer the first question, we turn to GWB's "hitlist" for the year 2006; many Western astrologers arrange their measurements into what is called a hitlist, a chronological series of transits and/or progressions for a given period of time; this easily allows the astrologer to see what's coming ahead for the subject, and this is what I've done here.

At present, Bush has several very positive measurements taking place: transit Jupiter square Pluto, almost always a signal of success and advance; SA Venus=Sun/MC, popularity, more success; and SA Jupiter=Asc/MC, again, more success. These are the astrological representations of Bush's bounce in the polls (according to Gallup, rising to 38% as of yesterday) and overall success this month.

Natally, GWB has a VERY powerful chart, and has shown itself to be so time and again, against political opponents and extraordinary challenges that former Presidents like Clinton or Carter just have not seen. Bush's Western chart, upon first glance, is very decieving, due to its relative lack of hard aspects, the focus on Cancer and Libra placements, and the 12th House emphasis. But upon closer inspection, the astrological keen eye sees something much, much more substantive.

First off, Bush has a very strong Saturn, despite remarks by the Astro-Left to the contrary; while its true that Saturn is both in the 12th House and in Cancer, traditionally its Sign of Detriment, Saturn is also Peregrine (Tyl) and square the MC! This accounts for Bush's conservative leanings, as well as points to his steely resolve to complete the mission in Iraq, to stay the course in all things. Additionally, we see that Bush has the Sun, representing the person most directly, and Saturn, the classical planet of politics and conservative values, in declinational aspect. In the midpoints, we see GWB has, among other things, Saturn=Sun/Pluto, a combination denoting fierce toughness, a "hardcore" vibe. All of this makes for a very tough man to beat, because he never gives up, or gives in; he doesn't take "no" for answer.

Next, we have to note the very obvious Pluto placement in the Asc, in conjunction with Mercury, ruler of the 3rd House. This combination says it all, with Bush's ability to put his message accross to middle Americans, indeed, to other people's around the world. Although not as saavy as Bill Clinton, Bush's plain speaking style has found many appreciative listeners. Pluto is the planet of Big Politics - and Money - and thus it's no surprise that GWB has raised more money than any other US politician EVER in US history. Note how Uranus is in declinational aspect to Pluto - and - how Sun=Uranus/Pluto in the midpoints. Add the rising Venus in Leo in the Asc, and it all makes for a very popular person with the public, one that has an astrological leg-up in his chosen profession, and a decisive edge over his competitors. There's much more to GWB's chart than what I've mentioned here, but the above is more than enough to account for Bush's continued success in spite of tremendous challenges and naysayers.

Looking ahead for Bush, we see that, in addition to the exact conjunction of transit Saturn to his Pluto in Jul, that there's another pass of that transit Jupiter square to Bush's Pluto in Aug, at the same time as SA Moon=Jupiter/Pluto; this could be yet another signal of things going in an upwards direction for the Bush Administration, along foreign policy lines, perhaps more positive developments coming out of Iraq, perhaps even something positive in the neverending Israeli/Palestinian dispute; here at home, we can expect the economy to remain solid, possibly make some modest gains. Additionally, with the strong involvement of the Moon here, we can also look to something positive on the homefront with the public, perhaps even among women and/or children, perhaps involving education, as the Moon in Bush's chart is in the 3rd House and conjunct Jupiter, one of the planets of education.

Going into the fall and down the homestretch to the midterm elections, GWB has SA Sun=Saturn (Sep 06), usually a signal of one pushing hard for their goals and objectives. We can expect to see Bush working hard to get out the vote for the GOP to retain the House and Senate, appealing hard to "the base" of the Republican Party. In Oct, Bush has several "mixed bag" measurements: transit Saturn conjunct Venus, SA Mars=Asc and transit Jupiter square Venus. These will be the last measurements to crop up before the elections, and could very well play a role in how things will turn out at the polls. The "double whammy" on Bush's Venus could be fuzzy for the voters, but if he's able to take advantage of the Mars to Asc arc, he should be able to sell the Republican message, made all the more easier in light of the past week's developments on all fronts, and help his Party retain a GOP majority on the Hill.

Finally, in Dec, GWB has SA MC=Venus/Jupiter, a clearcut image of happy times, enjoyment and success. If things continue on the positive track they've been on over the past few days, this image could be a reflection of the positive outcome of the elections.

All in all here, despite the Saturn-Pluto transits and the almost exact Mars-Saturn Conjunction which will fall on Bush's Asc, things look good for the 43rd President. The challenges remain, as the ever-present hysterical Left, astrological or otherwise, who, instead of trying to find real solutions to real problems (as opposed to "inconvenient truths" and hoped-for scandals), clearly prove - but as the past week or so shows, when one stays the course, sticks to their guns and in the words of the great Winston Churchill "never gives up" - they make progress.

Good job, Mr. President; keep up the good work; and let the hatahs hate!



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