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Rove: NOT Indicted!

Rove: NOT Indicted!

6:45 AM 06/17/2006 Sat

The Hardcore Left, astrological or otherwise, took another hard blow on the chin when Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald announced earlier this week that chief political advisor Karl Rove will NOT be indicted in the Valerie Plame leak case. Rove, who had appeared before a federal grand jury some 5 times, had been forced to retreat into the background of the Bush Administration while the legal kinks were worked out. But now, with Rove clearly out from under a cloud, he's back in the public eye doing what he does best - making the case for the conservative cause, and winning elections.

Recently, I came accross colleague Claudia Dikinis' article and analysis of Rove's chart on her website, Dikinis and I have communicated before, on the issue of Roe v. Wade. Not surprisingly, we differed greatly, as is the case here. Last week, I wrote to her in response to her piece on Rove, offering a series of astrologically based counter-arguments; my reply follows below. You can see her article on Rove on her website.

I want everyone to see this because it's important both to be grounded in the fundamentals of Astrology AND to be grounded in the way American politics and life works, something that I find is sorely lacking among the bulk and mass of my colleagues. So often, their virulent anti-Bush/GOP bias is so strong that it removes all vestiges of objectivity, even obliterates one's knowledge of even the most elementary astrological principles. Keeping such things in mind can make it plain to see why Rove is not only so successful at what he does, but also why he wasn't indicted.

Responsible replies, invited!

Astrology Of Karl Rove, To Claudia Dikinis

1:54 AM 06/12/2006 Mon

Hi Claudia,

By now, I trust you've seen my pieces on Zarqawi, and I hope you recall our conversation earlier this year; at the time, the Roe v. Wade debate was on the table. I saw your piece on Rove while watching "Inside Man"; I have a few comments to share with you in light of your remarks.

First off, the timed data: Karl Rove Dec 25 1950 9.35PM MST Denver CO; Placidus 9 Aqr 29, Pat White.

As you can see, Mars in Aquarius sits right on the Asc, and is Peregrine (Tyl), making no standard aspect in the entire chart. This alone shows quite a driven man, interested in the promotion of ideas, in this case, Republican/Conservative views (and we can note here, the Moon-Neptune-Mercury/Venus t-square - ideology, selling the vision, potential deception, etc.). Sun=Mars/MC, Mars+Asc=Neptune/MC, adds to the mix, the latter picture denoting considerable charisma and powers of persuasion, essential for being in the political, "people" business.

Aquarius rises, one of the Political Signs of the Zodiac, its ruler Uranus in Cancer in the 6th House, along with the Moon, the final dispositor of the chart; again, the latter is a clear echo of the afore mentioned above, being a people person, understanding the ebb and flow of the public. As much as it bothers you and others on the Left, the fact remains that what Rove recently said was basically right, pardon the pun - America is essentially a center-right country, which accounts for why, when the people have the chance to assert their Will thru the legislative process (and not have that Will subverted by Judicial Activism), they tend to be against Gay Marriage, Abortion on Demand, and the wholesale removal of any mention of God in the Public Square. Say what you will of Rove, but the fact is, that Rove had to be doing something right - like Dick Morris, who certainly is and wasn't an angel himself, Rove has won two presidential elections in a row, and looks very likely to be a major player in seeing to it that a GOP majority in American politics is here to stay, especially as Pluto's transit of Capricorn is right around the corner.

Pluto, the planet of Politics & Big Business, is well placed in Rove's chart; it rules both the 9th and 10th Houses, and while I'm here, let me address your remarks on his lack of formal education. I think it's fair to say that Rove's issues with his 9th House has been the source of a great deal of his motivation and ambition, yet his chart as we have it doesn't show any of the tensions on the 9th that we've come to expect of one who lacks being formally educated. We can also say that many of the most successful people on the Forbes' list didn't have stellar 9th House credentials either, and we all know that folks like the late Peter Jennings or Bill Gates didn't have lambskins on their wall, and yet that didn't deter them from achieving greatness. Please note that Rove has Jupiter rising in the 1st classically dignified in Pisces and quindecile Pluto in the 7th, disposed by the Sun. This is the obsessive, compulsive drive you were talking about, especially with regard to Rove's 9th House lacks. It's both a powerful well of motivation, as well as a uber-strong symbolism of success on a massive scale. It's safe to say that Rove is thee most successful political operative in modern US political history.

Taking a step back and taking a Magi point of view here, note that Rove has no less than 4 planets in declinational aspect - the Sun, Venus, Uranus and Pluto, a powerful complex of Super Success aspects that anyone would be blessed to be born with. Note also that ALL of these planets play key roles in the chart to begin with! Whenever planets are tied into the chart by way of both longitudinal AND declinational aspect, their importance becomes that much more heightened. This is another reason that explains Rove's massive success.

Having the Sun in Capricorn, opposed a chart ruling Uranus and both square Saturn exalted, while Pluto is so powerfully placed, are all the tell-tale signs of one who would find success in the political arena in some way; in the case of Rove, who also has the Moon both in its own Sign and ExDek, we can see the great potential for success with the public. The Dems need a Rove, if they're serious about winning elections.

It's interesting that you would mention Niccolo Machiavelli, and it doesn't surprise me in the least that Rove would read him religiously; any politico worth his salt would do the same, along with other important political and military works such as The Art of War, etc. According to the considerable rectification work of Basil Fearrington in "Astrology Looks at History" Machiavelli has a Capricorn Asc, with the Sun in Taurus in the 4th and the Moon in Aquarius. Matching his chart up to Rove's makes for an interesting study, wouldn't you agree? By the way, I too am a huge fan of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu; and I'm certain that if either were alive today, they would NOT be part of the MoveOn.Org crowd, and fall in line a lot closer to Rove and the bulk of American polity, center-right.

The ties between Rove's chart and that of GWB and the USA are formidable, and is to be expected of anyone who makes such a huge impact on another. Again, it is undeniable that Rove's imprint on American electoral politics will be felt for a very long time to come, something that has been given a clear mandate by the American people, who again, are more center-right than folks like yourself would like to admit.

As you know, Rove's name has been mentioned in more recent times in the whole Valerie Plame issue; Scooter Libby has been indicted, but Rove has not, despite appearing before a federal grand jury numerous times. Again, checkout my comments above, consider the astrological evidence, and you'll understand why he has not been, nor is he likely to be indicted. Yes, the big Saturn-Neptune Opposition is on its way to connect with Rove's 9th House ruling Pluto, and it could have implications for his career, as Pluto again rules his 10th House. Additionally, we see that Rove has SA Mars=Asc/MC and SA Mars=Pluto in Aug, followed by SA Uranus=Neptune in Oct. It *is* possible that Rove could be headed for trouble behind the Plame piece. But my sense of things is that if the Left had the goods on Rove, certainly they would have gotten him by now; why wait till later in the year to get him, unless one thinks that in so doing, it will help the Democrats in the midterm elections (which, in my studied analysis, they will NOT win back a majority of seats in either House of Congress)? So I think these measurements could manifest themselves in other ways, if at all; perhaps a health crisis, since Rove is both overweight and over the age of 50? Hmm...

At any rate, Claudia, while I respect your right to express your views, I must also express a bit of disdain for your partisanship to the point of losing all objectivity; as an African American conservative, I see none of the "facism" you impute to Bush & Co., and with all due respect, you degrade the term when you use it so loosely. Since I have family members who were in Hitler's Labor Camps, for example, and have a rich history of Slavery to draw upon, I don't take terms like facism lightly.

Neither should you.

There is absolutely no comparison to be made between the GWB administration and that of Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Tito or Chairman Mao - and to even hint at such a thing only pushes leftists such as yourself further and further to the fringes of the Democratic Party, which in turn, explains why they cannot, nor will not, win any major elections of significance in the USA (as the recent primaries have shown, among them, the "Meathead Initiative" of Rob Reiner, Buzbee losing, etc.) anytime soon. I'll have more to say about this as the midterm elections draws nigh, and will be sure to send you a copy of the prediction analysis.

I would love to post my and your comments regarding Rove onto my blog; please let me know if you're cool with that? Thanks!



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